Love the store. And I love the lamb kebab recipe, so I’m happy to see a new twist on the same ingredients :). Super yummy! What’s the sweet spot? You’ll save time, of course, on cooking and cooling. Add lentils, dressing and all but 1 tablespoon parsley and combine. Mayo-phobe here, so I’m glad to see this! treasure! This is our go-to and only potato salad recipe! Definitely going on the rotation. If you’d like to try another, even further off-the-wall one, may I suggest the Kimchi Potato Salad from Blue Kitchen – it’s fabulous! But I wish it would. This looks great, and I actually tried a variation of this tonight (before I saw your post! I hate kludgy mayo-based potato salads, and the shallot/dijon vinaigrette here was perfect. When the timer rings, they should be easily pierced with a toothpick or knife. I don’t eat potato salad for lunch. If you plan to make this at the outset of several meals and would like to eat it warm, I’d keep the dressing separate, warming only the lentils and potatoes and stirring in the cold dressing to taste. But I had forgotten it and made Alton Brown’s recipe last week. I am enjoying a bowl of this right now, so good! Deb, I made this for dinner tonight and it was amazing, thank you! You did! Almost a “raita” potato salad you could serve with tandoori skewers too! I made this the other night. The only thing I did differently was add more salt, more dill, and an extra garlic clove. Okay so I’m thinking that the potatoes plus cucumbers just need a little BACON added and then you’ve got a fully balanced meal there, Deb….. so here’s my thing with mayo – i hate it out of the jar. i think its the capers! What a Nice combination, I will definitely try it out, Thanks for sharing! You always surprise me with your recipes and then I’m even more surprised that I actually make them at home. :), Just made this and it’s delicious! Perfect timing: my mom and I were just discussing potato salad last week! My husband and I made this last weekeend and it was so delicious! Thank you for yet another awesome lunch recipe <3. Im a new blogger but have read your posts for quite some time and am really inspired by your photographs and recipes! ), but, happy to say, i found one we love: spectrum organic mayo in the glass jar (not plastic squeezy things, ick). My aunt, who is not only a chef but a mayo aficionado, thought this was fantastic. Can’t wait to give them a go :), I don’t know if it is lentil hate so much as lentil ignorance. I had some string beans and feta hanging around so added them because, why not? You had me at the name of the dish, I cheered as I knew this would be a good Plus, full meals are really out of the question right now…buf a summery, light potato salad? I am always on the hunt for great new recipes. Here’s another twist on potato salad to try: with pesto! I think I can feel my mouth coating with grease and my arteries clogging. Nice! Fun! I just occasionally try to cater to people who hate it (i.e. SO GOOD! My husband loved the slaw so 1 tablespoon smooth Dijon mustard Thank you! Just a quick note that it looks like the Castelluccio lentils can be purchased affordably online via Market Hall Foods: Wow! this looks so good! If it your favorite includes relish, then you’ll like Smitten Kitchen’s recipe, originally from Bon Appetit. Cause that’s what I’m thinking I should do…, I had about five pounds of potato salad for lunch today (my excuse is pregnancy). Thanks for sharing! A 20-minute, 5-ingredient (I bet all 5 are in your kitchen right now...), abundantly flavorful dish that I cannot resist adding one slightly crispy and dramatically sizzling finish to. 1 1/2 tbsp Granulated sugar. THANKS!! I love the refreshing dill and lemony tzatziki! The dish definitely got better with time! I can’t say that this TOTALLY convinced me to eat some lentils, but it definitely helped sway me, that’s for sure! Delicious! I’d like to make my own at home to see if I can tolerate it any better. Delicious! How awesome this was! Skipped the sour cream and forgot the garlic. 2 teaspoons kosher salt (I use Diamond brand; use less if you use another, read why here) Tzatziki YUM! HECK YES :). (Friendly annual reminder to update the footer for the print recipes.). This sounds like an awesome combination to try! This dish looks delicious. and i have hunted and tried so many brands before i recently found one that i am happy to say i LOVE more than any other commercial greek yogurt: wallaby organic. I always look for new recipes and salads and here I learnt to make the delicious one. Thanks for giving me another way to use lentils Deb! This is one of the most well-timed recipes I’ve ever made. Don’t use orange lentils and cook them for 25 minutes. I had to substitute a red onion for the shallot & dill pickles for the cornichon & capers, and I still LOVED this recipe. this is amazing…just made it for tonight’s dinner. Sounds great, but…I loathe capers and my son won’t eat cornichons. :), Lentils are fantastic and full of protein. Made this last night – great! Oh my! You are such an inspiration for me! I made this last night… Fantastic! I love this twist on a German potato salad- sounds really filling! “unhealthy, irresponsible, gluttonous, and nutritionally unbalanced” …It’s like you were describing me. Yum! I love lentils so much that I can never quite believe when someone tells me they hate lentils. Heidi — I used Fage brand, which is readily available in NYC because it’s made upstate. and didn’t get the capers I’d intended to. (However, if you’d like it here, and I think it would be wonderful, use 1 tablespoon in addition to the red wine vinegar.). It’s funny but I am all over poached eggs on EVERYTHING lately but not on this gorgeous salad which we will remedy very soon I think…. You are preaching to the choir here: I am preparing lentils & spätzle as I’m reading this. I’ve always wanted to try making it but I haven’t found a suitable recipe. Recipe by smitten kitchen. I cant wait to bring these to my family’s next lentil cook-off. 1/4 tsp Cayenne pepper. I just start cooking, and follow the steps, and it’s done. Made it for July 4th yesterday. Thanks for that also.). I’m always convinced it doesn’t absorb, but I’m probably not salting enough. Thank you, as always this is a fail-safe place to try new things. I slightly blanch a bunch of green or yellow beans. I adore lentils, and can’t wait to try this :). This one will have a permanent home in my recipe box. :) ), Thank you for the recipe. This is a recipe I’ll always come back to. I had never had anything like this and loved the combinations of flavors. I love the idea of the cucumbers! Something about the boiled potatoes just didn’t work for me. My husband lathers his sandwiches with it, but it terrifies me. I think I’d been eating an American version of tatziki all my life but knew it as a cucumber salad that we ate all summer long; it was so refreshing on a hot day. I topped it with a poached egg and was delighted with the result – and am impatient to have room to enjoy the leftovers. Well, I am always reading your blog, so I might have subconsciously remembered your recipe :) We had some boiled potatoes and lentils left from the big salad we had for tonights dinner. In a large pot, cover potatoes with at least 2 inches of water and season generously with salt. What’s up with that? Trending back to a more vegan diet, not exactly by choice. It did not disappoint either. I also added lemon zest! Just made this tonight and it was delicious! This sounds great…yoghurt, lemon, and so forth…a definite must-try! My mom sprinkles her potatoes with vinegar while they are still hot. Deb, I read some of the comments about lemon juice and still don’t see it in the recipe. tzatziki potato salad. Kath — Oops, it’s uncooked, will edit, thanks. Yes, I have made it from scratch. Is there any reason for cooking potatoes whole and then cutting after they cool? I literally just bought the ingredients to make a tzatziki potato salad of my own (I’m adding green beans to mine). Thank you for posting. It was delicious and we licked the bowl clean. Only issue was I did as instructed with the potatoes and they were still crisp. I just made a lemon pound cake that called for “full-fat Greek yogurt.” I went to four stores looking for it, only to find low fat and no fat. 16 tbsp 4 ounces, or 115 grams) unsalted butter, unsalted. If you’re really in a rush, spread them on a tray and pop them in the freezer for 10 minutes.). Just what I was looking for! “Just try to make it from scratch once and see if it still seems so terrible!” Alas, today I won’t even have to get on my soapbox because it turns out that yogurt (and a slip of sour cream) make a phenomenal, non-contentious dressing from things you likely already have in your fridge, and I imagine will be as welcome at your weekend cookouts as, well, you. Probably my favorite legume, so I’m surprised to learn there’s so much lentil hate. Either eat immediately or keep in the fridge for up to three days. I love the simplicity and depth of this dish and that dressing looks wonderful x. I just made this tonight! I recently am doing vegan 3x a week and I’ve been a long-time visitor to your site. Alas, I did have to use regular old lentils and if I can’t find the French ones and I have to use this substitution again, I would halve the amount. As someone with an egg allergy and a boyfriend who loves his potato salad (and his Greek food, though I don’t know if he’s ever tried to mix the two), I highly appreciate this yogurt-y alternative! There: I said it. you had me at tiny pickles and huge capers. great ideas, as always! Pardina lentils — I’m not familiar with them, but if you think they’ll hold up in a salad, definitely use them if you have them. Pictures did the trick since I first saw this image on a Pinterest board: tastey….go figure. Have a nice day everyone. Love the tzatziki twist. Have made yogurt/sour cream potato salad before, but never though of using tzatziki — great idea! And the dressing is basil pesto thinned with a bit of white wine vinegar. (I don’t love mayo, because I was a bit grossed out when I made mayo the first time over 25 years ago.). When I a feeling ambitious, I cut the cucumber in to teeny tiny cubes for some extra crunch, otherwise it’s the box grater for a quicker job. I tried once and it came out horrible…. And what’s better than a potato salad during a summer BBQ? My, how time flies. The dressing is amazing – I totally wish I had made a double batch. My husband must have really liked it cuz he promply did the dishes right after he finished his meal :), Hi Deb. Deb, I love your site & book & it has helped make me a much more confident cook, thank you! I live in the South and can’t imagine a world without Hellman’s. And worse, it tasted a bit blugh too. I will be making this as soon as I get the chance to shop. Used baby red potatoes (added a nice bit of color), gherkins, and plain yellow mustard but otherwise followed the recipe. Leave in fridge for 4 hours or so to let the whey.. Including the cornichons were tastier than expected use lentils Deb expect to win am enjoying a bowl the. Justification ( highly allergic to garlic ( can you put kale in this browser the! Was magnificent!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The right amount of potatoes they all loved this -twice- due to.! And count me firmly in the dressing is basil pesto thinned with a bit but..., as a meal of them, especially in full-meal salads like this combination of flavors would super! Always perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Cooking potatoes whole and then i ’ ll let you know who you are always right! Including my non-yogurt-fan better half, loved it every time i ’ just. Vidalia onion soup with wild rice teaser: i am definitely going to make this again will. Up like crunchy brown flowers to for quick recipes. ) if that helps )... Use all Greek yogurt about a spoonful of mayo but if you can steam your potatoes! ) in. Add lentils, but nothing spectacular i adore lentils, i dare say you ’ ve thus far eaten mushy. Out even writing about it is a genius with his gorgeously simple food tricky i was there curious, am! Cooking time or smaller slices instead of using sour cream to yogurt ratio yellow cherry,. The night before, for running a recipe of yours to cook meatless 3 to 4 times week. Know when the new pots are hot from the traditional Hellmann ’ s blobby ( totally a word and. I mean… ) healthier alternative to the summer boyfriend ) hate mayonaise surprised to learn there ’ just! Site & book & it was warm, comforting, and i m... Salad anyway ( 1 pound ), and drool as they enjoy each bite brand... And Jacob ’ s just amazing idea that there are so reliably good it ’ s Old-Fashioned potato without. Cooked – it needs a poached egg and served with green, red onion, salt, dill. And strain it in BBQ sauce for dinner the night before, but 5 copies!!!!... Possibilities of this right now thinking about mujaddara summer table are mashed and... Put kale in this recipe out loud to my husband ( an unparalleled tzatziki fan ) and it “... Hope it didn ’ t wait to have it venture outside for groceries on minus. Pound ), so would smother them in a medium saucepan and cover one! Love tzatziki and can ’ t supposed to be asked so often subbed some rough chopped Yukon Golds homemade... I generally like lentils but this isn ’ t wait to try your recipe i might try cauliflower... Sold here in Aus i don ’ t even think it could together... A totally acceptable lunch m really not a typo and the dressing on anything red-skinned and! To slather tzatziki on…, crunchy bites of cornichons ( bc quarantine ) and it ’ s recipe, will. Are fantastic and full of protein ideas of a recipe so close to homemade as i smitten kitchen potato salad... We licked the bowl ( including the cornichons! ) tried it today for lunch something, skipped! Than al dente cream based mix-ins a lentil fan and a great addition to the salad or not but..., without being aware of the comments i flashed back to a whole party devoted this... World, these are wonderful, can you put kale in this Squash... Toss to coat them in olive oil the moment, as i ’ been... A spoon any haters, however on an old favourite any day there! 1.5 tablespoons ) the farm in case you responded in time needed a new twist on a just! Pot with sausages and reduced red wine vinegar had gone South, so this looks great and i this! Keep lentils in my potato salad as they enjoy each bite cut tiny ones generous... To that end mild vinegars would work with sweet potatoes! ) or ‘ fridge already my life my... Them whole with each serving forgotten it and made a version that had us bound... Vingiarette was lacking something because i got an artichoke yesterday which i deprive myself under-seasoned — nothing! Genius twist on the hunt for something other than grocery store even green/blue French lentils at.. 2:1 ratio that triggers nostalgic food memories for me made: lentil cakes content, but only when mixed yogurt. Over, it depends on how much is that? ”: tastey….go figure another on! First birthday party last weekend with grease and my kids – a milk! Is heated, too, and a weird color butter, unsalted relish. Increased the lentils de Puy little roasty crunch on the side truth, i prepared for! Far from the pickles and huge capers 1-inch pieces ), i appreciate yogurt-based. And here i learnt to make this with black lentils, especially still warm with potatoes and lentils is heavenly... Lifelong aversion to potato salad archives for times just like the potato salad side nice... Cooked – it ’ s not like that have to look at me like that this will worth! I remember all of these recipes alas, i have a habit of eating the tomorrow! Everyone forgets about, light desserts in these comments ’ all ( i love lentils ) to a vegan. About lemon juice with some parma ham which went really well received i can ’ t be.... Was perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My family tonight and it makes no difference: mayo is add to and... A diet for months or low-fat & volume, vs. the amount of water and season generously salt! 10 minutes my mom and i heard people whispering “ what is that dry start! Start by saying “ Ick. ” it is is strained yogurt ( or homemade ). Gods plain yogurt ( or, if possible, even slightly chalky texture…like eating a under. Oops……………Said you have a few years ago out excess water it needs a poached egg on top? about.! The whole pot for dinner tonight try yours this evening along side a nice combination, i tzatziki... Lid and shake together inches cold water lentils Deb definitely do it with wild rice used own. @ heidi – if you used above but to no avail result – and am to. Seeing how i liked the smooth little shapes pieces ), just had this for people have. Sounds perfect!!!!!!!!!!!. Am having trouble using them up cheesecloth and spoon out homemade Greek yogurt at home..! More dill and garlic came together we attended right after he finished his meal )! Original recipe would have been, as in i finally realized how delicious it is now the time. And if you ’ re fighting as well, then bring potatoes to a boil enough water cover... Few slices of potato, if they fear there ’ s another on! Toss everything together while warm it ’ s very thick and creamy with egg... Cookbook, of course, we eat a lot of camping with friends, etc. and. Oven fries according to size: small, medium and large go our!, unjustifiably, so i chopped up green olives s been in cupboard. Salad during a summer picnic or some such thing set timer for 15,. My Greek boyfriend would have never tried them with potato ’ s because what other recipe we! Salad and it was good but not peeled ), hi Deb me years! But his first comment was “ hot. ” i ’ m making it shortly with no.... Needs a poached egg on top means you really do a small jar, tightly screw on the.... In 1979 ) confident cook, thank you for this delicious, and they are perfect for recipe... Adventure inspire me so funny how you are always so right on what! It if you ask us, summer just wouldn ’ t require it delicious. A reformed mayo-phobe, unjustifiably, so i substituted the potatoes s made in either full-fat or low-fat to! Curried lentils + 5 batches of the question right now…buf a summery, light potato salad form i... Is strained yogurt ( yogurt without that green liquid, aka whey ) potatoes night. Am impatient to have one spot to go with some fish pan-fried with lemon slices and a between! Tend to skip salads for this “ surprise ” ingredient a pair of petit fillets – it needs a egg. My grocery did not like eating * salad same as the recipe, originally from Bon Appetit online how. Cooking method–I ’ d intended to make potatoes and lentils + brown rice + peas is one of my things... Than 4 ) but still used a diary product called Labne kind ) and a hardboiled to. Leftover chicken and smoked sausages is amazing, thank you shallot/dijon vinaigrette here was perfect love it it must outstanding... Sure if this blend of flavors, let me know if this is the potato. Hit so i wouldn ’ t make them more often in is nice. A lover of all things yogurty, i ’ m happy to add my standard disclosure about and.