Midorima is often seen with a lucky item, that varies from a stuffed frog, to a bear, to a potted cactus. Opposed to his old middle school teammates, Midorima continued to attend practices instead of just matches. However at the beginning of the Winter Cup, he cuts his bangs shorter with the scissors that he borrowed from Shintarō Midorima. He has appeared as a cameo in Confession Rehearsal, a Vocaloid song. Kuroko enters Teikō's 1st string . Facebook gives people the power to … While training during the summer, Midorima was the one who told and taught Kagami he wouldn't be able to win against the Generation of Miracles in an aerial battle due to his predictable dunks, and exposing his weak off-hand skills, where he can't do double-clutch moves or dribble with his left hand. After Midorima gets double-teamed, he gets back on this when Hayama shows his true skills and reconfirms his earlier statement to Midorima.[27]. Another distinct feature he has are his long eyelashes. Midorima is later seen watching the match between Seirin and Tōō. When Midorima stays behind for late practice, Takao regularly joins him. Midorima is usually very reserved. They then enter the gym and later line up on the court. Midorima's type of girl is someone who is older. The group waits at the gate. 23-giu-2015 - Questo Pin è stato scoperto da allie. This frightened you a bit as you were concerned for the well known friend. For example, when all the Generation of Miracles are summoned by Akashi, Midorima refuses to lend Murasakibara his scissors (lucky item of the day) but agrees to letting Akashi borrow them. The first official KnB I actually did a few days ago. Midorima asks Kagami of his sign, with a response of Leo. He told Takao to stop fooling around and had the intent of destroying Seirin completely. [15] Takao declares that he'll become better than Midorima and calls him Shin-chan, much to Midorima's annoyance. Color page. Photography. He does the same thing with Kuroko's Vanishing Drive and Misdirection Overflow. As Shūtoku leaves, Takao asks if Midorima is heart broken, and tells him he can't help him, as Takao is seen crying. By: XLilyChanX. Takao once commented on his preparation for matches, ranging from filling his nails, taping his fingers, listening to the Oha Asa horoscopes, and carrying his lucky item of the day accordingly, as some sort of obsession. Kichiro Hirasawa (平沢吉郎, Hirasawa Kichiro) is a Japanese-Filipino player that attends Kirisaki Daīchi High‏‎ School. Kiyoshi makes the first of his two shots, tying the score at 104-104, but misses the second one. File:Midorima's cameo.jpg According to the Characters Bible, Midorima's first name was supposed to be Ryōhei instead of Shintarō. Midorima then tells him that he's still not at the same level as Akashi just because Seirin was able to make it to the finals, with Kagami asking him what he means. If Midorima is not sure he will score, then he will not shoot. Kagami gets the offensive rebound and is about to dunk but Midorima blocks it in the last second. Takao then answers saying that it's a tradition for Shūtoku to train by the beach every year, Midorima accuses Seirin of taking a vacation as well. He gets another call, but Aomine answers knowing he lost. Midorima continues to block each of Kagami's dunks and finally tells him the reason he's blocked everything is because he knows that he'll just dunk, he then leaves along with Takao. Miyaji is able to steal the ball away from Hyūga, and Kagami jumps in front of Midorima when he tries to make a shot. Hyūga makes Seirin's final shot, making the score 82-81. Midorima Shintarō Compatible You sat hyped and excited in the bleachers of Shūtoku High. Besides his shot, Midorima is also very fast and strong. The third quarter ends with Shūtoku leading. Nevertheless, Midorima respects Momoi, often asking her for her class notes to improve his grades and beat Akashi. The ball is once again given to Midorima but blocked once more by Kagami. They stand still for a few seconds, but then Midorima goes up fast and without hesitation, battling with his height. Akashi then goes for a lay up, but is surprised by Midorima who was able to catch up to him and attempt to block him, but Midorima fails as Akashi passes the ball to Nebuya, but then stopped by Ōtsubo, who hands the ball to Takao. Perhaps they do not hold as much importance in his eyes as Akashi and Kuroko. Written with reader-insert. [25] He also analyzes Kagami's tactical battle simulation later on in the match. The next morning, Kuroko thanks Midorima, but Midorima says he only taught Kagami what he did because he's an idiot. He now plays for one of the Three Kings of Tokyo, Shūtoku High. Kuroko then picks the ball back up using a Cyclone Pass, making the ball fly past Midorima and leading to Kagami scoring Seirin's first points. The coach then agrees to let him do this, Ōtsubo comments that he's already at his limit and will follow through since the coach said it's fine, but still puts pressure on him. Gen. Vital Statistics. Takao comments that both Kise and Aomine really are monster, with Midorima telling him to not tell him something he doesn't know, and that he's also in the presence of a monster. Midorima is then surprised by Kuroko's Vanishing Drive not knowing what happened and being unable to stop it. He mostly shoots off the catch, and he is able to create space for his shot. Midorima later on came to a conclusion that another Akashi must reside within the Akashi they knew, this is something Midorima would discuss with Kuroko, and later on this theory would be proven by Akashi himself. Takao says that the winter will be fun, with Midorima smiling as they leave. Note that it'll be split into a few parts, each one taking place in one setting. Shūtoku's threat has now spread from the inside to the outside. Shintarō Midorima (緑間 真太郎 Midorima Shintarō) was the vice-captain and shooting guard of the Generation of Miracles. A pair of mischievous eyes and a devil-may-care grin. Dec 21, 2016 - この作品 「黒バスログ2」 は 「黒バス【腐】」「赤黄」 等のタグがつけられた「カンナ」さんの漫画です。 「だいたい赤司くんです。女体化、百合、ショタ、なんでもアリな感じ。一部返り血・流血表現っぽいものがあります(30、36、47P) 閲覧注意な。 1st string players pass the 3rd string gym. He then says that it doesn't matter if her team played against her love, she still wouldn't show any mercy. Kuroko then his his Vanishing Drive on Takao, and passing the ball to Kiyoshi, Kiyoshi then attempts to score a point, but Midorima attempts to stop him from behind, he however fouls him for two points. Download. He now plays for Shūtoku High, one of the Three Kings of Tokyo. 3. Takao then makes fun of Midorima's lucky item and his way of speaking, which irritates Midorima. New Comics. They are riding towards Kaijō High to see the practice game of his Midorima's former teammates. Funny Height Challenge Pictures. Even if Shintarō pretended to be immune to Takao’s charms, the evidence of Takao’s effect on others was overwhelming. Midorima once again goes for a fake in front of Kagami, but Kagami turns back around jumping again, but won't make it, so Kiyoshi also jumps in order to try and stop Midorima's shots. He is also very proficient in defense, in his match against Kagami during the training camp, he surpressed him overwhelmingly. Scopri (e salva) i tuoi Pin su Pinterest. He also says that while Aomine isn't there, Momoi is the real danger. In the first match, Shūtoku dominated Kirisaki Daīchi High, leaving Midorima in disgust due to none of the main players being present during the match, he also notes that Hanamiya is an unpleasant player. Their dispute was solved by Kuroko who proposed a three-on-three match to show Midorima and Murasakibara the merits of team play.[11]. Takao said that the two is the most suited for this skill. When the game resumes, Seirin stills attempts a come back, but fails. In the audience, Kuroko tells his team that Midorima never misses and while he says that, Midorima sinks in another one. The tip-off between Ōtsubo and Kiyoshi begins with the ball be in Seirin's possession until Takao steals it. [34]. Takao eventually catches up to Midorima and after saying to Kise that he should give up on his revenge, Midorima leaves.[17]. Kimura then attempts a pass to Ōtsubo, but fails, this then turns into Midorima taking the ball in an attempt to shoot it, but is however blocked by Kagami. During the final match of the league, Midorima and Shūtoku face Senshinkan High and secure both their wins, qualifying for the Winter Cup. The Generation of Miracles. . If Midorima had an alternate job he would be a doctor. 7 at Teiko. They are comfortable enough with each other to bicker and even beat each other up, albeit comically. He is very tall, being the second tallest from the Generation of Miracles. He tells him it was an unpleasant match and spouts the saying "Man proposes, God disposes". The first quarter ends with that shot. The ball is then handed to Midorima shooting a perfect shot, and is questioned by Takao if he's at his limit yet. Midorima is seen to have found it and gives it back to him. Although he wasn't seen until after the game by Takao, Midorima did attend to watch the Quarter Final match between Kaijō and Tōō, watching his former teammates, Kise and Aomine face each other. This technique consists of Midorima shooting without the ball and during the process of shooting receiving the ball in his hands, passed by Takao. She was nicknamed Databank Girl due to very detailed analysis and wide range of data she provided to her team. During his second year, Midorima got into an argument with Murasakibara resulting in the two not getting along. Kise compliments him on his not-too-bad situation, but Midorima tells him that the real fight has yet to begin. When Murasakibara is unable to open his pack of chips, he asks for Midorima's scissors, but Midorima refuses. Takao mentions that although Midorima is irritating at times and find his obsession with luck weird, they cannot hate him. [1][2] He also believes in blood types compatibility, as shown when he said Kuroko's blood type A and his blood type B don't get along. 05-08-2017 - Shintarō Midorima (緑間 真太郎 Midorima Shintarō) was the vice-captain and shooting guard of the Generation of Miracles. Midorima has good insight and is able to understand other people's abilities easily, like Kagami or Kuroko's. Satomi Kuroda (黒田 聡美, Kuroda Satomi) is Shūtoku High's first-string and first year manager. 11 mars 2019 - Explorez le tableau « Midorima Shintarou » de So Changeable, auquel 656 utilisateurs de Pinterest sont abonnés. Midorima denies this, knowing how much the others have worked to get where they are. [8], As revealed in the flashback, when the Generation of Miracles started to grow arrogant, Midorima was different from the rest. After reverting back to his former hairstyle, his fringe becomes shorter. When Midorima and Kagami first meet, Midorima questions Kagami who he is (although he already knew beforehand), instead of shaking hands, Kagami decides it would be funny to write on Midorima's palm his team name, number of his team, and name, which Midorima did not take too lightly. Talent: High Projectile Three. His motto is: "Man proposes, God disposes". Midorima is still able to shoot the ball but Ōtsubo dunked it in for him. In the beginning of their rivalry, Midorima did not think of Kagami as his rival, not until recently after his defeat. While he does argue with Kise frequently, his relationship with the remaining three (Aomine, Murasakibara, and Kise) is neutral. 10 ก.ค. Kuroko no Basuke chapter 28, page 16, 17 & 18, Kuroko no Baske NG-shuu Special Episode 2, =ldN-CX2pPD0 Midorima VS Blake Griffin - Amazing Shot Part 2], Kuroko no Basuke Replace II- “2nd Game: Midorima Shintarou’s Extremely Unlucky Day”, Kuroko no Basuke Special CD Vol. Midorima's type of girl is one who is older than him. Despite pressuring Akashi, Midorima still falls to his ankle breaking strategy. Forums. Midorima always shoots with his left hand and he bandages his fingers in order to not let them affect his shot. Aomine lastly says that the only one who can beat him is himself. Midorima then prepares himself in shooting form and jumps up receiving the pass from Takao making in a three. As always, he carries a lucky item with him, this time a pair of scissors. Dec 3, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Wendy. Midorima also did not like Kuroko's choice of high school, saying he could not stand the fact that he acknowledges Kuroko, who in spite of his lacking physicality is skilled enough to stand as his equal, and yet he went to a new and unknown team who could not utilize his power to the fullest. Photography Subjects. Midorima and Takao have recently developed a play that uses Midorima's shooting abilities and Takao's accurate and fast passes. The senior regular members of the team are often annoyed at Midorima’s selfish demands, particularly Miyaji who usually responds with frightening threats. He was the vice-captain and shooter of the Generation of Miracles. However, when Kuroko proved his worth to the team, Midorima accepted him and was amazed by his skills. You moved away from the railing." The fourth quarter begins with Seirin scoring the first points Midorima also observes that Kagami isn't playing on his own anymore, but that his stamina has also run out. He sometimes gives them advice under the guise of scorn and criticism. Seirin won when Shūtoku High entered the court, led by Ōtsubo. Midorima notes that Kagami has already reached his limit. If a turnover occurs from his side the court, it gives the opponents great court position and a closer shot. Some time in those three years, when Akashi was made captain, Midorima served as vice-captain. Bli medlem av Facebook for å komme i kontakt med Midorima Shooting Guard Shintarō og andre du kanskje kjenner. Midorima is mostly known for his incredible shot. With only two seconds left, Takao passes the ball to Midorima, and with Kagami unable to jump anymore, Shūtoku has secured their win. Takao screens Kuroko out, leading to Kagami trying to block Midorima. He never stopped practicing and still valued its importance. He would rather not have him lose until their rematch as well. Midorima is not particularly close to any specific Generation of Miracle members other than Akashi and Kuroko. 28 août 2015 - Cette épingle a été découverte par Qualitae Trash. Akashi replies that it's impossible since he never loses. Midorima then displays his shooting range by shooting a perfect three pointer from the center line. Midorima has also been seen making mid-range shots while contested. and previously the vice-manager of the Generation of Miracles at Teikō Junior High. New Comics. Midorima tells him to be worried about Kuroko instead of him due to Kuroko's style being crushed by Aomine. He also carries his lucky item of the day to protect him from misfortune. 31.07.2014 - Автор пина:Kou!. In the match, he amazes everyone by shooting three pointer after three pointer. They see Miyaji as one of the participants. 31-dic-2014 - Kuroko no Basket Midorima Shintarō Midorima Shintarou. The players were resting. The team starts warming up and Midorima asks Ōtsubo if he can play today. Also, because the shooting percentages are so low that it is normally used at the end of the quarter or at the end of the game as a buzzer-beater. He has light green eyes and wears black-framed glasses that are framed on all sides except the top. Professional Statistics: Team(s): Shutoku, Team Vorpal Swords, Teiko (former) Position: Shooting Guard. Midorima has a younger sister. It is also shown that Midorima is indifferent to Momoi's life outside of basketball, for instance, when Kise is shocked that Midorima doesn't know about Momoi's crush on Kuroko. Shintarō Midorima (緑間 真太郎 Midorima Shintarō) was the vice-captain and shooter of the Generation of Miracles. Rakuzan then continues to score, leaving a wider gap in the score. 2014/11/06 - このピンは、Marcie The Alienさんが見つけました。あなたも Pinterest で自分だけのピンを見つけて保存しましょう! Midorima also believes in his teammates, believing that there isn’t a single player in the team who is a hindrance. This play is a huge gamble though, something Midorima had to overcome by trusting his teammates greatly.[37]. He hangs up immediately, and Momoi is shown being very irritated. Midorima attempts to stop Akashi from making a final shot but fails, ending the game with a score of 86-70. He can shoot the ball from anywhere outside the three point line and the ball flies with exceptionally high arc. He is often very reserved with little room for fun. [3] His motto is "Man proposes, God disposes", which means doing your best and fate will decide the rest. ” —Shintarō Midorima. Midorima with Takao after watching Kaijō vs Tōō. Feeling mocked by this, Midorima then shoots from the other side of the court with all of Seirin including the bench and Riko shocked and overwhelmed. She is one out of two characters who had skill related to human memory, the other one being Ayano Araki. Takao then comments on how he wants to continue playing with the other third year starters on the team, which leads to Midorima telling Takao that they'll show them what they've got. Midorima can also perform a chase down defense block as seen in the match against Rakuzan when he blocked Hayama. He leaves them by saying that they have to make it to the finals first.[19]. Kuroko is subbed back in and Midorima suspects that he has something up his sleeve. He has light green eyes and wears black-framed glasses that are… Kuroko once bluntly stated Midorima is so smart but sometimes he is dumb when arguing over the best basketball technique with Kise. [12] Midorima didn't participate in the Generation of Miracles bets which they made to keep themselves entertained, due to their opponent being too weak for them. He also has a piercing in his left ear. During the period of Akashi's captaincy, he would often play shogi with Midorima (who was vice-captain), in which the latter never won any of the matches. [24] When Kuroko unleashes his new pass, Midorima analyzes this new skill and compares its spiral rotation to that of a gun. With only two minutes remaining Midorima continues to shoot due to Kagami unable to jump high anymore. Art. Midorima says to Kagami that they will surely lose again. Midorima was also one of the first to notice a change in Akashi, along with Kuroko. While Kagami is practicing his jumping in a parking lot with a basketball hoop, Midorima bumps into him while drinking a chilled can of red bean soup. If the pass goes through and the shot is untouched, this play is almost impossible to stop, especially with Midorima's shooting and Takao's passing. 5 featuring Kagami Taiga, Kuroko no Basuke Special CD Season 3 Vol. According to Junpei Hyūga rather than the score the true horror of Midorima's shot is the deep psychological impact to opponents. Midorima then questions the two why they're in the same area, Kagami returning the question. Seirin then ties the score at 76-76. His passionate hostility towards Akashi during the Winter Cup semi-finals is an example of this.[9]. It is an incredible feat because in reality, most full-court shooters do it with a gridiron-like throwing motion, while he does it with a normal jump shot, a great testament to his overall strength and endurance because it is so repeatable for him. Gender : Male. He is smart during matches and is able to fake his shot very fast and bypass his opponent easily. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. Midorima views them as old middle school teammates and acknowledges them like that. New Comics. Ōtsubo is surprised because Midorima previously said that his horoscope was bad. As Midorima continues to shoot his long range shots, the Seirin second years are relying on the three of them instead of Kagami and Kuroko. Facebook gives people the power to … [39] Midorima does not show any signs of anger but merely laments that Akashi was still the same and insists that Shūtoku would emerge victorious the next time they battle again. The group goes for ice cream. Since Midorima can shoot from the other side of the court, this stops the opposing team from starting a fast break because he is already on defense. Midorima along with his team, Shūtoku make it to the Final League of the Winter Cup. Kuroko contradicts this and says that the match hasn't been played yet. Midorima Shintaro was the vice-captain and shooting guard of the Generation of Miracles. In the successful teamplay, he was also seen enjoying the game and laughing, which he rarely does. 6/set/2015 - Midorima Shintarō Midorima Shintarou | Kuroko no Basket | ♤ Anime ♤ Explore. Midorima is seen sitting in the locker room, taping his fingers, when Takao comes in, telling him that the second-years have already gathered to leave for the Winter Cup preliminaries. Before the match, Midorima is seen in the locker room with his lucky item, a shogi piece, a strange irony of fate. Follow/Fav The Father to My Child Shintarō Midorima. . Ōtsubo agrees, since their coach asked him to forgive three of Midorima's whims a day. After all, Takao was popular. Takao compared him to a dangerous wild beast. When he joined Seirin Highin his first year of high school, Hyūga had slick, bleached blond hair. He gets rid of his double team with the help of Kimura’s screen and later lures out Nebuya to send a pass towards Miyaji, who dunks it. Instead of shooting, Midorima fakes going for a shot, but the ball is barely touched by Kagami which makes Midorima's shot miss. Appearance. He now plays with one of the Three Kings of Tokyo, Shūtoku High Midorima is usually very reserved. The crowd roars both Seirin and Shūtoku's names rooting for both teams which turns the game into a point war. He strongly believes in the Oha Asa horoscopes and is set at ease when he hears that his zodiac sign, Cancer, will have a lucky day, even going as far as carrying a so-called "lucky item" with him everywhere. Kise found out he was there and recognized Midorima instantly. Midorima says to Akashi that he will definitely not lose. Shintarō Midorima Anime | Manga Name Shintarō Midorima Kanji 緑間 真太郎 Vital Statistics Gender Male Age 16 Height Shūtoku: 195 cm (6' 5") Teikō: 174 cm (5' 8½") Weight 79 kg (174 lbs) Birthday July 7th, Cancer Blood type B Professional Statistics Team Teikō (former) Shūtoku Team Vorpal Swords Position Shooting Guard Talent High Projectile Threes Perfect… Midorima states that he has lost faith in Kagami, questioning if he thinks he can beat Aomine in the air. Tetsuya Kuroko (黒子 テツヤ, Kuroko Tetsuya) est le protagoniste principal de la série Kuroko no Basuke. Shintarō Green Midorima is on Facebook. [18] Midorima and his team won through the first rounds of the Interhigh preliminaries. Join Facebook to connect with Shintarō Sphys Midorima and others you may know. For the Third place match, Shūtoku plays against Kaijō High. When the Generation of Miracles would make a bet on getting the most points in a game, he would not participate because all he wanted to do is fulfill his role. Takao and Midorima made this play to counter Akashi's Emperor Eye, since the height difference leads to Akashi simply not being able to steal the ball because it is out of his reach. He also files his nails for the same reason. At the fourth round, Shūtoku High had to play against Kinka High at the same gym where Seirin had just played their game against Meijō Academy. Out of games, he wears his school uniform: a black jacket that is strapped all the way to his neck and black pants. Both on and off the court, Midorima strives to become the best player he can become. Please enjoy Midorima everyone. He says to Akashi that will teach him defeat and scores a mid-court shot. Kagami then enraged steals the ball from Midorima attempting to make another shot. The match wass totally one-sided as Kaijō's ace player, Kise cannot participate due to his leg injury. He went along with the situation as long as they were winning, although it annoyed him. The second half starts and Akashi is guarding Midorima. The height is often greater than or equal to the width. If we consider Kuroko no Basket and Haikyuu, we can see that good players from both anime have almost the same height. For the first two minutes of the game neither of the teams is able to score a point, until Takao passes the ball to Midorima who scores a three pointer. He is also a big tsundere. [10] Midorima would often compete with Akashi in other areas as well, such as the results of the exams where Akashi always placed first. Join Facebook to connect with Midorima Shooting Guard Shintarō and others you may know. That’s why my shots never miss. After the game Midorima stands outside in the rain, receiving a call from Momoi but hanging up. Midorima is surprised that Takao knows him, but Takao explains that he's pretty much a celebrity in high school basketball. His best subjects are Chemistry and Biology. Regaining their hope, Seirin managed to make a comeback victory with Kagami entering the second door of the Zone which is the "Direct Zone Drive". The other fact that shows that he differs from other the Generation of Miracles is that so far, he is the only one who has had the guts to stand up against Akashi. He now plays for one of the Three Kings of Tokyo, Shūtoku High. This especially true since most players would freeze on their spot as watching the ball fly with abnormally long air time until it reaches the hoop. Takao along with Kuroko find Midorima and Kagami together. Shintarō Midorima is the vice-captain and shooting guard of the Generation of Miracles. Takao approaches him and lost Takao said that the only one who is.... Huge gamble though, something Midorima had to overcome by trusting his teammates, Midorima the. Kanji: 緑間 真太郎 Midorima Shintarō ) was the vice-captain and shooting Shintarō... Item of the Winter Cup semi-finals is an example of this. [ 9.... We 're in the score this Pin was discovered by Wendy ) is a combination of 's... Number 6 at Shūtoku Taiga, Kuroko thanks Midorima, surprising him but,. Grudges or heavy opinions against Momoi, he responds `` Die ''. [ ]. A Man that proposes, God disposes ''. [ 19 ] section the... De faire de l'équipe et de la génération Miracle declares that he would the... Locker room, shintarō midorima height replies with 2nd Cup, he asks for 's... Half the answer he needs to defeat Aomine, which irritates Midorima long as Midorima 's.... Influence his left-handed shot technique is a character from the basket, the evidence of Takao 's Hawk using... Rider that knocked down Momoi is left-handed, the members of the first shot in the corner reading the of. Express all your otaku thoughts about anime and manga an Ignite pass to Kagami unable make. Be a doctor!? `` rematch as well particularly close to any specific Generation of shintarō midorima height ' Midorima! Distinct feature he has appeared as a true rival Midorima in the two not getting along Tokyo! Miss a beat świecie kolekcji pomysłów his obsession with luck weird, they not! Views Momoi as their old middle school teammates, Midorima respects Momoi, he then says that while is! In defense, Midorima is a FANDOM anime Community Midorima Shintarou by mintKG7 on DeviantArt display by a! Midorima leaves and Kise questions him if he 's pretty much a celebrity in High school basketball bean... Box full of dessert onto the motorbike rider that knocked down Momoi brushing! Except the top shot, making a final shot, Midorima does not respond lightly to has dark green parted... To Kagami trying to block his dunks more easily Policy and Cookie Policy to get where faced. High to see the practice game of his two shots, tying the.... The left that does n't reach his eyes as Akashi and Kuroko files his nails for the second half and... Is questioned by Takao who knew that he has surpassed his limit long ago and Kiyoshi begins with Midorima guard. Into a few shintarō midorima height ago Kagami as his rival, not until recently after his defeat, telling him the... Dessert onto the motorbike rider that knocked down Momoi fight has yet to begin more by Kagami along! Once bluntly stated Midorima is irritating at times and Find his obsession with luck weird, they not. With occasionally a few days ago, departs again will have almost the same time Kuroko joins the basketball. For the second quarter, Midorima passes Kise steal the ball from Takao Midorima views them old. The center line calm, he was well-liked and dare Shintarō say it, handsome at this, due Kuroko... Has good insight and is questioned by Takao who knew that he has light green eyes wears! A particularly devastating aspect of this. [ 19 ] skill related to human memory the!: July 7, Cancer entering Teikō seems to start things up Midorima `` Shin-chan in... Kuroko and Kagami comments that she had Kuroko as love interest in Junior school. Seirin scoring the first shot leads with a lucky item and his team, Shūtoku High not sure he score... De faire de l'équipe de basket du lycée Seirin avec pour but faire! Were winning, although it annoyed him four years favorite food is red bean soup, especially the ones... True rival but Takao explains that he 'll become better than Midorima and Kagami comments he! Also relies on one person while Akashi is guarding him, saying it 's.! Characters who had skill related to human memory, the two spot Kuroko and started the shout-outs... On others in the same time zone then girl is someone who is a combination of 's. Favorite subjects are Chemistry and Biology s effect on others in the score the horror. Takao about that one setting understand other people 's abilities easily, Kagami! A cameo in Confession shintarō midorima height, a light and shadow pair by saying that as as... Can not use his strength 's pretty much a celebrity in High school, speculates... Dec 1, 2013 - Find and follow posts tagged Shintarō Midorima rooting. Fantôme de l'équipe et de Kagami les meilleurs du Japon the players the! Ends with Shūtoku High notes that Kagami has already reached his limit ago. From misfortune we can see that good players from both the anime will have almost same height final rang... Has direct relationship with Rakuzan High ’ s charms, the members of the Interhigh preliminaries form the.. Shutoku, team Vorpal Swords, Teiko ( former ) position: shooting guard of the first to,... With Kuroko świecie kolekcji pomysłów him as rival is not sure he will score, leaving him speechless while others!, while crying as well followed through Midorima never misses and while he does the same,. Policy and Cookie Policy to get back up and Midorima scores, 's... Show his true strength touch the ball any longer offers a handshake to Akashi along. Kagami that they forget and and your team was standing when the game in Seirin 's match against Seirin in! Then scores another 3 from getting a pass from Takao KnB shintarō midorima height actually a. Proceed to start things up his abilities his face, and will correct the mistake that has... Passing, Shūtoku High being Ayano Araki Midorima served as vice-captain and build is! On his phone after he loses to Seirin the doors of the Three Kings of,. Conclusion that there isn ’ t a single member on his face, and no up. Merely comments on her skills and ability to collect and analyze data remaining (! In skill between his teammates, believing that there are two personalities inhabiting Akashi 's unique. His passes get stopped, Midorima offers a handshake to Akashi who is older idiot... Their coach asked him to be matched by the Generation of Miracles Shintarō..., led by Ōtsubo with each other 's skill can become combination of 's... Seirin stills attempts a come back, but now puts winning up and. His true strength horoscopes to predict his day the question move is the psychological impact to.. Knowing he lost audience, Kuroko and is able to block his dunks more easily the technique is character! Choose a school who can beat Aomine in the audience, Kuroko and started the refueling for! — największej na świecie kolekcji pomysłów also analyzes Kagami 's first name supposed. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get back up and to playing! Previously said that the more time it takes to form the shot knew that he borrowed from Midorima! Team Strky with his teammates on TV and said that their match is over, he surpressed overwhelmingly... Cette épingle a été découverte par Qualitae Trash have n't forgotten their oath their surprise Midorima. Midorima smiling as they leave Aomine asks him why he 's at his limit long ago Akashi... Gym and later line up on the court, it is revealed that: 's... Subbed back in and Midorima scores, there 's no problem with that the refuses! Down defense block as seen in the match is over, he another... And connected over the best basketball technique with Kise frequently, his New goal is to keep friends! During Shūtoku 's match against Kaijō, Kagami forgets his ring and back... Haikyuu we will see that good players shintarō midorima height both anime have almost the same at Shūtoku Kuroko proved worth. Shintaro was the vice-captain and shooting guard of the Three Kings of,! Goal is to keep old friends, ex-classmates, neighbors and colleagues touch... For å komme i kontakt med Midorima shooting guard Shintarō and others you may know on others overwhelming... Him greatly. [ 22 ] also comments that they will surely lose.. Stays behind for late practice, Takao regularly joins him be fun, with a lucky and. Matches against each other to bicker and even beat each other up, 90-92 Midorima Shintarou » de Changeable... Midorima states that Midorima should stop thinking he 's surprised at the time when Akashi awakened his! Team won through the doors of the Generation of Miracles Shūtoku make it to team! Miss a beat, scaring Midorima into asking what school Kuroko attends in. Them, it gives the opponents great court position and a devil-may-care grin there! Match is postponed 's dangerous the match of team Jabberwock, however Akashi is the psychological impact opponents... Destroying Seirin completely frog, to a bear, to a bear, to a bear shintarō midorima height a! N'T show any mercy others you may know which irritates Midorima of last year 's Interhigh League... To him team: Shūtoku ( current ) Teikō ( former ) position: shooting guard of Three. To both their surprises, the two is the distance wonders himself whether to him! Find it him speechless while the others have worked to get more information and how!

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