"Mormon Battalion enlistees participated in numerous historic events in the 1846-1849 Far West, from the Mexican War to the discovery of California gold. At the time they enlisted, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints were seeking U.S. government aid for their migration west to the Rocky Mountains and Salt Lake Valley, despite having their previous petitions for redress of grievances denied. Source material for these lists is primarily the book written by Norma Ricketts entitled The Mormon Battalion, U.S. Army of the West, 1846-1848. 3. Pension records of many of the Battalion members. 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Metcalf, “Four Things to Know about the Journey of the Mormon Battalion: An Expedition of Faith … Veterans who are buried in the State of Utah, containing burial records of veterans of the War of The Mormon Batalion, U. S. Army of the West, by Norma B. Ricketts; California Mormons by Sail and Trail, by Anneleone D. Patton; The Mormon Battalion in the Mexican War, by Sergeant Daniel Tyler; Sierra Saints, Brief History of the Mormon in Western El Dorado County form 1847 to 1997, by S. Dennis Holland; For additional information: documenting the names which comprise this roster. BATTALION STAFF Listed in order of appointment or of assuming command. The battalion consisted of five companies who enlisted for one year. Salt Lake City, Utah. Mormon Battalion Sick Detachments (1847) Facebook Twitter Print Mail. 03. Bailey, Addison. The battalion was the direct result of Brigham Young's correspondence on 26 January 1846 to Jesse C. Little, presiding elder over the New England and Middle States Mission. No less Records of War Allen, James D., LCL, Battalion Commander, to 23 Aug 1846. The sources searched include the following primary documents: 2. Brigham Young said their service was part of the "temporal salvation of the Latter-day Saints at a crucial time in their history. Microfilm numbers Bureau of Pensions. Battalion Monument. Hatch, Orin. 2. San Diego was a small town in the late 1840s. MS62 NGC. The Church’s Mormon Battalion Historic Site in San Diego celebrates the service and sacrifices of the soldiers and their families. As well as the history of the nation." Carl V. Larson US MORMON BATTALION INC., has spent the last 20 years in researching and Cooke, Phillip St.George, LCL, Battalion Commander, from 13 Oct 1846. These lists can now be found on five of the eight panels surrounding the base of the U.S. Army of the West / Mormon Battalion Monument erected in the West Wetlands Park of Yuma, Arizona on the 11th of January 2007. We believe at least 24 separate examples of the 1849 Mormon twenty are extant in all grades. The subjoined roster of the battalion was transcribed from … Company A. 480129 to 480149. Compiled in July, 1846. the available resources of the Foundation. MS62 PCGS. (FHLfilm 025592 item 2). Help retain in memory the Mormon Battalion. payroll. On 16 July 1846 543 men enlisted in the Mormon Battalion. The compiler, MAJ These microfilms contain only pension data of the Mormon Battalion and were They camped among the PotawatomiIndians near what became Omaha, Nebraska. Utah State Archives. Members in Kirtland, Ohio, organized a military expedition known as Zion’s Camp to assist the persecuted Saints in Missouri. The Enlistment of the Mormon Battalion. 1. Council Bluffs, Iowa, July 21 and 22, 1846. Yet, the battalion is little known beyond Mormon history. Available at the LDS Church Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah. Brigadier General S. W. Kearny, Gommanding Army of the West. War with Mexico broke out in April 1846, just as some ten thousand Mormons attempting to leave the United States were making slow progress across Iowa, many of them sick and destitute. The following histories discuss this effort: 1. United States National Archives. Under continued religious persecution, they had fled Nauvoo, Illinois, on 4 February 1846 across the Mississippi River. I n July 1846, under the authority of U.S. Army Captain James Allen and with the encouragement of Mormon leader Brigham Young, the Mormon Battalion was mustered in at Council Bluffs, Iowa Territory. 2. It will thus be seen that the Mormon Battalion had a very remarkable record of service. Brigham Young, the President of the Quoru… The Returns Lists were compiled on the Members of Companies A and B at Cloud, Jeremiah H., MAJ, Paymaster. The Iowa Mormon Battalion Company D From ROSTER IOWA SOLDIERS, Miscellaneous Vol. 4. The Mormon Battalion is one of the legends of the Mormon faithful. Pulsipher, David. then two primary sources are required for these additions. Mormon Battalion Pension Applications, 1846-1923 contains about 373 names of those who applied for pensions of the about 500 who served in the Mormon Battalion. primary documents: A DOCUMENTED, RESEARCHED ROSTER OF THE MORMON BATTALION. The Battalion participated in the United States conquest of California and in the discovery of gold, opened four major wagon trails, and carried the news of gold east to an eager American public. ^ Fleek, Sherman L. (2006), History May be Searched in Vain: A Military History of the Mormon Battalion, Spokane, Washington: Arthur H. Clark Company, ISBN 0870623435, OCLC 62172752 The sources searched include the following Mormon Battalion and the Mexican War (1846 1848) In July 1846 the Mormon Battalion volunteers were officially organized at Council Bluffs, Iowa, to reinforce the United States Army in California during the Mexican War. This first complete history of the wide-ranging army unit restores it to its central place in Western history, and provides descendants a complete roster of the Battalion's members. The Tucson Mormon Battalion Monument Foundation is a non-profit organization whose purposes are to 1. Returns Lists. Mustered in at Council Bluffs, Iowa, the Mormon Battalion was the answer to President Brigham Young's request of the United States government to provide aid to migrating Mormons. history." Should there be any additions to this roster, they would require proper documentation. The Mormon Battalion was involved in numerous significant events in western history between 1846 and 1849. 3. Images of Mexican War bounty land application files, pension files and compiled service records for members of the Mormon Battalion are also available through the National Archives Catalog. Salt Lake City, Utah. Mormon Battalion Association collection of Auxiliary roster, approximately 1980-1989 Scope and Contents Contains a roster of the women in the original Mormon Battalion listed with their husbands and their burial places. Many future leaders of the Church were members of Zion’s Camp. An excerpt from a roster for Company A of the Mormon Battalion in the Mexican-American War, 1846. US Archives microfilm numbers 351-1, 351-2 and 351-3. Dates: 1950-1999 Contains rosters of the original members of the battalion and also contains correspondence, lists, notes, and other material related to research for the roster of the original members. Discovered in a safe deposit box in 2016. Harmon, Lorenzo Frazer. Stoneman, George, 2LT, Assistant Quartermaster. Reynolds, William. Commmanding Mormon Battalion. They arrived after marching almost 2,000 miles (3,200 kilometers) 1 under the direction of the United States Army. Recruited by the U.S. government from among those heading to Utah to gather with Brigham Young, this group of some 1,000 men and a few women and children undertook a trek across the American Southwest during the … Church Resources. Direction Westbound Departure 24 May 1847 Departed From Pueblo, Colorado Arrival 29 July 1847 Number In Company 211. Mexican War Service Records 1845-1848. 5. For more information read the wiki article about them. The Mormon Battalion was a group of over 500 Mormon volunteers who were mustered into service for the Mexican War (1846-1848). The Battalion participated in the United States conquest of Calif President Millard as “Henry Bigler” at Fort Leavenworth. compiled by Dr. Ben Bloxham. Muster-in and When approximately 330 people trudged into town on January 29, 1847, the locals certainly noticed. The Mormon Battalion, was the only religiously based infantry unit ever created by Presidential order.It consisted of nearly 500 men recruited exclusively from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly called the Mormons). The present coin. Available at the LDS Church Family History Library, The following is a documented, researched roster of the Mormon Battalion. DR Stephen Clark Foster, 1820, 26 years, 28 Jan 1898, 78 years, years that could not be confirmed. The compiler, MAJ Carl V. Larson US MORMON BATTALION INC., has spent the last 20 years in researching and documenting the names which comprise this roster. Final Muster Roll of Companies B and C and of the Re-enlistment Company which was called Available at the LDS Church Family History Library, Salt A new book looks at the history and contributions of the Mormon Battalion. 1. Also accompanying the battalion were approximately thirty-three women, twenty of whom served as laundresses, and fifty-one children. Few events in the history of the American Far West from 1846 to 1849 did not involve the Mormon Battalion. To the best of my knowledge, this roster of the Mormon Battalion is accurate down to two Lakes | Lodging |, Maps | Media | Mountains | Museums | Parks | People | Photo Gallery | Quick Facts |, Quizzes | Recreation & Sports | Religion | Rivers | Sites | Travel | Weather |. The Mormon Battalion was the only religious "unit" in American military history, serving from July 1846 to July 1847 during the Mexican War.