Timon too knows him as an astronomer, and praises him in the Silli where he says:[30]. Be the same to your friends whether they are in prosperity or in adversity. The magnitude of pleasure reaches its limit in the removal of all pain. Physics flourished down to the time of Archelaus; ethics, as we have said, started with Socrates; while dialectic goes as far back as Zeno of Elea. For, becoming acquainted with the nature of the island, he exclaimed: "Would it had never been placed there, or else had been sunk in the depths of the sea." Here have the Muses laid their minstrel true, Most of the parameters for this template are preset: |last=Laërtius |first=Diogenes |translator-first=Robert Drew |translator-last=Hicks |year=1925 — this is the default but it can be modified and set to an alternative e.g. 185-202; for weight cf. And the answer is, "The year. 18. I laid my arms down before the generals' quarters and told the people that I was wiser than those who did not see that Pisistratus was aiming at tyranny, and more courageous than those who shrank from resisting him. 247-254 (Us. 2. His statue has the following inscription:[51]. And thereupon the tripod was dispatched to him; but Bias, on seeing it, declared that Apollo was wise, and refused to take the tripod. Opinion they also call conception or assumption, and declare it to be true and false;[50] for it is true if it is subsequently confirmed or if it is not contradicted by evidence, and false if it is not subsequently confirmed or is contradicted by evidence. As I was more and more weighed down with my malady, I did not permit any of the physicians or my friends to come into the room where I was, but, as they stood before the door and inquired how I was, I thrust my finger through the keyhole and showed them how plague-stricken I was; and I told them to come to-morrow to bury Pherecydes.". He also wrote poems, most of them now lost. Nor, again, will the wise man marry and rear a family: so Epicurus says in the Problems and in the De Natura. of D. L. i.e.29-34, the first of those summaries of doctrine which take up so much of Book X. He died at Phalerum, and this is his epitaph:[2]. Again there was Timocrates, the brother of Metrodorus, who was his disciple and then left the school. He said he wondered why in Greece experts contend in the games and non-experts award the prizes. by suicide, as recommended by the Stoics (. Learn to obey before you command. I in my sixtieth year were laid to rest; Oh take a friend's suggestion, blot the line, Honour old age. "Moreover, when we come to deal with composite bodies, one of them will travel faster than another, although their atoms have equal speed. We do not seek to wrest by force what is impossible, nor to understand all matters equally well, nor make our treatment always as clear as when we discuss human life or explain the principles of physics in general – for instance, that the whole of being consists of bodies and intangible nature, or that the ultimate elements of things are indivisible, or any other proposition which admits only one explanation of the phenomena to be possible. There was another Pittacus, a legislator, as is stated by Favorinus in the first book of his Memorabilia, and by Demetrius in his work on Men of the Same Name. And as for things not visible, so far as those who were conscious of them tried to introduce any such notion, they put in circulation certain names for them, either sounds which they were instinctively compelled to utter or which they selected by reason on analogy according to the most general cause there can be for expressing oneself in such a way.[111]. Aristotle. He required the Athenians to adopt a lunar month. The growth of strength in man is nature's work; but to set forth in speech the interests of one's country is the gift of soul and reason. Next comes the epistle on Celestial Phenomena. The facts are not absolutely correct, nor do I claim to have discovered the truth, but merely such things as one who inquires about the gods picks up. In this way also he holds mental pleasures to be greater than those of the body. For infinity of worlds follows from the infinity of (a) atoms, (b) space; see. And he who admonishes the young to live well and the old to make a good end speaks foolishly, not merely because of the desirableness of life, but because the same exercise at once teaches to live well and to die well. Later, in the Peloponnesian war, Nicias reduced the island and placed an Athenian garrison there, and did the Lacedaemonians much mischief. the distinction drawn by Sextus Empiricus in, Certainly not the same as the person mentioned by Porphyry in his. (from the Preface) 19. Illnesses of long duration even permit of an excess of pleasure over pain in the flesh. Aristotle in the first book of his dialogue On Philosophy declares that the Magi are more ancient than the Egyptians; and further, that they believe in two principles, the good spirit and the evil spirit, the one called Zeus or Oromasdes, the other Hades or Arimanius. "The repetition at such length of all that we are now recalling to mind furnishes an adequate outline for our conception of the nature of things. This must be a gloss, because earth and sea are made of less subtle atoms than the heavenly bodies. Thus replies Hence the introduction of the phrase, "that which awaits" confirmation, e.g. He was flourishing about the 42nd Olympiad. Cf. He wrote the following letter: 122. Cleobulus, the son of Euagoras, was born at Lindus, but according to Duris he was a Carian. Epicurus admits both; also pleasure of mind as well as of body, as he states in his work On Choice and Avoidance and in that On the Ethical End, and in the first book of his work On Human Life and in the epistle to his philosopher friends in Mytilene. I am a maiden of bronze and I rest upon Midas's tomb. The separation of the followers of Anniceris from the Cyrenaic school was made by the author whom Clement of Alexandria followed in ii. In 53 ὄγκος was translated "particle," since the context shows that a group of atoms analogous to a visible film is meant. 29. The greatest is space, for it holds all things. This short note on divination is clumsily inserted between the last words of the epistle and the expositor's natural reference to other works of Epicurus treating of ethics; Usener conjectures that it may have come from a Scholium attached to the epistle. 39. They prohibit personal ornament and the wearing of gold. Nothing too much; good comes from measure due. 32. [118] [This he states in the eleventh book "On Nature." Hence those who call soul incorporeal speak foolishly. Hence on the departure of the soul it loses sentience. He said that those tyrants who intend to be safe should make loyalty their bodyguard, not arms. Apollodorus in his Chronology tells us that our philosopher was a pupil of Nausiphanes and Praxiphanes;[23] but in his letter to Eurylochus, Epicurus himself denies it and says that he was self-taught. He will be grateful to anyone when he is corrected. The usual arrangement, however, is to conjoin canonic with physics, and the former they call the science which deals with the standard and the first principle, or the elementary part of philosophy, while physics proper, they say, deals with becoming and perishing and with nature; ethics, on the other hand, deals with things to be sought and avoided, with human life and with the end-in-chief. "The rainbow arises when the sun shines upon humid air; or again by a certain peculiar blending of light with air, which will cause either all the distinctive qualities of these colours or else some of them belonging to a single kind, and from the reflection of this light the air all around will be coloured as we see it to be, as the sun shines upon its parts. I am infested with vermin and subject to a violent fever with shivering fits. For Solon too will come, with your permission. Accordingly they give it to Thales, and he to another, and so on till it comes to Solon, who, with the remark that the god was the most wise, sent it off to Delphi. A conspirator against you might arise from a quite unexpected quarter, say, one who had fears for his personal safety or one who disliked your timorous dread of anything and everything. Nor is there any agreement how the number is made up; for Maeandrius, in place of Cleobulus and Myson, includes Leophantus, son of Gorgiadas, of Lebedus or Ephesus, and Epimenides the Cretan in the list; Plato in his Protagoras admits Myson and leaves out Periander; Ephorus substitutes Anacharsis for Myson; others add Pythagoras to the Seven. 9. R.D. The rest must be thought out, for mine is all guess-work. 88. If in your ideas based upon opinion you hastily affirm as true all that awaits confirmation as well as that which does not, you will not escape error, as you will be maintaining complete ambiguity whenever it is a case of judging between right and wrong opinion. 410-413. Turned into dust, made grain at Salamis: 117. 54. He tells us to remember friends, whether present or absent; not to pride ourselves upon outward appearance, but to study to be beautiful in character. 54. The oracle which the Coans received was on this wise: Hephaestus cast the tripod in the sea; "And further, we must not suppose that the worlds have necessarily one and the same shape. "We must remember that the future is neither wholly ours nor wholly not ours, so that neither must we count upon it as quite certain to come nor despair of it as quite certain not to come. He was the first to receive the name of Sage, in the archonship of Damasias[16] at Athens, when the term was applied to all the Seven Sages, as Demetrius of Phalerum mentions in his List of Archons. An opinion often emphasized: e.g. His apophthegm is: "Give a pledge, and suffer for it." "Hence, if we discover more than one cause that may account for solstices, settings and risings, eclipses and the like, as we did also in particular matters of detail, 80. we must not suppose that our treatment of these matters fails of accuracy, so far as it is needful to ensure our tranquillity and happiness. Being asked what is difficult, he replied, "Nobly to endure a change for the worse." And when they descend upon land, they cause what are called tornadoes, in accordance with the various ways in which they are produced through the force of the wind; and when let down upon the sea, they cause waterspouts. Emp. And friends from all parts will come to visit you.". — Epicurus . As regards women he will submit to the restrictions imposed by the law, as Diogenes says in his epitome of Epicurus' ethical doctrines. Of all this there is no beginning, since both atoms and void exist from everlasting. 95. In ethics there have been ten schools: the Academic, the Cyrenaic, the Elian, the Megarian, the Cynic, the Eretrian, the Dialectic, the Peripatetic, the Stoic, and the Epicurean. on the knowledge of celestial and atmospheric phenomena), and upon knowing what the heavenly bodies really are, and any kindred facts contributing to exact knowledge in this respect.[112]. But, as it is, both these properties, you see, plainly belong to soul. Strabo x. 14. in whatever state you dwell. The words of Epicurus in his work On Choice are: "Peace of mind and freedom from pain are pleasures which imply a state of rest; joy and delight are seen to consist in motion and activity.". 333-521, iii. Linus again was (so it is said) the son of Hermes and the Muse Urania. "Again, the sum of things is infinite. "Moreover, there is an infinite number of worlds, some like this world, others unlike it. 60. Lucr. While therefore all pleasure because it is naturally akin to us is good, not all pleasure is choiceworthy, just as all pain is an evil and yet not all pain is to be shunned. The rest of the winds arise when a few of them fall into the many hollows and they are thus divided and multiplied. ", Although disguised as Leandrius, the writer meant is Maeandrius, who is known (. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. "Besides this, remember that the production of the images is as quick as thought. But Pittacus, raising his staff, an old man's weapon, said, "See there, yonder boys will tell you the whole tale." So much for those who are called the Sages, with whom some writers also class Pisistratus the tyrant. On being asked why he had not framed any law against parricide, he replied that he hoped it was unnecessary. 20. Sext. The prince of sea-girt Corinth rich and wise. 64. From Wikisource < Lives of the Eminent Philosophers. Aristoxenus in his Historical Gleanings says he was not unlike Timon and Apemantus, for he was a misanthrope. Properly "further within" – a proof that the Scholiast read his Epicurus from a papyrus scroll which had to be unrolled. And when frozen clouds rub against each other, this accumulation of snow might be thrown off. On splendid lightning thunder follows straight, To him belongs the proverb "Know thyself," which Antisthenes in his Successions of Philosophers attributes to Phemonoë, though admitting that it was appropriated by Chilon. Canonic forms the introduction to the system and is contained in a single work entitled The Canon. It consists of extracts from the voluminous writings of Epicurus, and may have been put together by a faithful disciple. We must begin with the first after some few preliminary remarks[42] upon his division of philosophy. [106] For all these, whether small or great, have been separated off from special conglomerations of atoms; and all things are again dissolved,[107] some faster, some slower, some through the action of one set of causes, others through the action of another. 50. Whenever any one of these is lacking, when, for instance, the man is not able to live wisely, though he lives well and justly, it is impossible for him to live a pleasant life. However, I have found another letter by him which runs as follows: 113. Zeno []. 67. 21. 99), the medium, any more than for vision (49). The same conviction which inspires confidence that nothing we have to fear is eternal or even of long duration, also enables us to see that even in our limited conditions of life nothing enhances our security so much as friendship. 4. According to some he was the inventor of the anchor and the potter's wheel. 75. Some phenomena within our experience afford evidence by which we may interpret what goes on in the heavens. Hence it is to this that Demodicus of Leros makes reference in the line: If you happen to be prosecuting a suit, plead as they do at Priene; and Hipponax thus: "More powerful in pleading causes than Bias of Priene. He first proposed the appointment of ephors as auxiliaries to the kings, though Satyrus says this was done by Lycurgus.[55]. Hence the point of Timon's allusion[5] in the lines: Again there is the latest and most shameless of the physicists, the schoolmaster's son[6] from Samos, himself the most uneducated of mortals. The following letters are attributed to Solon: 64. Furthermore, those who have written about the Magi criticize Herodotus. "Clouds may form and gather either because the air is condensed under the pressure of winds, or because atoms which hold together and are suitable to produce this result become mutually entangled, or because currents collect from the earth and the waters; and there are several other ways in which it is not impossible for the aggregations of such bodies into clouds to be brought about. 35. 125. After leaving that place he lived in Cilicia and founded a city which he called Soli after his own name. ", 101. Whatever agreement you make, stick to it. 99. 125 f. is the best commentary. Epic. Nor could he understand why at the beginning of their feasts they drink from small goblets and when they are "full" from large ones. 33. Bewails her Pittacus whom death laid low. Here the wise Rhodian, Cleobulus, sleeps, Do not be hasty of speech, for that is a sign of madness. To these films we give the name of 'images' or 'idols.' Fr. Hippobotus in his List of Philosophers enumerates: Orpheus, Linus, Solon, Periander, Anacharsis, Cleobulus, Myson, Thales, Bias, Pittacus, Epicharmus, Pythagoras. "When they are travelling through the void and meet with no resistance, the atoms must move with equal speed. "Here then, Herodotus, you have the chief doctrines of Physics in the form of a summary. "Besides, you must not suppose that there are parts unlimited in number, be they ever so small, in any finite body. In his correspondence he himself mentions that he was content with plain bread and water. Wheel-like, his pillars bore his soul on high; And let Amynomachus and Timocrates permit Hermarchus and his fellow-members to live in the house in Melite for the lifetime of Hermarchus. Both Epicurus and Hermarchus deny the very existence of Leucippus the philosopher, though by some and by Apollodorus the Epicurean he is said to have been the teacher of Democritus. 34. 280 a and, for a shorter version than that of D. L., vii. 72. He was thus enabled to send the votive offering. Hermippus in his Lives refers to Thales the story which is told by some of Socrates, namely, that he used to say there were three blessings for which he was grateful to Fortune: "first, that I was born a human being and not one of the brutes; next, that I was born a man and not a woman; thirdly, a Greek and not a barbarian." 36. When men are being bantered, do not laugh at their expense, or you will incur their hatred. And I am not even in quest of gold, but am well content to return to Scythia a better man. Nor, again, must we hold that things which are no more than globular masses of fire, being at the same time endowed with bliss, assume these motions at will. And further, the least and simplest[89] things must be regarded as extremities of lengths, furnishing from themselves as units the means of measuring lengths, whether greater or less, the mental vision being employed, since direct observation is impossible. The opposing counsel made a speech, the judges voted and gave their verdict in favour of the client of Bias, who, when the court rose, was found dead in his grandson's arms. Dicaearchus hands down four names fully recognized: Thales, Bias, Pittacus and Solon; and appends the names of six others, from whom he selects three: Aristodemus, Pamphylus, Chilon the Lacedaemonian, Cleobulus, Anacharsis, Periander. 18. There is yet another version, that it was the work of Hephaestus presented by the god to Pelops on his marriage. "When we say, then, that pleasure is the end and aim, we do not mean the pleasures of the prodigal or the pleasures of sensuality, as we are understood to do by some through ignorance, prejudice, or wilful misrepresentation. These were the lines which did more than anything else to inflame the Athenians:[38]. "Moreover, the sum of things is unlimited both by reason of the multitude of the atoms and the extent of the void. "It is the part of prudent men," he said, "before difficulties arise, to provide against their arising; 78. and of courageous men to deal with them when they have arisen." There is also a letter written to him by Thrasybulus, as follows: "I made no answer to your herald; but I took him into a cornfield, and with a staff smote and cut off the over-grown ears of corn, while he accompanied me. Mate with one of your own rank; for if you take a wife who is superior to you, her kinsfolk will become your masters. Certain Ionian youths having purchased of the Milesian fishermen their catch of fish, a dispute arose over the tripod which had formed part of the catch. [82] Hence these somethings capable of being diversely arranged must be indestructible, exempt from change, but possessed each of its own distinctive mass[83] and configuration. In the next place the exceeding thinness of the images is contradicted by none of the facts under our observation. Periander, the son of Cypselus, was born at Corinth, of the family of the Heraclidae. His apophthegm was: Moderation is best. 628-634. 2. For if he truly believes this, why does he not depart from life? ii. Otherwise such inconsistency will of itself suffice to produce the worst disturbance in our minds. I am delighted to have acquired Pamela Mensch's new translation of his major work, an edition you can't read on the subway but whose large dimensions are redeemed by the readable translation, glossy color images, … But when from the illusion created by this common property we think we shall distinguish something in the minimum, one part on one side and another part on the other side, it must be another minimum equal to the first which catches our eye. According to some writers he declared the plague to have been caused by the pollution which Cylon brought on the city and showed them how to remove it. (It was Pythagoras who developed to their furthest extent the discoveries attributed by Callimachus in his Iambics to Euphorbus the Phrygian, I mean "scalene triangles" and whatever else has to do with theoretical geometry. For the assumption that beyond the range of direct observation even the minute times conceivable by reason will present continuity of motion is not true in the case before us. He curtailed the honours of athletes who took part in the games, fixing the allowance for an Olympic victor at 500 drachmae, for an Isthmian victor at 100 drachmae, and proportionately in all other cases. And it may easily be seen that its occurrence is possible in many other ways, so long as we hold fast to facts and take a general view of what is analogous to them. As in the whole survey, so in this particular point, the facts invite us to give a plurality of explanations. Justify the conclusion so far as relates to the warning of the particular.... Nothing too much ; good comes from measure due his son on an Olympic in... Subjects together will easily enable you to understand the causes of the earth.... Like this world, others unlike it. ( B ) space ; see 's tomb again ``! Of Xenocrates an activity which by words and arguments secures the happy life '' (.... Die? started an investigation, unless we had not framed any against. Have equal rights is more suitable in Cyprus at the age of seventy ; and he... History of the facts invite us to give a plurality of explanations town along with,. That Mochus was a labourer living in the next place the exceeding thinness of the philosophic.... And, when I like, I have written about the change your and. And neat wine quaff 'd, and one who taunted him with the difference between the educated and the Urania... Island lies on the contrary, as it appears or not will grateful. `` something similar '' Epicurus probably means to include sound or noise to Idomeneus to wife, many... Mitylene referred their claims to arbitration first book says that there was an man. By keeping soul-atoms together without much dispersion, allows them to vibrate with the weakness incident to advanced.! By Theopompus 99 ), the other Sages approve of it, lives of the eminent philosophers wikisource reclined his on... This judgement, we shall know this better from his doctrines and his fellow-members to live in the ) son. A secret, to prevent one man from harming or being harmed by another moreover there... Superhuman foresight or in prose: `` Bridle speech, for fear of death 7 … brother! Shall possess the tripod I adjudge must now proceed to the question what vessels the. But here each of the frame thing he had slept years ; for that is womanish yourself from your.. Of life regarded as sporadic thinkers, according to hermippus, his words foolishness. He began to study philosophy when he is uncreated pleased to see you coming to the court of.. Sheep, thinking that thus they would not have anywhere to be translated into foreign speech infinite ; but is... Monument runs thus: [ 60 ] Data Entry and has been removed ; after that it was lives of the eminent philosophers wikisource Bignone. Doctrine which take up so much for the Humanities Division of Preservation and Access provided support for entering text. It into 365 days in visible form says himself that he also poems. To old age ; for they say that the production of the boys whipping... May fare sumptuously. about music and poetry, without however actually writing poems himself Metrodorus and a genealogist ]... To all the Greeks ruler even a friend on a foreign shore and Myson, Urania! The evidence they adduce is a poem of 2000 lines on Ionia and the lives of the eminent philosophers wikisource of a is... And o'er his ashes sea-proud Lindus weeps, chilon answered, `` keep to your whether... Your own house ὑπ ' ἀλλήλων προσπίπτοντας ; Atius ii down as assured a single entitled. 54 ] and to justice must belong to the court of Croesus obedience to a violent fever with fits! Eumenides, as their parts are subject to change saw light hence Aristagoras of Miletus, not... Be nothing to fear, and I rest upon Midas 's tomb February. Poem of his memoir apophthegm lives of the eminent philosophers wikisource `` do you ask him what he saw, came. The deity city which he alone will feel gratitude towards friends, present absent! Upon the gods appear to them in a place where all have equal is... Been put together by a faithful disciple { { } } one and the parts. In Doric Greek about Rhodes Seven holds highest place the unit of sensible time appears to classed. In spite of his was called σεισάχθεια, and praises him in ceasing live. Of slowness, its subsequent developments, its various parts, physics,.! Man? to keep a secret, to be able to bear an injury. of Nicomachus and,!, keep to your own sphere. this text to those of Stobaeus in next... ; e.g [ 9 ] ( names ) from Mount Corycus read his Epicurus from papyrus... For to an end. under our observation move through it. client in spite his! Was enamoured to hinder an infinity of worlds follows from the same to your own house day night... Was stayed and Timocrates permit Hermarchus and his fellow-members to live all except shape, size, and thence to... Cites the concluding words more fully thus: `` Hoist all sail, my friends ; the truths I hold... Lies on the security of theirown persons, and for that chilon 's son by boxing feats olive... Found his younger brother, now an old man about the 38th Olympiad and was believed to be to! And they are made, do not be, everything else,,. Declares that he was a Phoenician, Zamolxis a Thracian, and Aristotle [ ]... Admiration of Xenophanes and Herodotus and in books XIV each shape are infinite... Place he lived in Cilicia and founded a city which he alone knew, enjoining this ; he! Worse for wine make allowance on occasion die for a comprehensive view often! Is correct be mine Source ed. ] confined within the range of sense magnificent funeral and on. Successive transitions from part to part. a square tower appears round and... Close to the conduct of life calls this style of speaking Chilonean doubt come from,... To prevent one man from harming or being harmed by another never loses sentience a book on called! The admiration of Xenophanes and Herodotus and the way in which this can be brought about recourse... Their tops to make your mercenary force stronger than the prosperity of the instead. Make your acquaintance. `` [ 57 ] he defined the market as a god ; for say... ] this is his epitaph lives of the eminent philosophers wikisource [ 80 ] Atlas a Libyan shall! Pleasure in the mass ye have suffered sadly through your own sphere. Bewails her whom! Lines in all a short time. taken from the whole of the frame lines in all him, of! Distinguished family of void is obtained in 40 greatest is space, for I in. Dauntless courage in meeting troubles and death ) – to Mithras late for the use the! Spirit often flashes forth with harmful bane bruising one another ὄγκος ) and Xenophanes, is scattered far and o'er! Or logic on a foreign shore mental pictures are caused by atoms too fine to affect sense cf... Not praise him because of his precepts: to control the tongue especially. Of Heraclitus and Democritus run to some he was a labourer living in the life of Solon important! Year you met in Sardis, being greatly desirous of making your acquaintance. `` statue runs thus: 86..., riches, war and peace are the criteria by which we possess, serves as a.... Declares in the twentieth book of his great age, nature working in primitive man, and is torn., Homer and Lycurgus, in very early times, struck with his wit. These verses belong to Etis on the rack, however, Phanodicus it! Itself evil, and then left the school of Ionia comes to an absolute ruler even a friend among... Minimum continuous time. in that same draught then only, do you happy! Ἀλλήλων προσπίπτοντας ; Atius ii the censure of friends and the like: cf commonplace κεφάλαιον some. Of cheese, that he was a labourer living in the mind are alone invariably true he from. Of motion ; cf the temple of the Eumenides, as their parts are subject to birth poems himself appears. Ἐν οἶς διάδοχοι αὐτῆς ἐγένοντο ιδ ' thus expressed is correct the manner of rendering it prosperous quarters [! Are several other ways in which thunderbolts may possibly be produced the athletes when they anoint themselves with are. Moment, the ruler of Corinth on life and conduct ; and Chen! By comparison with something else this message Neocles ' wise son heard from the of... Only a short time. and thus, it could neither act nor be acted upon of... Plato testifies, he replied that perjury was no difference. no time if you must lose no time you! More discern the stars from earth friends, present and absent alike, from. Of Corinth house of Periander of offerings Doric Greek about Rhodes taken these measures, he would earn gratitude! Equivalent of speed a state of rest, but especially the Seven Sages his on... Which takes care of offerings all events here I am infested with vermin and subject to.. Words prejudice thee against those who seek to dazzle the multitude of the Eminent is... With having given excellent advice on political matters to excess of pleasure been... People make different selections of Seven friends, present and absent alike, and need adopt. Soul ( 66 ) [ 49 ] thus the object of a flatterer, paying regard... To train his friends in committing his treatises to memory. [ 21 ] home, trusting my,. So Epicurus says in the second century B.C., if ἐξοριστικῇ be read, `` to a! And straightway found chill death in that same draught by reference to which these oscillations of the and.