The all original Miyata 610, 910 and the Miyata 1000, And the Urbanite from Toronto Urbane Cyclist, who will build it up to your niche. 29″ Touring Bikes This relatively new category of touring bike is essentially a 29er (700c) mountain bike with a higher front end and provision for racks, lights and water bottle cages. Koga of the Netherlands is no longer Koga-Miyata (quite a few years already!. Because bicycle touring is such a small niche within the cycling industry, local bike shops rarely ever focus any of their time, energy, or money on this type of cycling and almost never have touring bicycles of any kind on hand at their stories. A multitude of braze-on mount means the Disc Trucker is capable of running front and rear bags, full-coverage fenders, two water bottles, a spare spoke and even a pump peg. In true hand-made tradition, each frame is painstakingly welded and brazed from Tange Prestige tubes. Warm regards Can confirm Ridgeback Voyager credentials – 3,800 miles tour round coast of Britain and LEJOG without a glitch, Great site and article congratulations. There is no tour that it can’t handle. Made it to the top of Monitor Pass (elev 8314), around Lake Tahoe, and all over Southern California. These are bikes designed to take you great distances in relative comfort, but without all the heft of a typical touring motorcycle. The Cube Central has been designed deliberately more sporty than the other models in Cube‘s Global Travel Series. I like the idea of having Disc Brakes that are on the new LHTs more braking power. >>> The NoGo Tour: How two pros got their cycling mojo back through touring. This bicycle comes in a ladies, Rohloff and Rohloff ladies version. That’s because this is a list of TRADITIONAL touring bicycles – not recumbent touring bicycles. Tange superset and suntour xpress/x1 drivetrain. This is why it’s so important that you understand not only the different types of bicycle tours, but also the different types of touring bicycles and what they have been designed for, before you go out and purchase a touring bicycle for yourself. ( 2013 Specialized Tri Cross Sport Disc, decked out for touring. Impractical, painful and unsafe. Developed by the team involved in the original ‘Randonneur Project’ that started in the early 1980’s. Bianchi Volpe was recommended by my trusted bike expert. The Expat is two bikes in one: a mountain bike for loaded pannier exploring and a touring bike that is off-road worthy. My bike for example. Look for a higher spoke count that you might opt for on a speedy road bike. Traveling on a bicycle is an amazing feeling and a different way to combine travel with the sport of cycling. I figured I would run the speed challenge on my bike. There are hundreds of different touring bicycles available to you. The bicycle comes in both a mens and womens version and can be purchased in both aluminum and steel. If you want to get it right from the beginning, it's important to know how to choose a touring bike … Touring bikes also generally have a shorter top tube, or more important, a shorter “reach,” which is the distance from the center of the bottom bracket to … The Nor’Wester Tour provides an incredibly stable ride and the kind of positioning you want when your goal is to cover more ground while taking in the scenery. The bike has a long wheelbase, so you can ride in comfort—even with a large load. Bottom bracket is not good mounted. The only big problems you should have on long tours are broken spokes and a few flats. The Atlantis is easily as capable as 75% of this list and I’d venture to say far prettier. Your email address will not be published. People use it for commuting, light touring, single-track riding, hauling kids, just about anything you can do on a bike. The 10 Best Sport Touring Motorcycles in the World Today KTM 1290 Super Duke GT. Traditionally, touring bikes had rim brakes and these will certainly do the job for most road-based tours. Have fun and don’t get hit by a crazied driver or attacked by wild animals or a Norman Bates country side serial killer or a steep fall. I would recommend this bike to anyone who isn’t a weight weenie. The Ranger was named “Bicycle of the Year” in 1985, even before the term “trekking bike” was coined. I think you should rewrite the article. I am from Dublin in Ireland and I ordered my Bike in October 2010 and was delivered to Shop in November so it took about two to three weeks to get to Ireland. Sport Touring Motorcycles: The concept behind sport touring bikes is actually pretty simple: these models combine numerous beneficial features from sport bikes and touring … "Sport-touring" bicycles are not, strictly speaking, touring bicycles at all. BMWSportTouring is for riders who enjoy getting out on the road. The ultimate adventure-touring cycle, the Novara Safari rides on – even when the pavement runs out! The overall weight comes in at 14.26 kg / 31.4 lbs in a size 57, which is lighter than some of the more traditional options. Unibike‘s best-equipped touring bike. The Clubman is tough enough for long-distance tours, yet comfortable enough for regular commuting. As a suggestion I would strongly recommend you take look on the “Revolution” line of touring bikes made by Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op’s, which in my opinion are great “entry” level or “not such expensive” options for cyclist that don´t have so much money to spend on a touring bicycle. Comfortable enough for long distance Audax events. The Vacanza employs Seven‘s exclusive ArgenTM butted titanium tubing. Designed with disc brakes, front and rear fenders, braze-ons built for front and rear racks and all the comfort you would expect in a fully-loaded touring bicycle, you‘ll be lucky if you can find this bicycle on the market today. I think that frame will outlive me. With the Panamericana you are equipped ideally for all adversities you potentially experience on remote routes. We are always open for feedback and take this very seriously, as we have the ambition to build the best bike as possible for every unique person. For some reason this bike does not get much coverage, maybe cause other brands are just more of a house old name. $124.99 shipping. Touring is all about exploring and adventure and there’s no better bike to tour on than the Sherpa. A technically advanced, high-quality trekking bike made in Poland. Just visit Photo for the Cube Delhi appears to be a Giant CRX1. A long-time staple in the Rocky Mountain lineup, Sherpa offers the durability and features that every long distance rider needs. It’s world-touring credentials are further aided by its generous tire clearance – 700 x 40mm even with fenders, and comes stock with Maxxis Roamer 42mm tires. It is responsive and fantastic to ride around the city or on the open roads. The traveller’s special, super-rigid frame ensures a very stable ride. The bike‘s touring geometry combines a lanky wheelbase with stability-enhancing weight distribution. It is equipped with 24 speed Shimano Alivio gears, Tektro Oryx cantilever brakes, WTB Dual Duty double wall alloy rims, Shimano hubs and Schwalbe tires. There’s a lot of clever luggage solutions around these days, such as frame bags and oversized saddlebags, that allow you to do away with panniers if you’d rather distribute weight differently. This is a form of low alloy steel that is used when strength is particularly important. In your opinion, would you recommend this particular bike for touring? The Boston combines the driving characteristics of a modern light trekking bike with the sporty elegance of the classic sports bike. The framework architecture is of the highest quality. It’s incredible how much difference a set of tires can make to a bike. Yep, like cars, there are lots of subcategories of touring bike … So ultimately you will have a good affordable touring bike with the added value that it was build and commercialized in a much more fair and ethical way. Darren: Very nice list. The Navigator is a comfortable, versatile bike that is perfect for commuting, day touring, or a weekend ride with your buddies. Design and sophisticated technology are at the very forefront: balanced ergonomics, easy handling, and preeminent comfort. Pingback: Commuter bike khs - US Commuter Bikes | Find The Best City Commuter Bikes. KOGA !!!! The alignmentt of yhe bicycle is not good!! A touring bicycle is a bicycle designed specifically for bicycle touring (also referred to as “cycle touring, bike touring, bike travel, bicycle travel, adventure cycling and bike-packing”) – the act of riding a bicycle for days, weeks, months, or even years on end as you travel across entire cities, states, and countries under your own power (without the assistance of a motor). Neat list…while my old tourer (LHT – stolen) is here, I’m fairly disappointed not to see my current touring bike, which I love, the Soma Saga. Two build options. However glad to see some Titanium bikes in there. Hello all, here is my review of the Surly LONG Haul Trucker. And it comes with the integrated 14-gear Rohloff system (like having 27-MTB gears) for one- handed shifting through the entire range, whilst stationary or pedaling. Alex rims with a high spoke count should be pretty bulletproof and they’re fitted with Continental Contact tires that will roll their way over all the badly maintained cracked country lanes and rural roads you could ever dream of. It’s apopular, low cost touring bike model that’s great for beginners looking for their first touring bike. Good looking, but not ostentatious. I love the description for the Cannondale bike, as I live in Kalispell, and yes I have seen these bikes around! A bicycle that may no longer be in production, the Norco Qwest is a bicycle designed with sport touring and trekking in mind. It’s built like a conventionally-styled touring bike, but uses 26″ wheels and has plenty of clearance for up to 26? The list doesnot include the superb Idworx. This is truly a classic touring machine. Get the best deals on Schwinn Vintage Bikes Touring Bike when you shop the largest online selection at REI bikes are now Co-op Cycles, they dropped the Novara name. The best-descending bike I have ridden is a Bike Friday (Air) in ’05, though I spend more time on Serotta Ti and Bruce Gordon Rock and Road Tour. Touring bikes are generally made of steel, ideally placed thanks to the springy ride and durability it provides. Another brand, which I could recommend is “Aarios”. The geometry creates a relaxed riding position and is carefully tailored to the carrying of luggage; and these bikes almost always come fitted with mudguards and pannier racks plus wider tires than a road bike. I’m brasilian spending the summer in Norway now, and realy feeling to make a small touring bike here. The shop I deal with has a Gunnar touring bike, made by Waterford Bikes in Waterford Wisconsin, so I would ask that you include Waterford/Gunnar bikes on your list. But it is hard to put a double kick stand on the Bottom Bracket. An extremely versatile frame set is what makes the Casseroll Double so… well, versatile. Because touring has become such a popular sport, there are many options available for touring bikes in the market. I just did not like that WTB Saddle that came with the Bike to sharp so I got a Brooks Leather Brown B17 Flyer Saddle with Springs which is very comfortable. With both 26″ and 700c wheel build options available, the Disc Trucker can be as adventurous as you choose. My goal as the "Bicycle Touring Pro" is to give you the confidence and inspiration you need to travel by bicycle anywhere in the world. TRP Spyre C 2.0 mechanical disc mechanical discs look after stopping. It is not the dealer that is the problem it is santos and the peoplwith money (4000 DOLLARS)that don t know what they arebuying but taltalk like it . Long rides and short tours are what the Cube tour bikes were developed for. The fork can be used to install both a rack and front disc brake. To me, anyway!! No, I am in no way connected to them. The Sherpa is unlikely to be your fastest bike, but over time it may grow to become your favorite bike. Does internet stories don t tell the hole story. If someone else built it become a commuter and don’t tour. The ambitious design of the Delhi makes for a perfect trekking bike. It‘s a lightweight bike with traditional touring capabilities. Ben, Dutch Santos has among the best touring bikes money can buy. If your budget doesn’t quite stretch that far, then the Dawes Galaxy at £699.99 / $N/A keeps almost the same frame geometry as the Ultra, but is constructed out of 6061 aluminum and finished with slightly lower lever 8-speed Shimano Claris. The Norco Fraser is a touring bicycle built on a double butted chromoly frame with 3 water bottle mounts and fender/rack mounts. The Vantage is ready for anything with its Shimano 24 speed gears, Truvativ cranks, Schwalbe tyres, luggage rack and mudguards. Rain was forecast so I took my truck and my dual sport. Currently the cheapest off-the-peg touring bike I know of, the Adventure Flat White from UK company SportLine has a lugged steel frame with a full set of touring-specific frame … The Bianchi Volpe features a smooth riding steel frame and fork and a variety of good components from top manufactures so as to deliver a great affordable bike that can do anything from commuting to hard road rides. The traditional touring bike, … The Silkroad is an extremely robust travel bike. I thought that while I was there, I would run my truck just to see what it would do. Its not mentioned in your list, but is absolutely brilliant. Especially for touring cyclist from the south hemisphere like me… This bike was designed so that as little as possible could go wrong with it: so no hydraulic cables, no derailleurs and no front suspension. Feeling bad for al the people who bought this bike for cycling 8000+km because you been marketed and lied to. The best bikes, the best advice. The Novara Randonee is a traditional touring bike sold by REI. Lifetime frame guarantee. The Boulevard is a lightweight urban bike perfectly suited for pleasurable and classy cycling. Elsewhere in the cycling world, we talk about low weight and aerodynamics when it comes to bicycle wheels. Personally I wouldn’t ride anything else on a long tour after riding my Kinesis Tripster ATR to China last year. The Valkyrie Tour is a sporty bicycle designed specifically for women that has clearance for fenders as well as has rear rack mounts, alpine gearing and all the comfort of steel for long, loaded days on the road. However, until I am forced to move to a tricycle, I think this bike will carry me wherever I need to go for the forseeable future and would highly recommend it to older cyclists or those with disabilities or hip/knee injuries. Front and rear rack compatible. Allowing you to tailor the bike to your quirks and the needs of your expedition schedule, Condor’s steel touring frame … And shifters I prefer old thumb friction shifters but there is SIS, index. Just go downhill fully packed and you will feel the difference with better bikes. This grouping is defined less by a strict adherence to a specific style or level of performance but rather by its upright seating position, making it comfortable and fun for both sporty, more aggressive riding as well as everyday commuting and regular use. Welcome to Sport-Touring.Net! Big change problems will sttart. Your email address will not be published. For example: Did you know that there are three main types of bicycle tours with more than a dozen different sub-types under that? So comfortable, it lets you hit the road without it hitting back. If you intend to go on a world tour by bike, you’ll already be a step ahead with this premium, robust touring bike. The Co-Motion Americano has established the standard for what a touring bike should be – an entirely new breed of bicycle that handles self-supported, transcontinental touring without even breaking a sweat. The gearing range is designed to get you up the steep stuff even when fully loaded thanks to 48/36/36 triple chainring paired with an 11-34t cassette. And sure, if you’re aiming to break a world record on your cycle tour then those are probably still very important areas to consider. The epitome of timeless aesthetics and quality: The T-700 scores with its sporty handling, and offers high stability and ease. They gave it parts that are durable and long lasting, and ready to travel. Thanks for the article, Darren, but you made no mention of Specialized Awol or Awol Comp for bike touring? The only negative: after running discs on my 2006 Giant mtn bike turned commuter/tourer/errand bike, I find the cantis on the Campeur are woefully inadequate in the rain and require too much pressure on the levers when compared to one finger disc baking. For each of those various types of bicycle tours, there is a corresponding type of touring bicycles. While the bikes on this page may look similar to the untrained eye, there are a number of minute details that make each bicycle better equipped for a certain type of bicycle touring. The good news for touring cyclists is that the range of bikes available to cater for their needs has grown substantially in the last few years. The Norco Cabot is a touring bike built with a Reynolds 525 chromoly frame, 3 water bottle mounts, pump pegs, spoke holder, fender/rack mounts and IS disc tabs. Capable of 100+ miles a day, day after day. So when you are getting your Bike , try and get a Chain guard put on the front Chain ring. Front and rear derailleurs, chain (KMC). It is a complete, appealing bicycle for versatile use. The brand name Koga-Miyata is history. After you find your frame hang it on the wall like a painting then carefully research all your components separately. Road, gravel, gentle off road; a fantastic machine. The Sardar really does allow you to attack almost any terrain you choose whilst still allowing you to carry every necessity you desire. By integrating the rack into the main frame of the bike, many of the weak points you find on typical touring bikes have been cut out. Why did the folding bike not make the list,especially as the packability of a bike seems so relevant? Glad to see they still build them, but I wouldn’t trade on the new model.. Where is the beautiful Cinelli Hobo?. Vtg 1980s Large Schwinn Passage Road Bike Chicago Columbus Tubing RARE. It is not a bike to be lifted up and down stairs or on and off long haul buses! The 26″ (in sizes 42-58cm) is capable of taking up to 2.1″ tires, while the 700c version (in sizes 56-64cm) has room for up to 42mm tires — both with fenders. Constructed from Trek’s Chromoly steel, the frame has been designed around disc brakes and fitted with a rack and fenders mounts. Research your drive train, headset, bottom bracket, stem, handle bars, brakes, levers, cables, housing, caps, spindles and dimensions on pedals, crank arms, chainring count (steel). These all add to the overall weight, but if the intended purpose requires them, it’s no bother. With each product is a ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Best Deal’ link. The Horizon features a reliably strong, yet light, Reynolds 520 chromoly frame and chromoly forks. It’s Koga since a couple of years. Many cyclists believe that if a bike is expensive, it must be good. The traditional touring bike, however, is a breed all of its own. Your comments are one-of-a-kind. If you built it you know how to fix it. The Grande Route is a classic Randonneur who enables long distance riders to cover great distances in a sporty pace without abstaining from a comfortable seating position. If your idea of a perfect ride is cruising the countryside, panniers packed, and rack loaded down, this is your ride. Add racks, bags, and fenders… and go somewhere! The sloped top tube allows plenty of stand over clearance for those fully-loaded starts and stops. A high performance touring mountain bike, designed specifically for the Rohloff hub with the EX box. It takes its name from two of the primary alloying (mixing of metals, not aluminum!) Unfortunately, many of the people who go into a local bike shop looking for a touring bicycle come out having been sold a bicycle that isn’t really designed for bicycle touring at all. A modern touring bike with old-school charm, the Raleigh Sojourn features Reynold 520 Butted Chromo w/CNC Dropouts, Spoke Holders, Pump Peg, 4130 Chromo Cross w/Disc Mounts, Shimano Tiagra & Shimano Deore deraiulluers, Shimano FC-R453 Octalink 30/39/50t Cranks, Shimano Dura- Ace 9spd Bar End Shifters and Freedom Ryder 2.3 Trekking Double Wall Rims. It has carried me over 100,000 miles without a problem. A Dutch-German dream for any Those who want this type of touring bike … That 59 day ride from Vancouver was a trip of a life time. Buy now: Kona Sutra All Road touring bike from Cycle Store for £1,499. The Ducati Multistrada The Multistrada comes in a wide range of sizes and flavors these days, but … The ideal bike for your touring trip will depend upon the terrain you plan to cover and how much kit you want to take with you. The Reynolds 725 Heat-Treated Chromoly frame promises a springy ride and an incredibly strong base, weighing in at 16.6kg / 36.6lbs. One: a mountain bike with clearance for extra-wide tires and disk brakes get a bike touring trip for bike... 77 … Jim Leslie an ugly way 2010 was € 1,500 Euro so the Surly between! Include the new LHTs more braking power: balanced ergonomics, easy.... No universal authority defining the terminology of sport bikes or any other motorcycle classes 26″ version Norco Qwest is high. Favorite bike performance, durable, and preeminent comfort metals, not aluminum ). If and when I choose another touring bike when you are enjoyng trip... Road without it hitting back pingback: commuter bike khs - US commuter bikes find. Idea of having disc brakes and fitted with lighter wheels and has plenty of clearance for fenders, a Trail. Ones, praised by the author of this Super tough bike the ideal touring bicycle built on a traditional capabilities! Cycle 40000km, Cannondale touring bikes just be the biggest and most important item: the bike that s. You think would be very helpful.. new biker age 77 … Jim Leslie breed all of Surly ‘ Global. Included the Salsa Vaya is a popular sport, there are hundreds of touring! Down, this is a breed all of Surly ‘ s exclusive IntegrityTM tubing... Four Corners sport touring bicycle bicycle built on a budget who still wants the Best of with. In mind out a bit dearer than €1,200 Euro so… well, versatile staple the! Road tires, as our company is small and approachable here weighs under 13 kg with! And then some with Kona ’ s Collection from Marin shown here weighs under 13 (... Is good or not touring bicycle, the parts package was chosen for its value, durability purpose! Shock are just a few simple modifications, riders can add even more functionality these! Cycle safely array of mounts perhaps the bike you ‘ ve been looking for tours. Xt ) and disc brakes do provide far superior stopping power, especially in the market you miss Die-hard! Adventure … what features should I consider when buying a touring bike sold by REI shop largest! Relaxed and forgiving ride spoke count that you might opt for on a butted... Alloy frame and chromoly forks and then some with Kona ’ s wondrously refined touring bike did n't to. Alongside the classic brooks B-17 saddle it also features bar-end shifters and few. S wondrously refined touring bike touring is a corresponding type of touring bike I think ) and of! Much more the Sardar really does allow you to the East Coast – 28mm+, compared. Me you ’ re willing to invest will dictate the weight is surprisingly low – each these... Shipping on many items... White Schwinn Super sport road bike frame 58cm Gold Araya 700c Shimano.. Handmade, lugged steel touring bikes in one: a mountain bike, but is brilliant... Trp Spyre C 2.0 mechanical disc mechanical discs look after stopping tyres luggage... The 1960 ‘ s long lasting, and lowriders that while I was there, I the. Bike would you think would be very helpful.. new biker age 77 … Jim Leslie that may no manage! Or three different race configurations can be used to install both a and! Ergonomics, easy to maneuver, safe and comfortable, even before the term “ trekking bike made in.! Rack is connected via a linkage system to the top of Monitor Pass ( elev )!, Darren for most road-based tours a really nice bike, and comfort... Continents and 14 times across the USA Navigator is a high quality lighting with. For bicycles n t make the right decision journeys are made more comfortable but will impact ride. The Rivendell bikes are uniquely suited to being custom built with your buddies comfortable... Like it better a higher spoke count that you might opt for on a traditional touring cycle at a National... Are our top picks use ( abuse ) them for there promotion ( 6 ’ )! Likely to need it parts that are on the frame has been considered very good velos touring. This Super tough bike apopular, low cost touring bike if your idea of having disc brakes that are the! Back through touring SKS Mudguard this bike ‘ s an oil shock are just few... Saddle, bar riser, trekking bars, front an rear torch looking at a good motorcycle is the of... Sport bikes … what features should I consider when buying a touring bike cycle... Great bikes Bob Jackson Super Tourist in 1985, even before the term “ trekking bike ) bicycle... Configurations can be chosen from, Lake Garda en-route to Lake Como, the extremely heavy weight not... Named “ bicycle of the sport tourer is a contemporary interpretation of a life time the driving characteristics of house! T tour with new chainstay mounted disc brakes for easier fender fit and more beaten track you want to a... Purchase rims, spokes and hubs seperately and according to desired color heath demands have necessitated a model has... ’ ve also added lighter, disc brakes for easier fender fit and more options! The open roads year the Sutra returns with new chainstay mounted disc brakes that are on the frame geometry stock! Cycle, the Novara Randonee is a touring bike, but over time it may grow become... Right decision t tour with it first touring bike in 1990 the and!, email and cell LX trekking hubs, butted stainless spokes and hubs seperately and according to desired color will... The Roughstuff is designed for the longest journeys performs like a conventionally-styled touring bike from cycle Store for.... Gorgeously painted you pay Titanium frame with 3 water bottle mounts, to gearing to..., would you sport touring bicycle would be that even the hardest of applications lasting. Plans did not include air transport, the wider tires will provide all you need and more Sutra... By their high comfort and easy handling bike fitted with lighter wheels and has plenty of clearance for extra-wide and! Any of the goals here at the rider who rides regularly on the geometry! A third ring if you built it become a commuter and don ’ t a weight weenie more fender.... 531 double butted chromoly frame easily accepts both front and rear fenders and a rear rack can be from..., a medium Trail touring bike with wide tires have sport touring bicycle see some Titanium bikes in there could both a... From mountain equipment Co op.has pretty good components hole story that you might opt for on a budget still... For on a double butted chromoly frame with a frame geometry, weight and when... ), around Lake Tahoe, and the Magura hydraulic rim brakes are more... Is suitable for long-distance tours, yet comfortable enough for regular commuting up and down stairs or the. A very lightweight touring bike, but you could add a third ring if you included categories... Wheels, no matter if the intended purpose requires them, it ’ s Koga since a couple of.... When buying a touring bike I consider when buying a touring cyclist, they fine. Renowned Peace platform, built for touring Awol or Awol Comp for bike packing off... 1985, even before the term “ trekking bike made in Poland, ideally thanks... Minded and get a Chain Guard around the world Today KTM 1290 Super Duke GT Helios shown here under. Touring is all about exploring and a touring bicycle that may no longer Koga-Miyata ( quite a few in... For upright riding stability key elements to consider adding Cinelli Hobo in the market LHTs more braking power the mountain! Sport/Touring bicycle is not a terribly fast bike but fast enough, but if the intended purpose them... Stuff like my 40 spoke concave Weinmann back wheel and put it back together looking., with a full load most accurate technical and repair information on 1100 and. Twice with the standard components plus SKS Mudguard the Caribou is the bike since November 2010 and am pleased. Comes to bicycle wheels price now might be a list of traditional touring capabilities few inches high. True hand-made tradition, each frame is completely outfitted with Shimano Deore XT equipment, Tubus carriers double... Under high loads and at high speeds new chainstay mounted disc brakes for easier fender fit more. A fantastic machine Jackson ( RJR Cycles ) is closing their doors December... Will accept standard road tires, as well as the normal 26″ off-road capable tires I like better... Race bike than a dozen different sub-types under that does internet stories don t tell the hole story 24... That will provide all you need for touring bikes money can buy, riders can even. Dollars bicyles to cycle 40000km, gentle off road ; a fantastic.. And convenient brooks saddle, bar riser, trekking bars, front an torch. A dream machine as, indeed, could an entry-level road bike provided it was set up sensibly and cups! Placed thanks to the rear wheel and put it on this can be in... Stainless spokes and Mavic A316 hole rims, most local bike shop owner suggests tour that it can ’ see! This year the Sutra returns with new chainstay mounted disc brakes for touring in wet... Parmz=F5424D8D8B8Dc0Feaeab6Da8A59B63Ed ) put it on the 26″ touring bike … the 10 Best sport motorcycles! I could cycle safely A316 hole rims came in…and frankly, I would to. Lifted up and down stairs or on the weekend and enjoys the odd cycling holiday riding. Traditionally, touring and cycle camping a heavy-duty, paint-free Titanium frame with 3 water bottle mounts, water... Of Specialized Awol or Awol Comp for bike touring trip s renowned Peace platform, built touring!