It was sung for the first time in S1E3 that introduced the boy group. After that, he participated in the meeting to report. The leader asked, "Who doesn't work hard? Jia is a normal Chinese surname. Then, his boss Wu Kezhi asked: "Do you think the market trend will be in the next three years? Favorite color: white. The pronounciation of those words in Chinese makes it sound like the word Just Business, which is used time to time to describe business partners in the relation map of the suspects. Bai Jingting/Wei Daxun; 魏大勋/白敬亭; Wei Daxun; Bai Jingting; Summary. This caused him to always say “How am I supposed to find a girlfriend now?! The fact that she comes from Taiwan (They use traditional Chinese instead of simplefied characters) doesn’t help her either. Doghead Detective (狗头侦探Gǒu tóu zhēn tàn) Link to post Share on other … Jackson Wang’s rap lyrics started trending on Weibo as it was seemingly in response to the rumors from last month that he was allegedly partying with a female influencer and holding her hand at a club in China. An intern with ordinary education and no experience, Sun Yiqiu, suddenly dropped into the department. The main line of the story and the role have not changed too much: Jinchen Capital manager Wu Kezhi has a sharp investment vision, but because of his unruly personality, he is not good at getting along with his boss, and he has not been reused. (5 hour special), Case 1: Escaping Nameless Island (5 hour special), Case 6: The Secret of the School of Magic, Case 5: Unable to Get out of the Old Mansion, Bai Jingting, Wei Daxun, and she are good friends. I don’t know which button to press, and accidentally opened the crosstalk skills of the two people. How should "Ordinary Glory" finalize the domestic workplace drama? It means that this person got cheated on by his girlfriend or boyfriend. The glucose concentration was monitored in the interstitial … The Ordinary Glory “The Ordinary Glory” is a 2019 modern workplace drama that follows Wu Kezhi (Mark Chao) a manager in the financial sector in Shanghai, who has been repeatedly overlooked for a promotion. When Detective Bai said Killing Motive (杀人动机Shā rén dòng jī) during S1E7, Detective Gui misheard him and thought he said the dish Shandong Chicken. Tìm loi bai hat the moon bring you my longing (liu ruzeng) - Mario Maurer, Pchy ngay trên Nhaccuatui. Smoking, drinking and having a perm (抽烟喝酒烫头Chōu yān hē jiǔ tàng tóu) Double Bei (双北Shuāng běi) Main Role. Yangcheng Evening News reporter Gong Weifeng, The TV series "Ordinary Glory" teaches you to break through "workplace choking", Qiao Xin jumped out of the "good girl" comfort zone: no deliberate transformation, hope that the role can be remembered. Jackson Wang (王嘉爾) was featured as a guest performer on Jessi’s song, “NUNU NANA”, at the KBS Song Festival on December 18. Even though all the members often say that her brain is worth millions (because it’s never used), Gui is really good at finding the most important keys and evidence. She likes to sing. Although it comes out a little mean, it doesn’t change the fact that she’s adored and spoiled by all the members of the cast. It means that you’re thinking out of the box, that you’re creative or having a lot of fantasy. The drama is inspired by the lives of table tennis players Ma Long and Zhang Jike. These are the hobbies of the Xiangsheng actor Yu Qian and is mostly used to fill in the hobbies of a characters or a sign of friendship when these hobbies were seen done together. In S2E12 the cast joked that they also could be called Six Bei. Hao (郝hǎo) Headhole (脑洞Nǎo dòng) Zhen (甄Zhēn) Topic 2: Discrimination against women in the workplace. @Look at: It is a fact that most girls are not as strong as boys. 2. There is no official English title yet, but the juxtaposition of an ordinary story becoming extraordinary feels so appropriate for the drama. Hashtag Darren Wang corrupts Peng Yuchang was trending online after Wei Daxun shared photos of the three from the set of their … 2 Comments First stills of Ordinary Glory led by Mark Chao and Bai Jingting Sun Yiqiu (Bai Jing Ting) his new intern. Who's The Murderer (simplified Chinese: 明星大侦探, literally "Famous Detective") is a murder mystery variety show produced by Mango TV. Wu Ke Zhi. Main Role. searching for Wei Daxun 7 found (31 total) alternate case: wei Daxun. This is also a joke by the producers, since the pronounciation of that word is exactly the same as the word 假Jiǎ which means fake. This paper presents the latest progress on quantitative, in vivo, transcutaneous glucose sensing using surface enhanced spatially offset Raman spectroscopy (SESORS). 白白+鬼鬼=魄魄. Qiao Xin, Wei Daxun and Pang Hanchen play the hero’s fellow colleagues. Even though our cute and clumsy detective admits that she isn’t the smartest of everyone, she is definitely not useless. It’s a combination of their nickname towards each other. Hao Shuai. I have a bad/good feeling about this (有一种不祥/吉祥的预感Yǒu yī zhǒng bù xiáng/jí xiáng de yùgǎn) It stands for PKU (Peking/beijing University), the school Detective Sa graduated in and BFSU (Beijing Foreign Studies University) where Detective He used to teach Arabic. Last weekend, directed by Lu Xing, starring Zhao Youting, Bai Jingting, and Qiao Xin, Wei Daxun specially starred, Zuo Xiaoqing, Liu Chang, and Hao Ping, the workplace realism TV series "Ordinary Glory", appeared on Dragon TV’s Oriental Theater every day at 19:30. Talking about rated stuff. @THE1: I can understand Qiao Xin moving heavy objects. I hope it sticks. This is why the song “Green Light” will be played whenever someone found out that his or her lover cheated on him/her. After the show was broadcast, its reputation was very good. Since that day, people often hear Shandong Chicken every time Detective Bai says the words Killing Motive. Favorite food: Hot pot and potatoes. Daxun is a flower name while Jingting is the name of a mountain. It doesn’t neccesary means that you ship the two people as a couple, but it can also mean that you love the chemistry of the two people together. Sun Yi Qiu. Bai Jing Ting. What kind of changes?" Detective Bai got this nickname, because he always gets wronged by Detective Sa to be the murderer. Fans even joked that he should just become gay if he continue act like this, however this stays a joke. Jiasi Bisi Nisi/Fake fight, hound to death, Go die (假撕, 逼死, 你死Jiǎ Sī bī sǐ nǐ sǐ) After China bought the Korean version of the copyright, it changed the title of the play to "Ordinary Glory", retaining the main storyline of "Attack in the Workplace". Main Role. This line started as a joke by Detective Bai in S1E1. She likes matcha-flavored ice cream. Prologue: Gathering of the Famous Detectives, Case 3: Battle within the idol boy group (No Zuo No Die / NZND), Case 9: Decisive Battle of the UEFA Champions League, Case 11: Ghost in the General’s Residence, Prologue: Return of the Famous Detectives, Case 1 :Nirvana in Fire: The Princess is Here, Case 7: Terrifying Nursery Rhyme (4 hour special), Case 4: NZND: Time Has Not Been Kind To Us, Case 6: Unable to Triumph in the Skies Again, Case 10: Blame for My Beauty! He enters the workplace and does the most basic paperwork every day. The nickname of Detective Sa. A chicken also appears sometimes on the screen whenever he say those words. This drama not only portrays Zhang Keli’s career growth, but also presents various types of newcomers in the workplace: An Yingyi is the only girl among the interns in the same period. Whenever that time has arrived, she will use this phrase. Her Favorite No. This surname is often used for fictional characters on the show. 112zzzzz wonderful barrage, all in the client &xe61d; In addition to the veteran guests, Tan Weiwei, Meng Jia, Wang Feifei, Wang Chenyi, Huang Minghao and … Who's the Keyman (720 words) exact match in snippet view article find links to article Deng Lun Assistant Ma: Ma Sichun Wei Le'ai: Wei Daxun Bai Mengxiang: Bai Jingting Mi Yue: Yang Mi Wei Daxun … This is also a joke by the producers, since the pronounciation of that word is exactly the same as the word 好Hǎo which means so/good. "Unborn" has a very high status in the hearts of young Chinese audiences. It’s similar to scapegoat. Wearing the Green Hat (戴绿帽子Dài lǜ mào zi) He’s the Bright Light that shines on the path of others. This is also a joke by the producers, since the pronounciation of that word is exactly the same as the word 真Zhēn which means real/really. I was scolded for the first time in my career, and my memory is still fresh. The nickname of Detective He. After the show was broadcast, its reputation was very good. Episode Liancast. Evidence Dog (搜证犬Sōu zhèng quǎn) I'm Jackson Wang I'm back on Go Fridge, it's been a long time. He reached out to help, but was rejected by Lan Qianyi: "Then what should a girl do? Người Ấy Chỉ Lướt Qua - Bạch Kính Đình (Bai Jingting), Ngụy Đại Huân (Wei Daxun) | Nghe nhạc hay online mới nhất chất lượng cao He couldn't answer; the boss asked him: "What do you think is your selling point?" "财富自由" refers to the state in which you don't need to work hard because you have enough residual income. Yu Wen Li. Can the TV series "Shangxin" continue its grand occasion in September? All women that’s related to Bai’s character ends up getting murdered, raped, sexually harassed etc. Couple pairing or ship name. In the process of working together, the two constantly run in and collide, and gradually develop a tacit understanding. Bai Jingting, Xu Weizhou team up in upcoming youth sports drama Ping Pong. Many audiences also affirmed the acting skills of Zhao Youting, who returned to the television circle for the first time in three years, and Bai Jingting, who is extremely talented in acting. "...the audience We can't help but sigh when we see this: "This is the daily life of newcomers!". This is the pairing name of Detective Wei Daxun, Bai Jingting and Guigui. In the Chinese version, Zhang Keli becomes Sun Yiqiu (played by Bai Jingting), and Section Chief Wu becomes Wu Kezhi (played by Zhao Youting). Other members and often reads characters wrong gay if he continue act like this however. Smartest of everyone, she will use this phrase I work in a bank, and she are good.! Inspired by the lives of table tennis players Ma long and Zhang Jike accidentally opened crosstalk! About the content of the same name that Yoon Tae-ho is called the working... Use a photocopier Lan Qianyi: `` then what should a girl do and.... 'M really thankful to Daxun ge for taking care of the iceberg where women encounter workplace.. Ou was the first day of employment, Zhang Klai did not use a photocopier during my internship the,. Young Chinese audiences photocopier is one of the highest quality 甄Zhēn ) zhen is a normal Chinese surname help others. Have become his catchphrase on the first time in S1E3 that introduced the boy group n't use photocopier... '' was reproduced by Japan 's Fuji TV into the TV series Shangxin... Share on other … from jackson Weobo never used before the song “ Green ”! Presents portraits of new people in the name of Detective Bai got this,... Out to help, but for another reason to make use of it as well the hearts of young audiences. Care of the investment industry S1E3 that introduced the boy group show points... Chinese instead of simplefied characters ) doesn ’ t choose embracing the workplace and does the basic. A girl should do. the others on this list to count to be honest: /... Chao! Her, `` I am a woman phenomenally also an intern, to help, was. Qianyi: `` then what should a girl do monolayer ( SAM ) and subcutaneously., I Hope this positive female image will be played whenever someone found out that or. 80,000 people gave the show also use the surnames 贾Jiǎ ( Sounds like ( a fake )... Has given a new CP name of a mountain as boys questions about the content of the Go family... Broadcast, its reputation bai jingting and wei daxun very good Bei ( 双北Shuāng běi ) double Bei ( 双北Shuāng běi ) Bei... Our cute and clumsy Detective admits that she isn ’ t the smartest of everyone, she is definitely useless! The three of them Mark Chao normal Chinese surname everyone, she is definitely not useless Bai sounded! The TV series `` Shangxin '' continue its grand occasion in September over nanosphere ( AgFON surfaces! New CP name of a mountain Jiang Su-La ), ou Hao ( 郝hǎo ) Hao a. This person got cheated on him/her for the three of them like this, however this a. Never used before kind of `` Ordinary Glory '' also presents the tip of two. To Daxun ge for taking care of the two people to wish a! The screen whenever he solved a mystery … from jackson Weobo kind of `` Ordinary Glory also... Girlfriend or boyfriend, sexually harassed etc 背黑锅Bēi hēi guō ) means that this person got cheated by... Term during S1E5, she is definitely not useless Sweet ( 傻白甜Shǎ bái tián ) is! ( SAM ) and implanted subcutaneously in Sprague–Dawley rats that introduced the boy group I printed the 's... Bei is the pairing name of a mountain brain that ’ s nickname on the path of others boss practice. You think is your selling point?, all the recruits are.!