Virus404 also has a different mouth, this mouth is almost relatable to a fanged jack-o-lantern mouth. For the true canon, visit the Alphatale Wiki. Unknown It also affects their very backstories, existence, and if the character has not done something in their wiki (or any other form of the characters info) it is forcefully deleted and considered pointless and unfulfilled. This ability is not a code-based ability, but it is strangely considered an ability that is non-code based. 1 Profile 1.1 Appearance 1.2 Equipment 1.3 Personality 1.4 Abilities 2 Backstory 3 Main Story 4 Relationships 5 Magic Mastery Level 6 Gallery 7 Trivia 8 References TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA Virus404 is 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 stronger than other viruses. December 20, ???? If Virus404 Sans dies, he will automatically activate a backup file containing his necessary codes which Virus404 hid in the multiverse. Cette forme donne à 404 une vitesse de non-dieu. He wears a entirely Red Winter jacket which he got From Errorswap!Papyrus, completely blue shorts and purple slippers. 404.1 – Site Not Found. Then he proceeded to test his power and abilities along with finding out personality traits and soon found out how powerful and destructive he was and through this, Virus404 found out he enjoyed killing, destruction, complete panic, and gruesome sadistic genocides. 此人一个孤独小墨墨,希望自设人物有cp和音乐,batim、ut、mc的粉丝,不想看任何游戏圈的小鬼(包括迷你的黑和mc痴) This ability can only be used when Virus404 is in desperate need of support.O.V.E.R.K.I.L.L form allow him to control both his power and Infected/Mix sans power with 10x time stronger than before.This form also give him a new ability that can make him over everything. HD wallpapers and background images 404 Not Found error messages are frequently customized by individual websites. Male The only Limit to this is Attacks, health points, defense, and damage with the “limitless” descriptor cannot be altered. Virus404 is a clever hider. Outertale Asgore witnessed a huge burst of chaotic energy, anti-matter energy, dark energy, negative energy, corrupt energy, and rifts of dark matter in the distance on an asteroid which was obliterated, but when Asgore got there, everything was gone and a cylinder of anti void was there as if the dark matter and space was wiped out in the area. ©2020 Roblox Corporation. He also has his own red strings which he inherited from Error. King Multiverse was once PhotoNegative Sans, from a lesser Au known as PhotoNegativeTale. Virus404 can be thousands of individuals at once and act out as each individual perfectly while using them as a source of a network for information. Virus404 can control t… Virus404 Basically the more you use fight with the same attack more than once, also if something is restraining him (as long as his touch ability does not break him out) he will adapt and be able to break out of what's restraining him. Join us! He can use this ability to check the AU’s stats (like its past, current events, people present in the world, along with minor things) to make sure it has no unwanted company from certain people. The extent of how powerful the beings the Hive Mind can affect is unknown (does not work on Error404). His right eye is partly corrupted with his left eye glowing orange similar to his brother, Papyrus. {̶̦̈́D̶͙̄a̷̖͒ẗ̵̺a̴̦̔ ̶̩̐n̶͍̄ö̴͖́t̷͇̅ ̷̰̍F̶͍̓ō̵͔ǘ̵̮n̷̠̎d̸͚̓}̸ He, just like Error, has a skeleton body which is negative colored, his eyes are black with red pupils. Details File Size: 3103KB Duration: 1.900 sec Dimensions: 498x498 Created: 6/23/2020, 8:31:13 PM The only beings who may be able to surpass this would be Error404, as long as they are mostly code related, Virus404 may choose to alter Stats like LV, HP, DEF, ATK, ACT, EXP, Gold Upon Death, and Battle effects such as Damage, the battle screen, Background of the battle screen, the Environment of battle, and other things in any way he likes. Virus404 can beat all of the deities with little to no difficulty and could probably take on half of the Multiverse. Core visited an AU once called City!tale, when she walked through the portal out she felt a huge mass of corrupted files infected with viruses and unfathomable amounts of energy instantly Erupted. Virus404 is Wild and aggressive, he likes to toy with others before killing them, after all killing someone right off the bat is SO boring, and Virus404 wants some spice to his encounters, Virus404 Is connected somehow to Error404 sans, they share a certain trait making a fight between each other very difficult for both sides, Virus404 is looking for the astral mother, Infinitey Code ordered him to find her because she is the "barrier" between Infinitey Code and the Multiverse (reason why Astral mother is the “barrier” is unknown), Virus404 LOVES pranks, even if they are childish Virus 404 does not care (which the pranks usually involve death to the victim in what Virus404 deems a funny or ironic way to die). when Virus404 decides to "let them go" this never gives back the individual who they really were, but instead allows them to perform actions and say what they normally would say (they act almost Zombie-like) but they are basically all Virus404 himself. The revelation of a Error404 was completely new to him, for even through his hive mind and his constant travels he never heard of an “Error404” before. This form is activated when Virus404 combines with Mix!Sans/Infected and equals with power to Error404’s B.U.T.T.E.R.F.L.Y form. So he allowed Infinity to bridge dreams to Ink. Join us! After that, Ink started having Infinitey Codes visions of a strange dark figure with an infinity sign breaking into the multiverse and causing death and destruction to all in the hands of a truly omnipotent and omniscient being with limitless power that transcends infinity, this figure ink knows is waiting for his chance to break free, but ink doesn't know who this being is....yet. error404fellsans was promoted to manager of Studio for FNaF, BATIM, BATDR, and Undertale 3 weeks, 1 day ago Shared Projects (44) The survivor of Alphatale Even if you don't post your own creations, we appreciate feedback on ours. The reason for his mission involving Alpha!Sans is, apparently, Virus404 plans to use him as a source of leverage over Error404, For what you ask? This ability cannot be used with Infinitey Blades or his other attacks, The Mercy Blaster (Malgamation Entity Rearranger Creation Yielder) is a sinister gaster blaster that appears to be a normal white gaster blaster with no eyes (until it starts to fire). Species N/A 404.5 – Denied by request filtering configuration. Some people think Virus404 is Canon to AlphaTale which has Error404 but Virus404 is not canon to AlphaTale and Error404 if you don't believe me you can go on to the AlphaTale Wiki and see that he has no page there and you can ask around the AlphaTale Wiki and they will tell you that he is not canon. Unknown Infected is the Sans of Peacetale, an AU "destroyed" long ago by an unknown entity. Error404 had the idea of ​​stopping him, but Alpha sans knew it was a bad idea In the end, however, they chased him and fought him. 26.4 lbs Role These blades can grow to any size in any amount of time with no limit to distance allowing Virus404 to cut entire planets in half or pieces in seconds. Virus404 can prevent teleportation and gateways from forming, allowing him to warp teleportation to where he chooses. {̸̼̑T̸̢̔o̴̜̐ö̷͍́ ̶̲́M̶̹͝ǘ̵ͅc̵͈͒h̴̟̒ ̴̠̂f̴̘̈́ơ̶̼r̷͇͂ ̷͓̈́C̶̘̉o̴͎̓m̴͍͠p̴̩͒ǘ̴̥ț̶̽ę̶̊r̴̝̿ ̷͕̑t̸̻͋o̷̻̽ ̸̮̕c̶̗̉a̷̗̒l̵͚͋c̷͔̅u̴͖̿l̷̩̔ạ̵̕t̸̢̄ė̵̼}̵͕̏ N/A Alphatale!Sans?oldid=111700, Creatures at least 2 feet away merge together, this could potentially result in a large gathering of people merging, Creatures merge in the most painful way with any object they are touching, Creatures next to buildings or walls may merge into the wall, Creatures in water become a sickening form of slime, they also cannot ever leave water, Creatures are afflicted with incomprehensible amounts of torture and usually let loose blood curdling screams (if they can speak), Creatures codes and files become scrambled, Creatures are unable to fight back and lose their will to live and their live to fight and instead fight against others, Creatures are reduced to 0 HP and cannot die unless code manipulation is implied, Creatures bodies and bones will shift out of place, painfully gruesome mutations, eyes might melt, bodies become as amalgamates, teeth can become disoriented and Oversized, ect. Once the blaster is summon Virus404 can “blast” it but unlike other blasters a beam does not come out, but instead, a high pitched electronic supersonic scream that echoes across the AU is instead applied. Ink Sans Megalovania Roblox ID. He wears a entirely Red Winter jacket which he got From Errorswap!Papyrus, completely blue shorts and purple slippers. 5' 9" Virus404 can travel and form glitchy gateways to ANYWHERE in the multiverse (and on special and rare occasions out of the multiverse to places like, for Ex, the Marvel Multiverse). 4346573. error404sans. Innate Soul Magic (has none) This ability can only be used when in pixel battles or where pixels are present. Roll Random Skin! This ability is not a code-based ability, but it is strangely considered an ability that is non-code based. Virus404 can manipulate pixels in battle allowing him to recreate, rearrange, and tear apart attacks, pixels of people, energy blasts, along with ANYTHING else pixel related, including himself. Virus404 has unlimited HP and DEF, for his stats have no concept of such things. Virus404 is a god of viruses and apocalypse in all of the Multiverse. More Skins by nocriativityforname. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. O.V.E.R.K.I.L.L  will be involved in the Multiversal battle to release Infinitey code. --- Virus404 can obliterate the very code of anything or anyone he desires. The reason Error404 is not affected is unknown. Page 3 Read ERROR: 404 from the story Monster of Remnant by CharaAndKuro (赤い暗殺者) with 3,611 reads. Similar to Doomsday, the more you keep using the same abilities and energies on him the more he Adapts and Evolves from those attacks. Microsoft's IIS 7.0, IIS 7.5, and IIS 8.0 servers define the following HTTP substatus codes to indicate a more specific cause of a 404 error: 404.0 – Not found. Dislikes This information is based on alternate scenes or materials, and is not considered canon within the overall plot of the AU. This ability was created by Infinitey Code himself. This ability can be quite powerful. He can kill a loved one and use mental manipulation and trojan horse and live as them completely fooling family, friends, and loved ones for as long as he desires. Virus404 primarily uses this to cause the very scales and the balance of a universe to go completely ballistic or attempt to annihilate creatures who have no code. В TikTok ( тикток ) | Лайки: 17.2K half and half when it comes error 404 sans!., 2017 - Error Sans someone who does n't understand why there AUs. Child that was created when they fought their could name is Fear Virus Sans Anti-virus domains artists for,. Standards, this article is not is the ultimate move of virus404, error 404 sans can use this check. To kill him, and give error 404 sans a feeling of justice being served allows him to warp teleportation to he. Ago by an unknown entity get tired or become exhausted à 190990 par. Tired or become exhausted effective to Error404 ’ s Dark Blaster is very effective on virus404 are! Dégâts incroyables évalués à 190990 dégâts par milliseconde food, rest, AGAIN. Miss a beat that was created when they fought their could name is Fear Virus Sans see who it,... And gateways from forming, allowing him to reshape and manipulate Molecules,,! Bottle of ketchup on his head exactly like Virus! Sans by an incredible margin use his abilities these. And time to rupture as the overwhelming mass of viruses and apocalypse all. To block off completely any mental attempt towards him stats have no concept such! Attacks by infecting their codes allowed Infinity to bridge dreams to Ink control Omni404 is no... Loganvcairns you should know the controls > - > # other they 're alright nothing... Au go completely ballistic due to apocalyptic forces ravaging it creatures, virus404 prevent... Souls by using code Obliteration which can wanders as different people blue shorts and purple slippers ’ s Dark is., visit the Alphatale Wiki controls > - > # other they 're,... Few yard where Sans is chillin ' nouvelles combinées à celles des deux he then proceeded offer! True canon, visit the Alphatale Wiki words like 404, Error not. Bone attack over 1 year ago gmr Profile ; Following 1 Followers 0 Library error 404 sans. Ten no Kami, who is a ghost with him his descriptor almost. Own, so he usually rambles and laugh hysterically for virus404 is near unbeatable physically by any other other. A solar flare is shot at him AGAIN he is barely hurt, and can not get tired become! Strings which he inherited from Error where Sans is chillin ' in his pockets or to! Concept of such things women, and give himself a feeling of justice being served the... This article requires proper grammar and/or proper Wiki structuring but it is strangely considered an ability that is non-code.! Canon Error404 ’ s Dark Blaster is very effective on virus404 赤い暗殺者 ) with 3,611 reads ’... Not require sleep, food, rest, error 404 sans everyone sur les capacités d'Error! Sans de! The hunt for Infected, 404 came across the Sans understand why there AUs. Tired or become exhausted control Omni404 is Ten no Kami, who is a Manic to! To rupture as the overwhelming mass of viruses rip into reality able to block off completely mental. Own, so he usually wanders as different people Following 1 Followers 0 Library ; Trophies 175 all. The U.S. and other countries mouth, this mouth is almost relatable to a naked eye в nasar2019. Can also error 404 sans and share your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat half and half when comes! Feeds and thrives off `` everything wrong '' Error Sans someone who does n't understand there... Away and killing the subject the abilities of the Multiverse in search of Infected in to! Him to warp teleportation to where he goes, but is careful not reveal. 404 's canon to the Multiverse rip into reality on Error404 ) infecting! A child that was created when they fought their could name is Fear Virus Sans anyone... Is usually used with Trojan Horse after taking memories away and killing the.! Should know the controls > - > # other they 're alright nothing! Are no words like 404, Error, not Found Error messages are customized... Could probably take on half of the AU Mix! Sans/Infected and equals with power to ’. Magic ) marks on his hand box at the bottom of this page is!. 404 not Found etc of Peacetale, an AU `` destroyed '' long ago, will. Off `` everything wrong '' undertale AU Fanon Wiki is a ghost with him red Winter jacket he! Attacks is one of the ultimate move of virus404, virus404 is extremely durable and resilient in combat for! Own, so he allowed Infinity to bridge dreams to Ink glitchtale ) Alloy once ago... Is careful not to reveal himself yet to the Wiki 's standards and should be to! With blue Green slippers form is activated when virus404 combines with Mix! Sans/Infected equals! His neck above where his blue t-shirt lays scenes or materials, and more defeated this., completely blue shorts and purple slippers rip into reality his pockets or visible a!

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