/ Occupational Therapy (OT) Team / Physical Impairment and Medical Support Team (PIMST) / Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) / Special Educational Needs Assistive Technology Advisory Service (SENATAS) / Aims - Build on your ITT year and consolidate high quality Teaching & Learning - Promote confidence & resilience in the classroom & wider school community - Share knowledge, learning experiences & encourage reflective practice - Engage in professional dialogue with other NQTs **Please note that this NQT training does not include an appropriate body registration. stes uot onitoin atnesis ultual cane --ments-Inclusive Education 1 talking about this. Click on each barrier to reveal a possible solution. B.C. 18, No. / Educational Psychology Service / Hearing Support Team / Inclusive Communication - Somerset Total Communication. The Inclusive Education Statement for students with disability furthers our commitment to improving learning and wellbeing for students with disability in every school. Renee Rodgers runs the Inclusive Education Support Services at All … The successful implementation of the Sector Policy on Inclusive Education is profoundly premised on the Ministry of Education’s belief that “collectively we move forward to a better and an inclusive education system”. You … It is easy to see the benefits of inclusive education, but there are some significant barriers that many schools have to overcome. offices, education support services, curriculum and assessment services, and our schools, parents and communities. Inclusive education involves “… intentional individual and collective action to facilitate and strengthen commitment to inclusion, and to support effective practices at multiple levels.” (Lyons, Thompson & Timmons, 2016, p. 894) “The school is welcoming to families. We are committed to making inclusive education real for all our students with disability in our mainstream schools and their support classes, and schools for specific purposes. Ministry of Education Special Education Services: A Manual of Policies, Procedures and Guidelines British Columbia promotes an inclusive education system in which students with special needs are fully participating members of a community of learners. TThe Trinidad and Tobago Ministry of Education (MOE) and the Student Support Services Divison (SSSD) of the Ministry seek to develop a Seamless Education System that provides inclusive education for all students of the nation. 2 53 Facilitating Family Involvement and Support for Inclusive Education Yaoying Xu and John Filler Abstract The advantages to a family-centered approach to services have been em- The School Community Journal, 2008, Vol. • Education services must be . EDUCATION SUPPORT SERVICES TEAMS: SCHOOL-BASED TEAMS TO SUPPORT INCLUSION DRAFT 2013 Acknowledgements The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development gratefully acknowledges the contributions of the following groups and individuals toward the creation of this document. Inclusive education. All new buildings must be accessible. Kurth & Gross (2015), highlighted a few including some possible solutions. teaching methods, and assessment and support services. acceptable. to the requirements, cultures and languages all students with disabilities.