Airhawk can be inflated with any healthy set of lungs the ‘ol fashioned is longer and narrow. More of a neutral point as some (like myself) find this an advantage in low-sitting cruisers and tourers. Of course, this adds time onto you’re ride. I also came across this review after reading another review on your website on suspension. Guaranteed to double your riding time (not a specific product claim but it is a claim made by Airhawk for all of its motorcycling cushion seats). Overall, you can purchase a motorcycle seat cushion at a third of the cost of buying a new seat. Whenever you feel like changing your seating position to stretch your legs or to stand taller for better visibility, the Airhawk reacts dutifully to render a newly-created seating pan adapted to your derriere. I don’ t even mind if it raises me one inch as I’ve thinking of raising the suspension travel anyhow and I reach the ground fine with mc boots. If your budget allows for it or you can make space in it for the extra bucks, I would not think twice about buying an Airhawk seat cushion over the cheap knock-offs or fly-by-night brands. It’s that simple and straightforward. However, I was able to get a good amount of air into it and Seat is fine for the race track but could do better with weekend rides in the twisties. In any case, you can always just inflate the Airhawk cushion slightly and then go up from there until you find the perfect spot (instead of the recommendation of inflating the Airhawk to 100% capacity and then deflating it until it’s at one third of its inflatable capacity). Be wary of buying second-hand shocks since you never know what they’ve been through, especially economy shocks that don’t take much to fail. Airhawk provides two straps that stretch and have a buckle on one end a tourer like a Goldwing or Harley-Davidson Electra Glide, a small cruiser like a Harley Sportster, or a dual-sport motorcycle). Feel free to let us know how it all goes! Find Your Perfect Seat: 4 … Q: What Does the Airhawk com with in the box? Riders will stop This in turn seemed to change how they were Universal sizes available that fit all road/street motorcycles. The Dual sport is of course a different seat shape, but the same measurements as the Cruiser R. AirHawk 2, Medium: 14 inches long, 14 inches wide (14L x 14W), Airhawk Cruiser R, Large: 14 inches long, 14.5 inches wide (14L x 14.5W). The part of the review where it says the Airhawk should be aired to 1/3 to 1/2 is 100% correct!! Independent of body weight or size of seat pan, the Airhawk seat cushion suits males and females alike. I’ve had this Airhawk for a good number of years already and it has been exposed to a lot of riding as well as plenty of wear and tear. It seems The straps should overlap and form an ‘X’ under your seat. This not only is an inconvenient as these no-name air-seat cushions rapidly lose their inflated air in mere days (the Airhawk seat remains at the same inflated level for many weeks on end if not using it) but there’s also the potential hazard of the air valve in these cheap generic air-seat cushions suddenly losing air while riding on your motorcycle, which can lead to losing control of the motorcycle. The inflation stem does not I got my learners motorbike license so I’m stuck atm with a 250cc Honda Rebel. In It was a noticeable I This method will only require that you use one strap. While I haven’t tried everything, I have tried a number of gel seat pads over the years in an attempt to keep from spending big money on a custom seat. The air filled cushion fits to your shape and redistributes pressure giving you a comfortable seating area for hours! consider. The size of our featured Airhawk seat cushion is size Medium, which is 14 inches long (35 centimeters) by 14 inches wide (35 centimeters). The The Airhawk seat cushion overlay delivers unsurpassed comfort that's backed by real science. Wiki researchers have been writing reviews of the latest motorcycle seat cushions since 2019. For anything other than blasting through secondary roads at illegal speeds while shaving off knee sliders, the Airhawk is the ultimate comfort upgrade without the associated wallet-draining price tag of aftermarket motorcycle seats. I couldn’t get anymore air into the bladder cell(s) which meant that there was no air loss so far in the ride. I’d go as far as saying that the Airhawk seat cushion is a must-have product for any motorcyclist who likes to pile on the miles. on a motorcycle. full inflatable capacity) is not just a frequent mistake but also one that makes riding a motorcycle a true balancing act! Bear in mind that one key area for optimal riding comfort is allowing air to move around and dissipate between your buttocks and the seat. Aftermarket seats run in the high ’00s and high-quality aftermarket suspension components can run even higher in price. However, riding comfort is fundamental to enjoying the act of riding a motorcycle all day long, yet trying to improve saddle comfort on a motorcycle can become a very-costly ordeal. "", You mention in the review that you’ve used the Airhawk as driver and passenger so here’s my question if you could help me out please: Am I right in guessing one could carry one when riding two-up and the Airhawk would work for the passenger as it would do for the driver? I’d go smaller. "@context": "", about every 45 minutes to an hour (give or take) to take a rest because Won’t make your motorcycle any prettier if you care about aesthetics. Why I bought a seat cushion for my motorcycle, How to get the best fit for your Airhawk cruiser pad, Securing the Airhawk seat cushion to your motorcycle, Seats that can’t be easily detached method, Airhawk seat pad replacement and warranty, My overall comfort level with the Airhawk. the air to move between the chambers to areas (or pressure points) on Fantastic impact dampening when hitting big bumps or holes. If you’d like to read a more-condensed summary of this review, then click on the Advantages and Disadvantages sections in the table of contents above. That means you have to open it up and do it again. Did it change my ‘feel’ of the motorcycle while I was riding? motorcycle for longer distances, the Airhawk is something you should in the Airhawk, although you can get use an air inflator if you need of the reading I had done about this happening, I was on guard with Airhawk makes this an effortless process since the dimensions of the different Airhawk seat cushions already factor in the type of motorcycle seat that they’ll be going on (e.g. will depend on who you are, but I’m in good health and I can’t blow the Thanks for posting your experience regarding the use of the Airhawk. The cells help to equalize pressure for uniform support. I was about to return it when I thought of letting some air out and the more air I let out, the better the ride and comfort. I had no issues with the seat pad moving in The editorial rating awarded to the Airhawk seat cushion is based upon the product’s expected use (and abuse) as well as the product’s total features when compared to its direct competitors: Buy the Airhawk at the best prices HERE (size 14 in x 14 in, for driver seat and passenger seat on big cruisers) and HERE (11 in x 11 in, for passenger seat on small cruisers or for driver/passenger seat on sport tourers), Last Updated: 20th April 2020 Thank you!! If The Airhawk seat cushion featured in this review is the Airhawk 2 seat cushion, which is now branded as “Airhawk” without the “2” at the end. This motorcycle seat cushion is for riders looking to extend the } immediate improvement over sitting on my stock seat. Needless to say, these engines vibrate a lot (especially the Sportster) and I’m confident in saying that transferred engine vibration was cut in half. Is the Airhawk the best motorcycle seat pad for long rides? Next, your discomfort will Riding a motorcycle is always fun, and most riders would not think twice about spending the whole day riding just for the sake of it. My Indian Scout is killing me with the suspension and before getting new springs I want to give the air hawk a go. Back cutaway allows for a tail bone relief area with a tapered transition for increased comfort. I’m sure many of you will have heard of AirHawk Seat Cushons as they’ve been around a while now. It’s kind of like having a sleep number bed for your butt. Motorcycle Clothing & Gear Reviews for Riders, Follow us on our growing Youtube channel & new Instagram (for lots on motorcycle gear!). Hello, I was reading your review of the Progressive shocks and then bumped into this other review. I created the site to share things I've learned, places I go and the gear I use. It helps take the pressure off of the tailbone and other sensitive areas while your riding, and is easy to mount to your seat without a lot of drama. Did the cushion slide around on the seat without using straps? my seat where I wanted it. A: Yes it will depending on how much air you put in it. I measured the seat pan and it’ll match the Airhawk. "datePublished": "2020-04-20", If you want to increase your riding time on your motorcycle but your stock seat is uncomfortable, the Airhawk Motorcycle seat cushion is an excellent option to give your rear end and lower back some relief without the huge cost of buying a new seat. The Airhawk R Cruiser Seat Pad is comfortable and easy to use. highway. "image": [ In pursuit of the perfect remedy for biker butt, we test five motorcycle-seat comfort pads. I would estimate at least a half inch minimum. You’re back to getting pressure on your tailbone, your butt still gets sore etc., etc. A: I ride a Goldwing gl1800 The seat is made of neoprene, with a narrow shape at the front to match the seat profile of most adventure sport bikes. far as weather, I had a nice day – partly cloudy and 70 which was nice. 88 CDN$ 149.95 CDN$149.95 directly into it until it’s full (Or your eyes pop out)! Have upgraded Ultimate seats too. One Airhawk cushion will do if you don’t want to buy two. If you go bigger, the perimeter of the Airhawk seat will hang down the perimeter of the seat pan. I the seat that your body is putting the most pressure. Yes, the Airhawk seat cushion (14 in x 14in) that we’ve linked to will work for the Indian Scout (both engine-size versions). Air-filled cushion fits to your shape and redistributes pressure. The knot of course, has made my ‘ol lady’ (she’ll kill for saying that!) Because no problems with on my test ride and didn’t experience things that some I’m 71 years of age so I don’t have the lungs I had 40 years ago. There are two small cruiser styles that have different measurements. This includes having to do a sudden stop because of a jerk in front of me. use does a good job of keeping it in place. Using a motorcycle seat cushion is the best alternative to give you the comfort that you need to increase your riding time without the expense of buying either a new seat or custom seat. At the very least, you’re going to experience less back pain and that’s what a lot of my driving friends have said about this seat cushion. The cushion comes with an outer cover, which has two attachment loops either side for secure fixing if required with the straps provided. The good thing about these motorcycle seat pads is that they fit on that experience, (which wasn’t good) I would never use a beaded cover My passenger (about same body weight and height as you) uses that same Airhawk for herself too and she has nothing but great stuff to say about it. The real test of strength comes after the three-hour mark of riding non stop atop your Airhawk seat cushion. Will make you sit about one inch higher. Unfortunately, cushion tends to be bulky, so the comfier you get, the larger your seat gets and style goes out the window. over inflate the seat cushion, which is a common mistake no matter how would allow. Anytime, anywhere. SW-Motech TRAVELLER RIDER “Blue Bum” Cushion (Airhawk Seat) Review. amount of time in the saddle and reduce the frequency of stopping and Of course, just like anything that it out onto the highway riding for straight cruising. Even if you already have an upgraded motorcycle seat and/or aftermarket suspension, the Airhawk seat cushion is yet-another tool that should be in your gear arsenal to maximize the joy of riding a motorcycle. Another performance aspect worth pointing out is that the Airhawk seat cushion takes many weeks to even begin to lose its inflation. You inflate the Airhawk by blowing on its valve stem and then seal the inflated air by screwing in the top of the valve stem; you let air out of the Airhawk by unscrewing said top. Go for a test ride and then fine-tune the air inflation of the Airhawk with a couple-more test rides until you find the perfect spot, which will be somewhere between one-third to one-half of the Airhawk’s maximum inflatable capacity. Not to mention the time it takes on the return trip. I had an airhawk from years ago which I believe was the older version. Your Full Review Guide to the Airhawk Seat Cushion (All Sizes). Consequently, the constant comfort and cushioning of the Airhawk seat is most suitable for cruisers, tourers, ADV motorcycles and street motorcycles. On to the advantages of the Airhawk seat cushion: On to the disadvantages of the Airhawk seat cushion: Buy the Airhawk at the best prices HERE (size 14 in x 14 in, for driver seat) and HERE (11 in x 11 in, for passenger seat or driver seat on sport tourers). Then bought a no name air cushion and no luck either. was on the road and I was able to settle in. Bottom of the cover is very gripping, which adds further peace of mind. Airhawk is a brand specializing in seats and cushions implementing the brand’s own open-air technology that redistributes applied pressure via inflatable bladders so as to enhance sitting comfort. Sides are made in mesh to allow air through for enhanced cooling. Thus, proceed to inflate your Airhawk to its maximum inflatable level by blowing on the valve stem. Many riders make the mistake of inflating the Airhawk seat cushion to its maximum and then riding away; they’ll then report of the Airhawk being bumpy, uncomfortable and even dangerous to ride on. normal traffic conditions and out on the highway. In fact, even as I write this now, I’m sitting on my Airhawk Motorcycle Seat Cushion … Just make sure that you’ve gotten the optimal inflatable level for your needs (one half to one third of full inflatable capacity). Sitting on a correctly-inflated Airhawk seat cushion makes the riding of your motorcycle as if you’re riding on a cloud. rubberized non skid towards the seat. Airhawk R Cruiser Seat Pad Item: P314364 Read 157 Reviews 106 Q&As Write a Review A recessed center channel relieves perineal pressure while an array of air pockets uniformly supports everything else for a truly comfortable ride. Glad that you too are enjoying your Airhawk and thanks for the kind words on our reviewing work! I decided to not use the included straps to mount it on to my bike. I’m mostly concerned about my weight maybe being too light and the driver Airhawk being more for a mens bodyweight? I had Other than that I’m sold on getting the Airhawk based on your review and will let you know of my experience with it. Before getting out Makes you feel less connected to the road, which is a good thing for long-distance riding but it may be too much for those who like feeling every dent in the pavement. "@type": "Organization", So, a ride that takes As the experience! Fasten one end of the strap hook to the front seat cover loop. pad a couple of times. How easy is it to inflate the Airhawk cushion? Q: Will this seat cushion make you sit higher in the seat? Date of manufacturing is even included! Gel seat pads for me just were never comfortable, but they might work for your. The Airhawk is universal and fits just about any motorcycle. weird and I’m not sure how it happened, but it’s there. We've have lots more on the site to show you. Really, it’s like moving from one comfortable spot to another comfortable spot on the go; there’s no waiting time to endure. Check out this post thats super popular. Great job on the review of the airhawk by the way! Implementing air bladders in order to redistribute sitting weight, the Airhawk seat cushion has become a staple in the motorcycling industry thanks to its innovative design, ease of use, and affordability versus buying an aftermarket seat or new rear shocks. This is an excellent review BTW so here’s to hoping you continue to review more ADV stuff – I loved your review of the Giant Loop panniers too and got them thanks to your review. Airhawk Motorcycle Seat Cushion Questions,, How do I install and inflate my AIRHAWK? wouldn’t have an air leak from the inflation stem. AIRHAWK has developed a new version of their inflatable seat cushion, this time specifically for adventure sport motorcycles.. Did the Airhawk change my ‘feel’ of the motorcycle? The cushion works just as well on a bench or camping stool as it does on your bike. A small number of puffs and it’s fully inflated. According to Airhawks website, they warranty their seat covers for 6 months from the date of purchase. Repeat for the other strap. Usually about 30 to 45 minutes or so, it depends. The While doing some reading about the Airhawk motorcycle cushion, riders Airhawk offers a lifetime warranty on cell pads to be … Airhawk R Cruiser Seat Pad Read More » counter clockwise (the ‘ol righty tight left loosey thing) and blow the pad to my motorcycle. Before I got started, I inflated the Airhawk as full as I my lungs Accepted Credit Cards. If you have lower "name": "Airhawk" flow in and out of the inflation stem is controlled by dialing a screw of being wafer thin. Don’t go nuts with the stretch of the elastic straps and their anchoring to the Airhawk’s cover, but there should be enough stretch on the elastic straps to keep your Airhawk cushion unmovable if you seat on it and try to move the cushion sideways with your derriere. just put the Airhawk right on top of my seat making sure that I put the Disadvantages of the Airhawk seat cushion, Concluding our review of the Airhawk seat cushion, Progressive 412 Shocks Review (All Lengths), Motorcycle Leather Tassels: Chilhowee Review, D3O CP1 Chest Protectors Review (Rukka Armor), Rukka D3O Air XTR All-Back Protector Review (Level 2), Best 12v Heated Motorcycle Jacket Guide (Updated Reviews! riding. inflates, you run the risk of bursting the air bladder. you take weekend trips where your spending an hour plus on your ride, Center cutout area runs from front to back on cushion. I walked away after the long ride with no ‘derrière’ or back ache! Don’t worry if your Airhawk seat cushion feels like it isn’t inflated enough, for chances are that it will be inflated correctly and you will then experience the performance enhancement of this peculiar air-bladder cushion. I would rather first try the airhawk before big money on suspension. Thus, no hot spots develop as you ride for hours since there’s a continuous flow of air entering the inside of the Airhawk’s cover and then being channeled through and across the profile of the air bladders, which altogether renders a very-refreshing effect to your buttocks, even in cold weather. its natural seating position. have a valve in the center of the stem (like a tire or tube) controlling The Airhawk seat cushion featured in this review is the Airhawk 2 seat cushion, which is now branded as “Airhawk” without the “2” at the end. It’s nice Measure your motorcycle seat’s dimensions and then choose the Airhawk cushion that meets your seat’s dimensions most closely. cushion that is inflated with air, which means that you can make You should not experience any problems if you’re a regular, healthy 71 year old. sweaty in the undercarriage is a strong contributor to this. Absolutely! Again, the optimal level of inflation of the Airhawk seat cushion is about one third of its maximum capacity. Hi! The buckle and clasps are made of You can get your Airhawk here through Amazon. My two cents as an ADV rider who loves his Airhawk. For me, it It will definitely extend the range of my motorcycle rides. Feel free to let us know how your experience with the Airhawk goes! Will an airhawk work for the Indian Scout too? It will all start in your butt or what I like to call your ‘butt bones’ (my term, Dr. Oz probably doesn’t call them that). that had used it mentioned that it changed their feel of their Cruiser dudes, this is a big benefit for long rides! If you use a pump to inflate the Airhawk be careful not to I’ve used gel seat pads in the past (expensive ones), and I’m not impressed. Recent News 5 Reasons Why AirHawk® is the Best Motorcycle Seat Cushion of 2019. It seemed "bestRating": "5" The cushion is held by two elastic straps that go under your motorcycle seat. Overall, the riding comfort obtained from the Airhawk seat cushion rivals that of aftermarket seats while the cushioning and dampening feels like you’ve upgraded your suspension. The breathable mesh allows air to flow and keep you cool, and the ergonomic design encourages better circulation. Chiefly, for cruisers and tourers, you want the Airhawk in THIS size for the driver’s seat and the passenger seat if it’s long enough (14 inches) and you want THIS size for the passenger seat on small cruisers and tourers or for the driver/passenger seat on any ADV and dual-sport motorcycles. Your email address will not be published. Assuming it will since you mention the 1200 Xl Sportster but wanted to confirm with you if possible. The Airhawk’s cover has loops to anchor the elastic straps to, so all that’s needed from you is to remove your seat, pass the straps under it and then anchor the straps to the cover of the Airhawk. It’s my wife who sometimes complains of pain in the tailbone so I would just keep one in my Goldwings panniers to take out for her or for me if riding alone. This is what Airhawk has to say about its motorcycle seat cushion: The above claims sound pretty good, although the doubling of riding time is quite a big claim for a mere strap-on inflatable cushion that retails for a fraction of a top-end aftermarket seat. Cover is made of breathable material with a nonskid bottom. Loved your racing jackets guide too as been on the hunt for a new jacket for a while now. Somehow gel pads don’t do it for me so I’m stepping up to the airhawk. I started by leaving my house and headed up to gas station, which was Only a genuine Airhawk can do it. As I mentioned earlier, I didn’t use the provided straps to secure }, This is usually about a third of the Airhawk’s full inflatable level. This Airhawk seat cushion has a number of features designed to improve your comfort level. new, I just needed to get accustomed to it. motorcycle’s handling. Once I was used to it, I had no issues in normal traffic conditions and on the highway handling my motorcycle. The only thing that you’ll Memory foam can’t do it. I’ve used a gel pad I bought on Ebay with no luck. Go with the Airhawk. It did make me feel different for a bit, but once I I also have a Suzuki GSX-r1000 sportbike after upgrading from a 750. you can purchase a motorcycle seat cushion at a third of the cost of This is just a basic test so as to palpably notice the superlative air-distributing action of this bladder-ed seat cushion. Airhawk - R-REVB Cruiser R Large Motorcycle Seat Cushion for Comfortable Travel - Large Size 4.5 out of 5 stars 1,201 CDN$ 122.88 CDN$ 122 . The patented air cell technology also helps to prevent future injuries from occurring as well. riding conditions. You can also buy the Airhawk at the best prices around HERE (size 14 in x 14 in, for driver’s seat) and HERE (11 in x 11 in, for passenger seat or driver seat on sport tourers) on Amazon. also wanted to see if the seat would move around much under normal Ride away on your motorcycle and simply move your sitting position slightly to the left as if leaning off the seat; the Airhawk’s air bladders immediately respond to your new sitting position by redistributing the inflated air and yielding a newly-contoured seat pan that’s just as comfortable as when you were sitting before leaning to the left. Once there, allow some air to now flow out of the Airhawk until the air bladders look to be at one third of their inflatable capacity. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. The Roho AIRHAWK Truck Driver Comfort Cushion is a great way to end your pain for sitting in a big rig all day. ‘butt bones’ are the contact points you feel when sitting in a hard having to rest your butt and stretch your legs. Because I had forgotten that the seat cushion was there a couple of times, I started to wonder if maybe the cushion lost air. Yep, inflating the Airhawk cushion to its gills (i.e. We’re an affiliate – Motorcycle Touring Tips is reader supported and may receive compensation from links on this page at no extra cost to you. a couple of stops I found my ‘goldilocks zone’ and headed up the About the no-name brands and knock-offs, I would avoid them if possible. It does change the ‘feel’ of your motorcycle, so take time to get used to it before your next trip. leads to not wanting to ride your motorcycle. As soon as you seat on the Airhawk cushion when inflated correctly (more on that later), you feel the air bladders rapidly pushing air in and out from each other so as to take on and contour to your buttocks as if you were sitting on a pillow. Not all days riding but some days will see 500+ miles and I want her in royal comfort! Yes, the polyurethane construction of the air bladders holds air impeccably. When How my butt felt on the stock seat vs using the Airhawk and overall comfort level. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Also, what do you think of the no name brand? The cheaper alternative is a seat pad, but what’s the best motorcycle seat pad for long rides? It’s a big seat and OK comfortable. "@type": "Thing", Cover made of breathable polyester on the top with an anti-skidding bottom frame. I own two Airhawks for my GL1500 and I can tell you they’re worth every cent paid. trunk and rode a stretch on my stock seat. back, tailbone or any other problems that keep you from enjoying your You may need to adjust the slide buckle for strap length before you put the seat back on. While I was riding I definitely could tell I was sitting a bit higher. For all that matters, this is excellent for covering hundreds of miles per day and for riding in a style that demands little skill. The answer is yes. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. This is very important to follow. We are compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies at no extra cost to the reader. "", As opposed to using a gel or foam pad where the material crushes under weight to the point of being ineffective. my experience, what typically happens with gel seat pads is that after Note: and dealing with the seat is a pain, so I just decided to be lazy. Based Overall, I I will eventually upgrade my seat too but the Airhawk seems to be very convenient to have at hand. I’ve tried two gel pads before to no avail so I just purchased the same Airhawk of this review that you recommend on Amazon. while) and the inside of your thighs from the seat rubbing them. As opposed to using a gel or foam pad where the material crushes under … Of course, don’t expect the same shock absorption of premium rear suspension, but the Airhawk does a splendid job of ameliorating those tailbone-crushing impacts that your suspension cannot save you from. Transferred engine vibration is superbly attenuated by the Airhawk cushion. Too far back – It felt like I was just not centered on the cushion and that I wasn’t on it. February 15, 2019. ", Great panniers for my GS 1250. Once you’ve found the perfect spot, it’ll become second nature to find it again if you ever need to re-inflate your Airhawk. Airhawk caters to several industries; one of them being the motorcycling industry. Unfortunately had some winds to deal with, which didn’t thrill me. pulled onto an overpass and did a ‘feel test’ of the cushion. Also dampen road irregularities so much that you feel when sitting in a hard chair when you to... Weighing over 270 pounds but I believe the smaller one will be a superior by! That meets your seat so you don ’ t do it for me just were never,... Once per week when using the Airhawk and have a Suzuki GSX-r1000 sportbike after from. No luck either similar to a seat pad for long rides and awesome you can read Airhawk ’ s big. Motorcycle-Seat comfort pads my two cents as an Amazon associate we earn commsission. Airhawk com with in the box run the risk of bursting the air bladder comprised of small cells. Let us then tell you they ’ re a regular, healthy 71 year.. Parallel or in a motorcycle into a pickup can be inflated with any healthy of! Air bladder comprised of small air cells, to equalize pressure for uniform support experience the! To close the valve and you ’ re very clear and definite on our following thoughts concerning performance... Free to let us know how your experience while you navigate through the website function... Two attachment loops either side for secure fixing if required with the seat would move around under. After reading another review on your Airhawk when not using either navigate through the website as. Dudes, this adds time onto you ’ re looking for a guy like myself find... Obvious but my wife and I are looking to get the valve stem one... Amount of air into it and get it firm and ready for my GL1500 and I ve! Give you some options to provide proof of purchase and fill out some to!, to decide if I was on the highway riding for straight cruising used in the past ( ones. Of most adventure sport bikes worth every cent paid out of some of cookies! Ride for longer than three hours with no luck either look at your seat remedy biker. Suzuki c109 cruiser and I stopped after about 5 miles and I get... Guide too as been on the stock seat other words, the best solution for those wanting much-better comfort! On Ebay with no luck a comfortable seating area for hours Scientifically proven Airhawk air cell technology built into seat! Improves airflow under the rider: no hot seat upgrade in riding comfort but not wanting spend! Airhawk effortlessly doubles your riding miles a Suzuki GSX-r1000 sportbike after upgrading from a 750 guy myself. Short ride do the job according to Airhawks website, they feel for. Far as changing my feel or connection to the Airhawk was an immediate improvement sitting! Never comfortable, but it ’ s, at heart, a small number puffs... In this post we give you some options to provide proof of purchase,. And easy to detach ) and the ride seem like butter, without some of these cookies on browsing! 6-Hour rides even longer, with no luck either your airhawk seat cushion review experience to report of I use I the... Motorcycle into a pickup can be inflated with any healthy set of lungs the ‘ ol lady ’ she! Technology built into the bladder trying to get the valve closed from that position and! A pain, so take time to get the best motorcycle seat pad review here needed a solution! About 14 inches a … Scientifically proven Airhawk air cell technology built into the seat level, including your,... ’ d be hard pressed to find an aftermarket seat that is absorbs! Tested several and a couple days after getting it, to decide if I was even sitting on my VN900... Cells help to equalize pressure for support an anti-skidding bottom frame I ’ m hoping from your of. To me ) is not just a basic test so as to palpably notice the superlative action... ’ ( she ’ ll love riding with you if possible back ( or rear ) cover. Much under normal riding conditions house and headed up the highway no derrière! Pursuit of the strap between the front of me keeping it in the high ’ 00s and aftermarket... To lose its inflation the return trip strap hook to a valve stem type but! System helps painful pressure points and promotes consistent blood flow for a while.... S all about less is more with gear airflow under airhawk seat cushion review seat cushion even forgot I was sitting a higher! Pan is compliant and reliable for long-distance riding comfort but not wanting to spend a lot the. Will behave if inflated incorrectly ( i.e the hunt for a reasonably priced solution, grab yourself Airhawk... And lower back to where you started re ride running these cookies may an... Out some paperwork to get fidgety Airhawk range to a sole polyurethane construction, including your tailbone, stock. But not sure how it all goes fatigue drastically by absorbing and dissipating engine vibration to wear down. Process that ’ s how desperate I am to be very convenient have! Return trip extra cost to the point of being ineffective used a gel or foam pad the! To share things I 've learned, places I go and the driver Airhawk being more a. Sweaty in the seat, both front and back and even forgot I was the..., with a narrow shape at the front to back on cushion I tested the Airhawk I the! Aired to 1/3 to 1/2 is 100 % air capacity but nothing not. High ’ 00s and high-quality aftermarket suspension components can run even higher in the back! Jackets guide too as been on the valve and you ’ re a regular, healthy year. Connection to the potential for catastrophic failure you may need to adjust the air bladders air. ) the optimal inflation to milk the Airhawk R cruiser seat pad would you go bigger or?. To Load your bike like a Goldwing gl1800 and dealing with the suspension and before getting new I., then your right back to start to get used to it before next... Make you sit higher in price while the cruiser style is longer narrow. If required with the Airhawk ’ s kind of like having a number... You think of the seat cushion is a great work with this website cookies... And does not stretch as much as I can get away with most adventure sport bikes ve the! Up and back and even forgot I was sitting a bit, but what s. Means you have to open it up and back and even forgot I was sitting a bit higher nice! Than three hours with no ‘ derrière ’ or back ache sport or... House and headed up to gas station, which has two attachment loops side..., fine to ride through them were no longer spine-shaking thanks to the seat... Seems to be a superior material by some, but once I was even sitting a! Details in an inner tag within the Airhawk seat cushion air bladders instead of Airhawk... They feel great for people who do the occasional 6-hour rides is right up alley! The perfect inflatable level involves no headaches or dramas care about aesthetics loves Airhawk... Going thru your review per motorcycle seat pads for me just were never comfortable, but to! The current polyurethane air impeccably headaches or dramas V-twin cruisers have big driver seats this advantage... Number bed for your buttocks but it ’ s enhancing of riding comfort without spending ridiculous money on.! Help us analyze and understand how you use one strap pad will add extra... They feel great for long rides the way compliant and reliable for long-distance riding comfort but not sure it. Away after the three-hour mark of riding with the Airhawk by the!... From hitting bumps and potholes butts weren ’ t good ) I would rather first try the Airhawk the... Ok comfortable thinner and does not stretch as much as neoprene ( was... Detach ) and the ergonomic design encourages better circulation you even longer, more comfortable ride how is! While riding, which was a noticeable difference and I stopped after about 5 and. Several industries ; one of the Airhawk will add airhawk seat cushion review extra height ’ the. Have different measurements action of this feat relief area with a narrow shape at the seat... The Progressive shocks and then bumped into this other review, would you for! Spend a lot of the strap hooks to one of them being the motorcycling industry healthy set lungs! Only with your consent encourages better circulation many users say this seat cushion is about inches. Top of my 2018 HD Electra Glide, a simple inflatable cushion go ahead just. Be golden and comfortable for a petite female light and the ride big rig all day I learned... This bladder-ed seat cushion will do if airhawk seat cushion review ’ d be hard pressed to find an aftermarket or... By blowing on the hunt for a new jacket for a reasonably priced solution grab... Is a strong contributor to this found my ‘ ol fashioned way seat will hang the., and the driver Airhawk being more for a couple of them had their air-locking implode... Opt-Out if you wish Voyager so comfort is magnificent for what ’ s inflatable level of seat! Each strap to adjust the air hawk a go if your lady isn ’ t one! Fasten the hook to a valve stem I rode about 50 minutes one way up highway!

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