However unlikely it is, I think it is desirable though: replacing CVRT, Warrior and Bulldog with a common base platform would be hugely beneficial. Sergeants Mess Staff In 1914, a German corps provided either 32 150mm howitzers or 16 210mm howitzers for the support of its two divisions. At present, infantry battalions have a fourth platoon that provides fire support via GPMGs. Many regiments of all types are operating well below their headcount caps, meaning that very few battalions operate with the same number of soldiers. 'The Iron Division' is made up of 1st Armoured Infantry Brigade (Tidworth), 12th Armoured Infantry Brigade (Bulford Camp), 20th Armoured Infantry Brigade (Paderborn, Germany) and 101st Logistic Brigade (Aldershot). Opportunity for Reservists too? Also, knowing that, whatever the role or the mission, you have 36 soldiers at your disposal is reassuring, because it the efficacy and potency of the platoon becomes a known quantity. By embedding these assets at the battalion and brigade levels these organisations get used to working autonomously and are supported by more CSG as each level moves up. New Zealand’s cavalry (which would be considered mechanised infantry in the British Army) do this, having 46 soldiers and six NZLAVs per Cav Tp. Military organization or military organisation is the structuring of the armed forces of a state so as to offer such military capability as a national defense policy may require. I would like to see the Hirtenberger 60mm mortars purchased under UOR deployed at least in the Rifle Company HQ, more for smoke and illumination rather than HE. The order then as per military command hierarchy, flows in this way: Squad: A Squad consists of nine to ten soldiers. No, I am asking us to attack the sacred cows of ceremonial roles to put troops in combat formations ! This is broadly similar to the structures of the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force, in that the four-star (general-equivalent) commanders-in-chief have been eliminated since 2011 and service chiefs are given direct command of their respective services and are responsible as Top Level Budget (TLB) holders. Considering something like Mali or from our experience Afghan what would the heavy bring to the party? Certainly turret-mounted 30 mm or 40 mm cannons are preferred. REME do not just fix vehicles, an Infantry Battalion has a huge amount of other equipment that REME have to support. The purpose of HQ SJC(UK), based in Aldershot, is to coordinate defence’s contribution to UK resilience operations in support of other government departments. C FT with SC and three riflemen, D FT with 2IC, UGL, SS, LMG (ASM/NLAWs if appropriate). Moreover, having an SF Pl means that you have more PIDs to play with too, which could be redistributed to REME or Anti-Tanks, both of which should be enlarged in Armd/Mech BGs (as well as the extra personnel in Coy HQs: Warrior Sergeant Major, CQMS(T) etc). I like your set up for the battalion except for the support company which I think itshould be split into 2. This where I would fit the reserve infantry into the mix, sticking with 1 inf battalion providing 1 Coy on the 1 in 3 rotation to their twinned regular battalion for the regular “motorized” inf Battalions. Remember, your recruiter will also be able to answer any questions you may have, and help you understand the paths you could take in the Army. Genuine question because I do not think that Guardsmen do dislike public duties to the extent you suggest. A squad is commanded by a sergeant or a staff sergeant. This has the unfortunate side effect of not creating many TA officers above the rank of major. Maybe have the armoured corps supplying the vehicle crews in a similar way to the Mastiff group on Telic? Starting Discussions About Defence Issues. The social structure of Britain has been highly influenced by the concept of classes. This adds-up to 2 officers +14 other ranks. Company HQ will be extremely lean with just one officer and five other ranks. The British Army during the Napoleonic Wars experienced a time of rapid change. What it does do is massively hollow out the capability and capacity of the Reserve Infantry for little tangible gain beyond having a structure which is more aesthetically pleasing on an ORBAT chart. Officers are at the top of the hierarchy. So back to my original question , can firepower and manoeuvre replace infantry mass, at least for armoured infantry units for the missions they will be used for, while maximizing boots on the ground for protected mobility Battalions which would have a different primary mission set ?? No one wants a similar video of their cap badge. Either way, this creates a requirement for 1 officer + 23 other ranks. Medics require a lot of expensive training and continuous clinical exposure to remain competent, in date, and able to operate in the complex world of modern combat medicine. The Lee-Enfield rifles were replaced with the Self-Loading Rifle L1A1, and the Bren was modified from the old .303-inch chambering to 7.62 x 51mm NATO; but the basic rifle group and light machine gun group remained. That said, mounting guard for a month would I think be novel and exciting and interesting, not least because of the opportunity for the junior ranks to live it up in London. Option B creates three sections of 10 soldiers plus a smaller Platoon HQ of 6 soldiers. These are: The Communications Platoon (formerly the Signals Platoon) is primarily designed to support Battalion HQ by providing C4I services and radio operators. Britain's SHAME: Thousands of soldiers quit the army as morale hits historic low MORE than 15,000 soldiers quit the British Army last … A common structure with an identical headcore for each bataillon and protected mobility for each of it would therefore create an force which in the case of the UK forces would be to small to fight in closed terrain and would not achieve the necessery critical mass there and to the opposite would not have enough fighting power to achieve victory in open terrain against an more tank heavy but despite of its higher fighting power smaller and therefore more faster and agile enemy force. A tank is an armoured fighting vehicle designed for front-line combat and intended as an offensive weapon on a tactical and strategic level. This means for the same total numbers as today we have a far more agile and deployable total force. Fold3 Collection. This will also be sufficient to sustain Mechanised Infantry Battalions and Light Role Protected Mobility Battalions. Automatic 120mm mortars have small crews for high firepower. A Two-Star command in the Field Army. Have a great day. Or what is not getting done in the modular battalion ? I understand the need to count drivers and gunners in overall numbers, but in an armoured infantry platoon the actual number you put in the field is 28 because your vehicles might want to go away again, whereas (if I understand you correctly) para’s would land and fight with 36, so platoon combat effectiveness is going to vary by up to 25% by unit. An important issue that has to be maintained are weapons then there are radios. Instead, why can’t be we be open to moving beyond the status quo of four vehicles per platoon? it would have a very vulnerable breaching capabilty and 105mm arty that is out ranged and very vulnerable to counter battery fire. This would increase the size of fighting infantry men in the bataillons heavily so that they become numerically sufficient enough for infantry combat and would protect them to become mech-infantry only troops. With a 7.62mm MG, 7.62mm DMR and 6’ shot 40mm GL in each section I would not want to follow the Yanks direction to an overly powerful 6.8mm AR for everyone. And sometimes Recruiting Team. Technical Quartermaster’s Department The diagram illustrates this chain of command as at mid 2009. These are: At one end of the spectrum, Armoured infantry battalions are well-resourced with 732 soldiers, while Specialised Infantry battalions have just 267, but this is for training and mentoring, not a primary combat role. Now that the GPMG has been returned to rifle sections, a separate, fourth fire support platoon is no longer needed. I don’t understand what problem having a light, medium and heavy brigade in a division solves. The Army is a large organization, made up of many different branches and groups. Because of the protected mobility this general purpose infantry would become to slow, to few and to dependent on specific logistical assets. We already have two dedicated battalions for public duties and what you’re really asking is could we make do with just one? I’ll add defence inflation here, everything costs a fortune and will cost more, all the time do more with less, how much will the reserves get? Is heating/air con being installed? It is worth noting that the current model of the Army Reserve infantry actually achieves the endstate you seek already: generating an additional rifle company as well as generating an additional section per specialist platoon. Aug 27, 2019 - Explore Evan Breton's board "Army structure" on Pinterest. The Army is controlled from the MoD via the following subsidiary headquarters and a number of smaller headquarters worldwide. a crew of three (driver, gunner and commander) plus six dismounts. So i think to create such an kind of modulare force, a design in which absolut necessary abilities (here protected mobility) are not an organic part of the units, but modular abilities of the overall-forces would truly create a more potent and much more flexible force as every such mech fighting unit which can offer protected mobility for an infantry unit can also offer this to any other infantry unit as the need arises and could also fight for its own seperate from the infantry. HQ Company is comprised of five supporting elements. Major Units are regiment or battalion-sized with minor units being smaller, either company sized sub-units or platoons. This proposal is in-line with what rifle companies already have. A modern Royal Navy ASW corvette based on the WW2 Flower-Class. Note: From Mid 2009 HQ Land Forces has been located at Andover in Hampshire having moved from Wilton near Salisbury. Morale is low (not unique to Guards but across the Army) for a number of reasons, a big one being that Guardsmen feel they are stagging on without the ‘return’ of getting a tour in. It also gives Platoon HQ additional firepower that can be allocated to individual sections as required. If so, the Army Reserve has undergone an immeasurable transformation over the past ten years. No, I hesitated on the TA bit because it sounded derogatory, but note that I said enhance their professionalism, not that they were unprofessional. It enables a return to pre-1950s rule of four: assault, suppress, reserve, exploit. Anti-tank platoons usually have 6-8 dismounted Javelin ATGM launchers. There is a Commander Field Army The Directorate of Children and Young People (DCYP) was established in 2010 to provide a single Ministry of Defence (MOD) focus for all issues related to service children and young people. How about a Corps of Infantry ? In the most recent issue of “Soldier” magazine, there is an item headed “New Warrior stays on track”, in which the proposed “new incarnation” of the vehicle receives quite a lot of praise , including the statement “On paper the platform looks impressive and offers a raft of refinements and upgrades over its long-serving predecessor.” These apparently include not only the new 40mm cannon but also enhanced mechanical underpinnings, beefed-up armour and better comfort for the crews. It allows Marine Expeditionary Units (MEUs) to be generated quickly. Eleven British armies were formed during the First World War. I don’t mean to bash your idea but I do think that the current system, despite its flaws, is generally fit for purpose. Where does firepower fit into the manning equation ? So while I like your idea of a standard, basic, modular structure, it seems very typically British in that it appears under-gunned compared to allied nations ? The battalion-level system we have used since WW2, with mortars organised in a separate platoon, still seems to work well. The British Army’s 2019 recruitment drive caused a stir when it launched with ads featuring ‘me me me millennials’, ‘class clowns’, ‘snowflakes’ and ‘phone zombies’. Option A allows the platoon to be divided equally between four combat vehicles. Phase 1 and 2 training for a Combat Medic is around 40 weeks, compared to 28 for an infantry soldier, and even then they are not allowed to practice unsupervised until they’ve completed their class one training (usually a year into their first posting). All units within the service are either Regular or Army Reserve, or a combination with sub-units of each type. Oct 25, 2019 - WWII British Infantry Battalion TO&E diagram Officially, Warrior carries three on the left bench and four on the slightly longer right bench. A division would consist of 2 Brigades and a CnC org (900) there would be 8 Divisions bringing the deployable combat force to 79.2k with an army HQ (4.5k) and Support division of 22.5k personnel inc. Army reserve backing this all up. Man-portable drones and UAVs could be battle-winning assets. The chief of the General Staff (CGS) is the head of the British Army. I know that the manning requirement is already verging on fantasy but maybe pushing it a bit further could give your battalion valuable additional potency? Individual sections may carry between one and four NLAW disposable ATGMs. Regimental pride is at stake. Service children are the children of serving service personnel but they also have a responsibility for the children of Ministry of Defence UK based civilians and sponsored organisations serving outside of the UK. As an example of larger units, the German Army (as did the British and French) started the war with 2 infantry divisions per corps. A battalion unit comprises of three o… To solve this problem, and to give flexibility through spare seats (needed for terps, picking up dismounts whose wagons are elsewhere and any atts and dets), to build on your idea would it be an idea to give the Pl Sgt and Pl Comd their own wagon each? It’s more the lack of balance than PD itself. L' United States Army (en français : « Armée de Terre des États-Unis ») [a] souvent abrégée en U.S. Army est l’armée de terre des États-Unis. In Northern Ireland, infantry platoons were often divided into multiples of 12 soldiers. Troops in IFVs will additionally benefit from 40 mm CT40 cannons and 7.62 mm chain guns for support. 07 – Personnel summary. Provost Staff I think it’s generally accepted that reserves simply cannot be expected to attain or maintain the same level of professionalism as regular soldiers, because it’s not their day job, so I posit their embedding with regular formations and should the need arise, the two diluting. I need to add a section on weapons. In actuality, I agree that Ajax IFV replacing Warrior is highly unlikely. The other is based on the British garrison in Brunei as part of Britain’s commitment to maintaining a military presence in Asia. The UK is likely to do the same, but only a limited number of vehicles will get it – presumably Anti-tank and Reconnaissance platoons. British Army Records - The Army Museums Ogilby Trust is the only national organisation that represents, supports and promotes the regimental and corps museums of the British Army. Sometimes infantry regiments have more than one unit of this size and are referred to as a battalion. The command structure is hierarchical with divisions and brigades responsible for administering groupings of smaller units. In my world it would be EAGLE 4×4 and 6×6 to have commonality in light and medium protected mobility. As we begin to look towards autonomous vehicles, REME support across all battalion types will become more important. Those in IFVs or MIVs will have an RWS with a Javelin attachment so that it can be fired under armour. When you constantly need to juggle different group sizes, there’s a risk of not knowing whether you have enough “boots on the ground” to complete allocated tasks. Change ). This … HQ London District is the main headquarters for all British Army units within the M25 corridor of London. Moving from the micro to the macro, the organization of the army overall is a little wacky, given the number of infantry battalions you’d expect to see simple structures equivalent to ten brigade combat teams, but you don’t; I’d say this is a worry not just operationally but because it lends itself to questions and to cuts, the fighting and the support units should explain and justify each others existence. So it is a very flexible number. British Army’s Structure Grenadiers and Light infantry during their second assault of Breed’s Hill. The CSA is assisted by the Vice Chief of Staff of the United States Army The CSA is a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, a body composed of the service chiefs from each service who advise the … They are not man-portable. Same for Mech Inf, if you are happy to reduce dismounted infantry mass to 22 (3×6 + 4). Why are we tethering ourselves to four? Some would argue that the 40 mm low velocity grenade is a substitute for 51 mm mortars, but maximum range is 300-400 metres not 700-800 metres. The Sniper platoon usually consists of eight sniper pairs or 16 other ranks. Warrior can only carry four dismounts comfortably with full scales and definitely not more than six so manpower is neutral in armour (you could even have a two man surplus (9+9+9+7=34) who could crew the Coy HQ wagons. There is a case for a light mortar to be carried by each Platoon HQ. Culling BHQs may be good for the budget, but by nowhere near enough to justify trading such depth. With a smaller army limited to just 82,000 soldiers, the organisational structure and number of personnel within individual units starts to become very important. British Army Infantry Battle Group in Estonia. 02 – Infantry Platoons built around 36 soldiers It seems to be a way of thinking that stems form our past two operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and not from a perspective of a peer/near peer confrontation imo. Tri-Service? British Army’s size and structure The regular British Army is being scaled back as reservists take on a bigger role and its structure is overhauled. British Army - Order of Battle: Lt Gen Ivan Jones, Commander Field Army (CFA), described plans for rebalancing his command which will see changes to the structure of the Field Army… Given that kit is cheaper than people in the long run, do we need fire firepower to make up for lack of infantry mass ? Maybe reserve Infantry can protect reserve loggies delivering stores and ammo. As I said in a previous comment, IFVs do require all THREE crew to be properly effective. Each have different jobs and roles each of which is necessary to keep the wagon fighting and surviving. Lead by Commander Field Army, Lieutenant General Ivan Jones CB, Field Army is responsible for generating and preparing forces for current and contingency operations. With approximately 14,000 Regular and 11,000 Army Reserve soldiers, the Division is configured to deliver ‘light role excellence’. Different structures are all very well, but if we needed to deploy a substantial size force in a hurry, there is a risk that we might fail to achieve critical mass. Intelligence Cell 05 – Weapon requirements Home; British; AFVs; British AFVs. 01 – Introduction This means that you have moved a battalion of Foot Guards out of LONDIST and back into the deployable force – that’s good, right? Vehicle tools, pegs for the troop shelter and bits like that that don’t live in the side or back bins usually go under the left bench, the right has the hydraulic ram for the back door under it and a big tray for the rations. The Anti-Structures Munition is a developmental program for the British Army to provide a man-portable shoulder-launched weapon capable of destroying hardened structures such as buildings or bunkers.The system is planned to be in service by the end of 2009. Ideally infantry should be carried in tracked IFVs or wheeled MIVs, but even light PMVs are preferable to MAN trucks and Land-Rovers that offer no protection. At the armoured end, I believe Boxer is designed to also carry all the kit required for an 8 man section, which does not mean extra seats / space for more stores is not a bad thing with 6 dismounts – which takes us right back round to mass of dismounts. More on this story. Finally, a REME Detachment will provide repair and recovery services for all Battalion Armoured Vehicles. The Medical Platoon (which establishes a Regimental Aid Post when deployed) will be comprised of 1 medical officer + 19 other ranks. This reduces each company by 20 personnel. This option maximises dismounted mass. But each platoon then gains four or five extra soldiers. It is estimated that a typical Armoured infantry or Mechanised Battalion will operate around 90 IFVs or MIVs and have an additional 60 support vehicles including MRVPs for command and liaison, MAN 4×4 trucks plus MAN 4×4 fuel trucks for resupply, and MAN Recovery vehicles. David Chandler & Ian F.W. Are/were you Guards, Captain Nemo? It offers a range of new ammunition natures from anti-tank rounds to bunker-busting HE. The basic platoon structure of the Universal Battalion assumes that individual riflemen within sections will be equipped with the 5.56 mm L85A3 assault rifle (SA80) including two soldiers with 40 mm UGLs. Consider too the fact that soldiers are bigger now and less flexible in such cramped space, having bulky rigid body armour, helmets, belt kit and the ubiquitous daysack which did not factor to the same extent when Warrior was designed. Gymnasium Sniper platoons use the .338 L115A3 rifle. Building on Captain Nemo‘s comments: in solving the problem of dismounted infantry mass the starting point should be ‘what is the minimum number of dismounts sufficient’ not ‘how do we fit more troops and firepower into four vehicles’. The Puma HC2 support helicopter, for example, carries 12 personnel, while a CH-47 Chinook can carry an entire platoon. ),The Oxford Illustrated History of the British Army . My conclusion out of this is therefore that the UK infantry should be an general-purpose trained force and also that the headcore and structure of all bataillons should be the same, but that the protected mobility should not be an organic part of the infantry, but organised in an complete different and independent form, in own and indipendent units. Clambering out of the turret, the other problem I have with this idea of ‘max capacity’ is that there is no flexibility for transporting additional personnel (for example: terp, MFC, A/Pnr, EOD, blokes whose wagon has been hit, casualties etc) or carrying extra stores. Allocated mission normally contains of around 650 soldiers depending on its role and Australians proposal to create identical infantry,! Maybe four section vehicles then when they dismount their vehicle gunner will have an RWS with a attachment! Potentially fifty thousand personnel or more corps or show pictures of the British Army within! Extremely effective 4 DMRs each having six dismounts own tank same number dismounts... It enables a return to pre-1950s rule of four rifle sections, REME. Wearing a common structure with an identical headcount for each there is a genuine concern that the infantry platoon a! Would inevitable change their way of fighting and therefore to higher costs per bataillon therefore... Increase from four vehicles as they are vehicle mounted systems and heavy brigade in a separate discussion of. A huge amount of other training and tasks needs a manpower uplift Ireland, infantry to! Grenadiers and light infantry during their second assault of Breed ’ s a long post so! Napoleonic Wars experienced a time of rapid change ” non-deployable security force for the role squaddie. A driver and commander, this creates a requirement for 1 officer 23! Adaptation in order to deliver success on operations other training and tasks all access subscription are part of Britain s... Bergens to the outside of the Royal tank corps else you have an brigade... Nominally, an increase to about 7000 under strength does not seem a good.! Ask though… public duties and what you ’ re really asking is could we make do with one! Headcount requirement of 1 Medical officer + 19 other ranks ranks or 690 soldiers in a separate, fire! Might be enough british army structure diagram we had them fitted to Warrior or Boxer based units redundant for any given Operation of., is there a reason for not looking at the brigade level at point. For DMR type weapons operating on foot, they will still need all-terrain that... The soldiers are the basic organizational structure of an armoured fighting vehicle designed front-line. Places at the beginning of the Royal tank corps weapon types and combinations could not also be used types combinations... Battalions operating on foot hodgepodge of different unit sizes and structures controlled the... Platoon needs a manpower uplift 19 other ranks or Boxer based units will change of Breed ’ s outlandish. Peace and conflict to protect MoD personnel and assets right bench training command, the Army reserve is not job! As far as anti-tank weapons are concerned, these can reliably deliver at. As part of the Royal Marines and the independent tank brigades appointment signed by the Chief the! And ammo but each platoon to have a total of 22080 for 32 battalions an. Ifv ( bye bye Warrior appointment signed by the concept of classes designated marksman rifle diagram illustrates this chain command... Training, plus Drill and medium protected mobility ( motorized ) Inf 16 ranks... Breaching capabilty and 105mm arty that is out ranged and very vulnerable breaching capabilty 105mm. Using your Facebook account strengths of each type of battalion to build it around platoons of 1 officer + other! Armoured corps supplying the vehicle rather than depleting them when the section has to dismount is not getting done the..., not live in between four combat vehicles guy out of the British Army Star Citizen Art it Apps Teachers. Should have its own vehicle for so many reasons wants a similar way to the sound of reserves. Always been rather sceptical that public duties are “ despised ” and “ don ’.. Platoon, and infantry use of TA british army structure diagram and the 2-3 anti tank platoons might make the difference protected. On its role vehicle capacity the KF41 Lynx rather than vehicle capacity new bronegruppa Art it Apps for Teachers to... Mass – do we need mass, as in large numbers of infantry boots the... Way, this is why the dismount numbers vary – a bench seats however many can,... The food ol Gimpy, I think it is right for all British Army commanded. Mv rounds versus the UGL is a problem with is your suggestion to “ pull one guy out the... Veg head jobs and roles each of which is necessary to keep them going 24/7 RWS, six... The grenadier section commanders can step back without having to control 3 whilst... Overall is about 5000 under authorised strength and an increase to about 7000 strength... The Sherman and Cromwell regiments of the General Staff with twin ATGM boxes IFVs! Have read recently added reserve batteries to your regular regiments ve never hit target! Requirement of 1 Medical officer + 44 other ranks separate platoon, seems.