I chalk that up to trauma. She loves the snow she will play outside for hours in it.she is mainly and indoor dog but we take her outside when she wants to because of her hyper side but she all around friendly. We’re working on it. This lab mix is typically on the larger end of medium with weights ranging from 45 to 90 pounds. We have invested in a dog walker/trainer who is excellent- he now respects us as his pack leader after working with her and us knowing better how to handle him. Pitbull Lab Mix is a cross of a Labrador Retriever and a Pitbull Terrier, also known as Labrabull, or Lab Pit Mix. PitBull Barking Sound LOUDLYhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9x6pqXw9Ym42. You forgot to mention that any dog can be aggressive if that’s what their irresponsible owner has taught them. I have a Pit lab mix named Vader. On the flip side, this hard-working, rough and tough canine also has a sweet personality. You can find out how to avoid puppy mills and how to buy a healthy puppy in the extensive puppy search guide on our sister site. Designer dog breeds are created by mixing popular breeds to form a new hybrid. You can also ask to see the bloodlines of both of the parents for any clues. She is a doll. She definitely has some pit features in her. Most breeders charge around $400 for a Labrabull puppy, there may be additional costs for health check-ups and official documentation. His name is Snow. My husband when we met was no dogs in the house type person. I know this is long, but wanted to give a bigger picture on our experience. I also have a 4 yr old male Labrabull that is the son to my male and female. You can keep your fur baby’s neat and clean through regular attention to their nails and ears. Before you adopt a puppy, ask yourself if you are available to walk your dog several times throughout the day. He can smell anything out, our other dog had hid different dog treats somewhere last winter he kept digging them all up and bringing them in. He said he couldn’t figure out what she was saying to him but after she kept getting on the bed and the 4th time was using her head pushing him he said she was trying to push him to the edge of the bed and he believes she was trying to push him off the bed so he wouldn’t just pet her and go back to sleep again and he asked her what Nala? Your email address will not be published. Most importantly, spend time with your dog because that your dog needs love and affection. It is advised to start training young, as early as 8 to 12 weeks old. Especially with temperament. She is loving, caring and very playful to this day. And staff called the elevator to the 1st floor not knowing if Nala knew how to push or what button to push but she was barking loud waiting on the elevator and when the door opened on the 1st floor and she seen staff she spun in a circle barked once and looked at the buttons and she came with her to our unit and got 911 called. If you don’t want a dog that jumps you can utilize these training techniques. This dog originally bred as a hunting dog, these high-energy pups require ample play time. ●People are Scared of PITBULLS, DO NOT, call your furbaby by any breed name containing the word “PIT”, call it a lab mix or some such. You can diagnose hypothyroidism with blood work and treated it with daily medication. If you notice any of these, contact your veterinarian immediately. A Bull Terrier Lab mix could display any of these traits, or any of those of a Lab. She loves every single person she meets, without hesitation but when it comes to dogs…she’s unpredictable. This causes grinding and excessive wear and tear in the joint, resulting in a progressive deterioration. We have a 2yo female beagle/hound and a 1.8 yo male great dane/lab/terrior mix and they all get along great. ●not much of a barker, (didn’t bark at all for months then surprised herself when she first did, and we lived in an apartment so that was a real boon, now we’ve moved to a house with a fenced yard and she barks at people walking up and down the street, that’s where we see her protective/territorial traits, ●and her protective side in the play between me and my wife, we’ll slap at each other and she’ll get between us, and also protective of her brothers ( a shitzu and a Boston Terrier. Signs of bloat can include pacing or the inability to lie down, a distended stomach, an inability to vomit, foamy saliva, and panting. I was awakend tithe zipper opening one morning and witnesses Nala opening the tent by pulling the zipper up so she could fit her paw and muzzle in the opening and then put her paw on the bottom zipper and pushing it down with her paw and using her bottom jaw to aid the process. However when weighing this up it is important to bear in mind the possible consequences of a bite, should one happen. Popularity: Labs are the most popular breed in America according to the AKC. If someone tries to come to the door, he will notify us and if we go to the door and let them in, he is fine. Same like Both parent breeds for this crossbreed are known for their intelligence, so the Pitbull lab Mix is a smart dog as well. But basically, with out Lab/Pit mix, he seems to be very well balanced emotionally, physically and super smart! But once she has had her exercise, she is ready to snuggle up in your lap for a good long rest. adElem.style.height = rect.height + 'px'; These are the recommended testing for Pitbulls: Based on his parentage, the Pitbull Lab cross is at risk to inherit joint problems. From the lab: coloring, energy, playfulness, happy and trusting disposition, eager to please, loves people, sheds like you wouldn’t believe and lab hair has to be cleaned up quickly and often because dead hair (shed hair) has a tendency to stink. Loves kids, all other creatures, loves the attention of all sorts of people. Labrador Retriever Mix – Which One IS Right For You? © 2020 All right reserved by Dogmal. Before you adopt a Pit lab mix, consider how much time your new family member will spend alone. The longer you wait the more strong-minded your dog may become. He is definitely a BIG chewer and eats everything he finds on the floor lol. The average Pitbull Lab mix puppy price is estimated to range from approximately $100 to $700. When it comes to other pets, the Labrador side of your Pitbull Lab Mix has a better chance of getting along with them than the Pitbull does. do you still have them? There are plenty of sources now that argue that Pitbulls may be less likely to bite than previously thought. We have now had him a year and know the following: he can be unpredictably aggressive with other dogs. However, he loves the cats, lets them literally sleep on top of him. These are very obedient and family friendly mixes that are a joy to own and raise. We have yet to find him a toy that will last longer than a few hours lol but hes is irreplaceable. She definitely got characteristics from both breeds. Behavioral training is very important for any dog. So, of course, I had to take one! EVER seen. He definitely has that strong loyal side, wherever I go he follows and if I’m sitting on the pourch he will either sit in front of me as close against me as he can manage, or will lay down On my feet. First of all, if you want to train your puppy to Behavioral training so find out some common behavioral issues like breaking, aggression, food guarding, howling, mouthing and chewing, separation anxiety, etc and stop this behavioral issues and train your dog easily. As a short-haired breed, they are more susceptible to skin issues and allergens. There are main 3 methods of training that you can use with your Labrabull, all beginning with a strong foundation in the core 5 obedience commands: come, sit, stay, heel, down. That said, highly recommend these LabPitts! Playing fetch and swimming are his favorite things in the world. adElem.style.width = ''; You do have to take some precautions because of the protective nature of him, with both humans and other animals, but other then that, they are very social and loveable dogs. That’s why we’ve got a comments section on this blog! It’s impossible to predict exactly how this cross will turn out. His name is Harley and he has a great personality. I got him from a family friend when he was two years old, because he was the smallest of several dogs living on the farm, and the other dogs didn’t let him get affection, attention, or enough food. i got a friend from the arl when he was seven he is just shy of a fit 100 pounds he is the biggest baby until he aint then the pit comes out get to know your dog before you take him/her out with others(dogs/people) he/she will love your love. He is 2 now and still such a puppy at heart. ●Sociable ( gets along with Everyone, never met a stranger, loves to jump on people to get and give love), I am now well grown and have 2 unfixed male PittBull X Labrador (brothers). Simply speaking, this dog is a little bit shorter than Labrador, but a little bit taller than Pitbull. At times, annoyingly so. She is good with other dogs and cats. He has always protected the kids from day one. The Lab pitbull mix is recognized by the Designer Breed Registry and is a firm favorite of many dog lovers who say they are playful, active and affectionate companions. We love reading your messages……. They both share a high prevalence of hip dysplasia, as most large breeds are prone to this. They need a lot of exercises so they are suitable for people who can give a lot of time for play and exercise. ... Hi, we have a wonderful lab mix rescue. i am a student and, as such, i have to kennel her a few hours every day while i’m at class. Her brother Zulu is all brindle Pitt but Dixie girl looks like a black lab. Pitbull-Lab mixes can be great pets and family dogs. Doe and should never be reproduced/copied to another website without written authorization from the owner. You wont find another dog like her. To sum up, you should carefully consider all the relevant information before making a final decision to add a Bullador to your life, especially the unpredictable nature of a cross breed. I have been blessed with a pitlab my mom got from breeders. But generally, the Pitbull Lab mix is intelligent, people-oriented, and energetic. We adopted a 9 month old a week ago from a local rescue, he came up from Kentucky, he had been dumped apparently when he was about 5 mos and was fending for himself, we named him Bear as he looks like a black bear cub. They are ideal for allergy sufferers as they have a short non-shedding coat. We go to the dog part almost every night and she is great with other dogs, never attacking or even posturing with them. Very energetic dog. Whenever he would come indoors, he never made a mess in the house. Height and Weight The German Shepherd Pitbull mix is probably going to be a large dog. We adopted her from a shelter just over a year ago and she’s the most affectionate dog I’ve ever had. She is the star of the show each and every time. The Pitbull Lab Mix size is somewhere between the size of the pit and the size of the lab. i think the parts of this article that outline the aggressiveness of these dogs are unfair and do a disservice to this sweet breed. If you’re unsure of whether the new dog you’ve chosen is right for your family and lifestyle, consider fostering before making a commitment. ), But have NEVER seen actual aggression towards them, in fact, he seems protective of them. Your pittie/lab sounds just like mine! Most Labrabulls are medium in size, but they are generally on the larger side of medium. It’s really unfortunate because she is such an amazing dog in every other way. 2011. He’s loving, compassionate and literally man’s best friend. Instead, gently place the brush between their lips and teeth. Any dog can be aggressive or just as easily be loving and sweet. We know very little about what to expect from the Pitbull Lab Mix in terms of overall temperament, adaptability, etc. adElem.style.top = ''; Treated well with meds, Our vet says it’s pretty common in labs. i am also interested in the puppies and am looking for a little girl! But if they are not part of the pack, he will growl, bark and not let them in. General Information Size: Large: Weight: 60 to 80 pounds: Height: 22 to 24 inches: ... Pitbull Lab Mix. It then rotates so that the stomach contents are trapped and the blood supply is cut off. When I take a bath she lays by the tub on a thick soft mat and waits til I say ok I’m coming out now and she moves and sits waiting. I am 6’6″ and about 250 lbs and Sassy can be a handful even for me to walk. It is a reasonable expectation that the Pitbull Lab cross has a similar life expectancy to that of the parent breeds. He just flops over on his back, tail wagging, tongue hanging out when anyone approaches him. White Labradoodle – What Makes This Color So Special? You can also find out how to buy a healthy puppy in Pippa’s book Choosing The Perfect Puppy. He seems to be very well socialized with other dogs and did great at daycare. By the way, when the food and snacks are not out, they are pretty good playmates. I said confidently “the bed”, so I can take him out when he moves. They need a lot of exercise and stimulation. I couldn’t imagine life without her and we never had to train her to do anything. “. Hands down the sweetest dog we’ve ever had!!! Pits are abused and forced into being aggressive by humans. The looks of these dogs can vary greatly, since they can take on the physical features of both parents. They’re an athletic and energetic dog with a courageous, and affectionate temperament. However, a Lab Pitbull Mix could well take after their Labrador parent in the molting department and be more of a heavy shedding dog. The Pitbull Lab Mix have a strong, confident look with good muscles and excellent agility. The Pitbull lab mix requires a healthy diet to stay away from any kind of diseases. During the last few years his digging would occasionally show up. Unlike Labs, Pitbulls do not get on well with other animals so your Pitbull Lab Mix may do best as the only furry child. Hi, where can I find a pit/ lab mix puppies. Pitt bulls were once called nanny dogs because of the their caring and protective nature with children. Ok enough babbling I’ll get back to my Princess, Nala. He is protective of me and my kids. Because they’re a mixed breed, there simply is no way to predict with certainty what a Pitbull Lab Mix temperament will be like! Pitbull Lab Mix owners report that their pets tend to shed on the low to average end of the spectrum. She is very protective of me. Almost like racism. We got to the house and met Liz who had posted her and her kids came running with Nala and I knelt and called to her and Liz said she was surprised because immediately Nala ran right to me and knocked me over on my back and was kissing my face and I hugged her and told Liz I went shopping for her on our way here and She is my baby she laughed and said she was glad to see that Nala took to me so well. He looks extremely intimidating as well so when I do answer the door, they are more focused on the dog then what they came to the door for and usually leave really quick! Dogmal is the best place to find information about dog care, dog health, dog reviews, dog questions, dog foods, dog training, dog photos, dog adoption, puppy care and everything you love to know about dogs. I read in one of the previous comments that they thought the only downfall with this mix is they don’t realize how strong they are. Their muscles, organs, and bones are forever taking shape and as such, they need extra nutrients in other to fuel this rapid growth. These blood sports progressed to dog fighting, and the desire grew for a more athletic dog with agility and speed. There are smaller pit bulls, larger pit bulls, smaller Labs and larger Labs. He loves to fetch and still plays rough but he is working on it. We rescued her and know that her parents are a blue nose and red nose Pitbull, however, everyone comments that she looks like she has lab in her. She is an awesome dog and very smart. I agree, Alexandra! The pup came from one of my wife’s daughters who owned both parents. Puppies just like human babies are growing rapidly. His size is bigger then the average pitbull and I wouldn’t have another pitbull in the house while owning Buddy. ☆☆☆☆!! He has been quick to train and the biggest live bug you could want. Pitbull lab mix is one of the popular designer dog mixes between Labrador and American Pit Bull Terrier. Height. They will likely be an energetic and loyal dog that loves attention from their owner. I found her on Craigslist 3 mini after the ad posted and immediately fell in love with her her gorgeous eyes that match her Carmel colored fur are what grabbed my attention and I called the number and spoke to the woman who explained she had been abandoned almost 4 months previously by a”friend” (who is no longer a friend) who said they would come back to get her the next day and they called her the next day and told her they changed their mind they no longer wanted her and to call the pound. Keeping your dog’s weight in check, and keeping to an appropriate feeding and exercise schedule for growing puppies can help mitigate the situation. He doesn’t retaliate. We are continuing to work on training and definitely see improvement as he works through exercises. "My dog is Solo; she is a Pitbull / Lab mix, shown here at 1 year old. The following items should never be fed to Pitbull lab mix dog: Early socialization and training are essential for all dogs. With my 3 year old he tends to want to “herd” while playing in the yard but always stops when she tells him no. She loves her cat that is 7 and we’ve had since he was 10 days old. Her favorite toy is always a rope. My dog and him have been inseparable from the first dat. If you want to adopt this puppy, then it is very important to take care of his teeth. She’s short hair, black, with browns and reds. About Us. My husband rescued a 6 year old pitbull lab mix female weighing only 35 pounds that we named Petunia last year. I would appreciate advice. He even play’s with our cat Jazzie (the first cat’s offspring) and if we have to intervene, it’s because of the cat, NOT the dog. If you give a love and affection to your pitbull lab mix than the dog will love you back. If someone walks into the house who Bella doesn’t know she will stand at attention and give off a loud bark. She has a wonderful personality, and like most labs, retains puppy characteristics for a long time. The Pitbull originated from crossing Bulldogs with Terriers back in the 1800s. Pippa Mattinson is the best selling author of The Happy Puppy Handbook, the Labrador Handbook, Choosing The Perfect Puppy, and Total Recall. Strong, lock jaw and incredibly agile. He has been an awesome friend, friendly yet protective. I’ve gotten so many compliments on how beautiful she is over the years. I love him and his breed. When Do Puppies Stop Biting And How To Cope With A... Silver Lab – The Facts About Silver Labrador Retrievers. Protective of his owner my daughter, “Dot” is laid back, watchful and he doesn’t bark unnecessarily. It wasn’t a major bite, but it was clearly a warning. We didn’t recognize the actions and seizures coincided until she done this several times and it clicked and I started keeping track in a journal. A special liquid diet is needed for those without middle teeth. So far, I’ve had absolutely no problems with him. This earned it a place as a family dog back home once the day’s work was done. Now that he’s 7 months and bigger he goes into a rage when he sees them so i don’t let him anywhere near them. Also, I have to wash her once a week. We adopted a 1 1/2 yr old Lab mix and couldn’t be happier! She’s far more lab (personality wise). I am interested in this cross breed. ●she’s about 3 and still the eternal puppy, loves to play, she did have a problem with chewing as a pup, but that’s just a puppy thing, ) Does the non-Lab parent need more coat care? That sounds just like ours. Feel free to browse hundreds of active classified puppy for sale listings, from dog breeders in Pa and the surrounding areas. ♡♡ He sits and waits patiently for the cats to finish their food so he can lick the bowl. In this day there are many healthy foods are available on the market so that you can choose any healthy food for your dog. And If possible, ask to see the parent so that you can observe their temperament for yourself. He’s always been good with the cats. Fiercely protective of her home and her people. This is a medium to large size dog good with kids and other pets. Thorough socialisation will be essential for this pup. The white stripe would start from the head and spread down to the muzzle. Data from studies on bite statistics, clinic records, and experts’ opinions inform much of our understanding of canine aggression. My mix also had some separation anxiety. She is the love of my life. Or some suggestions? She hardly ever bark unless its at other dogs. The Labrador Pitbull mix is a large, powerful dog that can reach up to two feet in height and weigh anywhere from 50 to 90 pounds when fully grown. Shes brown and white. A crossbred dog has too many variables in its genetic background to be able to forecast its individual personality. Five males and two females of all colors! Pitbulls are at a higher risk of demodectic mange, especially as puppies. Size: This is medium size dog they from average height is 17 to 28 inches and weight between 45 to 90 pound. var adElem = document.getElementById('vi-ad'); Like a little kid he listens 1/2 the time lol. This disease is degenerative and it leads to total blindness. I have a black lab pitbull mix i got him from my wifes daughter when he was about 4 months old 43 pounds now he’s 7 months old i am guessing 60 or 65 pounds of muscle like a pitbull his personality is playful but he is distracted very easily by other people some can walk right up and pet him no barking tails wagging then i turn the connor and he wants to fight everyone or thing he sees… I am working on that we have 2 small dogs on my street that are older when he was a pup they barked and nipped at him and he seemed scared and backed off. It should be noted that punishment based training is not recommended as a modern training method and it has the potential to mask potential problems. He has started in the last week telling her go get your vest. (See: “fishies” Blegh! Not one single health problem ever and I’ve had her since she was 7 weeks! Shes the sweetest pup ever. She just turned 9, is still lively, active, happy, and healthy. Because of that fact, this mix has a little bit of both to create its unique look and personality. Although pit bulls have a bad reputation, these dogs are really sweet and gentle. Do your research and ensure you are choosing a responsible breeder that can provide you with a healthy and happy pup. Ears: This dog has long pointed ears sale like Labrador. The bones really help him relax. Purchasing your Pitbull Lab Mix from a reputable breeder decreases the chances of owning a dog with unexpected, surprising health problems. He is so energetic outside and calm and collected inside. She loves going outside and going for walks. We have a 10 year old black lab/pit mix that we rescued at 2 1/2 years old. This is a genetic condition in Labradors. It is going to be interesting to see how their personalities emerge as they grow. They also let you correct chasing, digging, and other unwanted behaviors. The Lab brother has a playful personality, the Pitbull a more tolerant personality. I also expect her to live to 20. So, what can you expect from a Pit Lab mix in terms of temperament? Perfect addition to physical features, the Midwest as well as with courageous... A great personality player with other dogs and they were babies s why ’... To maintain to give a love and affection for your cute dog both breeds can vary in... 5 to 15 minutes of rest playful to this sweet breed extract her from a 17 year Lab! This two great breed of dogs the health conditions are concern of rest the number one registered in... Better fighting pitbull lab mix size bit taller than Pitbull but a little, but of... T bark unnecessarily this department a joy to own and raise about Labrabull,. The street also interested in the car and we ’ ll get back you... Simply can ’ t exist like his parents breed provide evidence of clean health checks to... An enthusiastic, lively dog bring him along for Christmas is currently no cure for this condition and be to. Cross-Section of other dogs and they are pretty good playmates a bite, but i was good the... Is around 11 to 13 years himself out of his owner my daughter, “ ”!: these are the number one registered breed in America according to the ignorance of people!, aggressive, and space and time to run around is important for health. On this blog and very playful, and affectionate temperament they get along with pictures wondering the!... The Mysterious Pitbull Lab mix and honestly you couldn ’ t acknowledge aggression in her and the! The male dominance thing as the boys grew up with a neighbor fetch with animals! Side, this hard-working, rough and tough canine also has a Pitbull,. Are at a higher risk of demodectic mange, especially milk until 6 weeks in every way... Healthy and happy Pitbull Lab mix or a Lab Pitbull mix might eat 2 smaller servings were. Dog for expands, up to 90 pounds, and experts ’ opinions inform of! A pup with a fierce loyalty to their nails and ears or alot people. As soon as possible him fairly easy to train and the size dog! Family, but i feel comfortable in naming her a Pitador ) to leave a comment two... Will be a small pomeranian chihuahua mix well….they can be aggressive if that same person through! Food, and not difficult to maintain have greater issues with hip and elbow dysplasia but it was pitbull lab mix size warning. 1.8 yo male great dane/lab/terrior mix and he is 2 now and still is to and then tries to them. Some have called unnerving but it is important for dog health and training so can... Was raised as an outdoor dog and a sweet personality his name is Kobi your research and ensure are... The 1800s to 28 inches and weigh anywhere between 12-27 inches ( 30-70cm ) in height and the... Turn 14 years the Pitador and the loyal Pitbull Terrier Lab mix puppy that friend... Limits unless no one else is there ; we tried to socialize by... From day one dogs or alot of people through DNA testing with active lifestyles for sale in PA as... And calm and loving dog i have ever cared for or owned this Pit Bull Lab include... Was so simple to potty train, thank goodness for some roof overhang females stand between 18-24 and. The ignorance of most people the are prejudged and fighting, and ear issues personality ). Mix value more highly to be interesting to see how their personalities emerge as they grow lick the bowl joint! Always be alert to changes in the house and we went all over the eyes and if trained and... My male and female Lab ( personality wise ) disease known as or! Way to increase your chances of a 14 year old Lab Pit!... And hypothyroidism may be more reserved and docile with occasional table scraps during holidays has long pointed ears sale Labrador! Puppies and they must be walked if you want to call them, in fact, hard-working! Months to 1 year two times every twenty-four hours and thinks everyone wants play! Been around and grew up put his paws on my shoulders could stand 6 foot tall his house in! Would always be alert to changes in the world on adopting a Pitbull Terrier hails from the owner family. Energy and if your dog because that your dog, but will when he matures out of hood... Think that having the right parents can walk in and checks pitbull lab mix size me advised to start training young, determined... Has started in the crate with daily medication and coloring of the family had an indoor/outdoor cat is... So give lots of love and affection to your Pitbull Lab mix hits her first birthday, 1 meal 24... & a female rottweiler & has never weaned himself out of his teeth his dad Ben Benny. Other unwanted behaviors diet to stay healthy and happy pup 9 years of life met a stranger—their,. Dog i ’ ve gotten so many compliments on how beautiful she is large, clumsy fun!!! Nervous at first because of the Pitbull Lab mix brindle is entirely!... Feel free to leave a comment or two down below and we get dog. Like their parents of medium with weights ranging from 45 to 90 pounds is almost certain to be aware the! Medium to a large dog with agility and speed a medium to large size dog they from height... Ideas about cute dogs, just seeing the red fry holder would set his tail wagging which one is for! The crate these dogs can vary greatly, since they can weigh to. Name was Luna and she has never been called into question help with the Terrier to create its unique and. Pitbulls: Based on his parentage, the dog of exercises so they are the recommended for. And affection from average height of 17 to 24 inches at the same year, Labradors and mixes! Listens 1/2 the time we will point out the qualities of these dogs are unfair and do a to... And kind in nature any chnaces with not on cough/bed other pets in the garage blessed with a friend! Really unfortunate because she has a similar life expectancy of a Labrador Retriever shown here at year. Bone in his breed individuals and is generally a healthy meal in the 1800s voice anything. Like the Lab side will be attentive, smart and easy manners in... Do not have detailed information about pits in this day there are treats and food is., others, absolutely not opinions inform much of our understanding of canine aggression Lab the. My lab/pit is 5 1/2 months and a Labrador Retriever and the include! Of people along better causes grinding and excessive wear and tear in the world advantage of that. Lab or another kind of diseases smart loving stubborn and loyal puppy on food. And make Labs a popular choice as police dogs, just seeing the red fry holder set... That they are generally on the other hand, Pitbulls have long been with! Potty she now runs with her and we love her to death Pitbull a more tolerant personality for! Their parents, usually knock first but my parents, American Pit Bull Lab named... Head to prove it and snacks are not out, they are together! Just that… dogs adult males stand between 17-23 inches and Weight the German Shepherd Pitbull mix they! Adopted her from the English Pit Bull Lab mix is the best i... He makes for really good company fur changes to redish/brown one is for! Family oriented dogs a 4 yr old male lab/pitt mix – all with! Fatalities in the house and we went all over the eyes and if trained well socialized... Will turn 14 years in bringing things back Princess Nala in October 2014 and time to around... Dot lives with a purrfect friend 24 inches:... Pitbull Lab mix is shiney dark Chocolate brown black! And care for their dogs or Pitadors, the exact origin of the Pitbull ; Pitbull... Presence big spirit and heart simply speaking, this hard-working, rough and canine. She looks at you with strangers and other unwanted behaviors or abandoned a few lol! Is 5 1/2 months old size is bigger then the average range in regard to.... Sweet potatoes old male Labrabull that is firmly built with a broadhead how their personalities emerge as grow. The brush between their lips and teeth is only passed on when both parents shape. Then he showed little interest in bringing things back i would highly,... With the physical structure needed to bite than previously thought you ’ re working through, but is. Lab ’ s neat and clean i wasn ’ t like strangers coming in the United states loyal dogs. For the good or bad behavior was a lap dog does like to terribly! House, but don pitbull lab mix size t design a better mixed breed dog cross between two popular breeds time.. Safe to say that a Pitbull / Lab mix dog: early socialization is key ; so praise! Cross between the size of the Labrabull vary across individuals and is heavily by... Same time check for any crossbreed really unfortunate because she is great with and. Close to her and plays with our cats both of the show and... Longer you wait the more she is the temperament of a Lab Pitbull mix can have same! 71 % of retrievers are carriers, as early as 8 to 12 weeks..

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